Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: September 2-9

Hey everyone, hope you had a great week? The weekend is here again and we have brought you a round up of all the events within the tech world. Sit tight and enjoy!

PUBG Launch On XBox Brings Sanhok Map

In order to celebrate the full launch of PUBG 1.0, a breakout from its preview phase on Xbox one, Bluehole has added Sanhok, a small map; as well as a special Event Pass. The company, however, says players will have to wait for the War Mode, as plans are on the way to make it available from mid-September, for special events and certain weekends.

The Event Pass will feature a basic standard pass with access granted for everyone to gain rewards for missions completed. There will be an opportunity to get a fancy gear for a $10 fee. This fee will grant users access to the Premium Pass. However, if the purchase is not made on time, players may not be able to gain access to bonus loot garnered from the levels they may have reached. Premium Pass holders will also have access to Sanhok-exclusive missions. Additional item bundles like the Sanhok Pack and Starter Pack will also be made available to holders of the Xbox version. Find out more about this on Engadget.

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Facebook Watch On-Demand Video Platform Launches Globally

Facebook has announced it will be expanding the Facebook Watch platform, to grant access to publishers and viewers worldwide. This is coming just a little over a year after the tech giant said it would be giving YouTube, Netflix and other video streaming sites a run for their money. The feature has been previously only available to users in the United States, but this announcement means it means it would be made available to markets around the globe.

The feature’s ad break service, however, will only be made available to users in Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and  New Zealand. This feature allows publishers to include advertisements in their videos. According to Variety, the United States will also be included on the list, widening the number of publishers the feature has been available to over the past year. Over the next few weeks, about 20 other countries across Europe, Asia, and Latin America will be added to the mix. Publishers and content creators will be rewarded with about 55% of the revenues generated from ads, as usual; as Facebook keeps the remaining 45%.  VentureBeat has the details about this addition.

Google Play Developer Console Shows New Organic Traffic Info

Google has updated the Google Play Developer Console to show new information. Acquisition reports will be made to show how users discover apps on the Play Store, through organic acquisitions.

These organic acquisitions will now be divided into ‘Explore’ and ‘Search’ categories, to give developers an understanding of the exact place their organic traffic originates from. This feature is similar to the ‘Browse’ and ‘Search’ option of Apple store, which has been existing for over a year; providing a way for developers to identify users who find the app through browsing the app store and users who discover it through searches.
The difference is, the new Google update will let developers view a number of specific keywords which drive installs and Store Listing view. No doubt, the ‘Explore’ and ‘Search’ features are very important, the fact that developers will be able to see the keywords that show up in searches as well as the associated Store Listing Visitors, retention metrics and installers is quite enticing. On top of that, users can also see the average revenue per user (ARPU), so they can know exactly what each user is worth to them.
This new metrics will also help developers determine the daily performance of their app in the app store environment in addition to giving off knowledge about the app’s organic traffic. This article on Gummicube has all the details.

Amazon Adds Attribution Tool So Advertisers Can Measure Ad Performance

Amazon has made moves to test out an Attribution tool, which will allow advertisers find out if ads on Amazon perform better than ads on other sites. This move has been made to further intensify efforts to prove the tech giant’s adverts can deliver.

The company has launched a free trial for users who advertise through Amazon, directly. Metrics like page view, sales rate, and purchase can be accessed by advertisers for search, display and video ads. The tech giant hopes to harness this feature in other to enable brands and firms see the difference between their own site conversion in relation to that of Amazon product retail pages conversion.
For the company, Advertising is no doubt a viable sector. During the second quarter of 2018 alone, the sector grows by about 132% to a whopping $2.2billion. Google alone boasts of about $28billion in advertising, but with these new features added by Amazon, the company is expected to own at least 2.7% in share value of the digital ad market in very little time. Endeavor to read this article on BusinessofApps to find out all about this.

Headspace Acquires Digital Assistant Specialists ALPINE.AI

In a bid to strengthen its voice and AI technology, Headspace has acquired Alpine.AI. Previously called VoiceLabs, the Apine.AI possess technology that is no doubt considered an early leader in the digital sector.

With over 31million users, the digital wellness service will be leveraging on the technology, products, and team of Apine.AI to improve the quality of their health assistant service. The CEO and Co-founder of Alpine.AI, Adam Marchick, issued a statement saying the company is thrilled to have been availed the opportunity to contribute their efforts towards the provision of adequate guidance for users intending to build steady health routines. This article MobileMarketingMagazine has all the details.

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Final Thoughts

Here is a recap of well we brought you this week;

  • PUBG launch on XBox brings Sanhok map, War Mode unavailable
  • Facebook Watch on-demand video platform launches globally
  • Google Play Developer Console shows new organic traffic info
  • Amazon adds Attribution tool so advertisers can measure ad performance
  • Headspace acquires digital assistant specialists ALPINE.AI
  • Bonus Read: How to succeed in influencer marketing for mobile apps

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