Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: September 15 – 22

It’s been a week packed with excitement and prizes here at App Samurai. And it is definitely not over, because many great surprises are waiting for you. It is time to tell you more about them and to cover the latest events from mobile marketing world. So, grab a comfortable chair and enjoy our weekly overview.

A Growth Opportunity For App Developers With $2000 Prize

After awarding three of the most amazing apps which competed for the contest announced last week, we just created another huge occasion for a lucky developer to win $2000 free ad credit. The rules are very simple. You just need to spread your love for our product and if you gather a great number of developer friends through our referral program in 10 days you will be able to promote your work in this overcrowded market we fight against every day. In case you won’t be able to win the prize, you will collect credit for each referral, $10 for a sign up and $100 in case your friend launches an ad campaign using App Samurai platform. Either way you are a winner! You will find all the details on the official page of this competition.

Google Buys HTC’s Pixel Team For $1.1 Billion

Google announced in an official blog post that is going to buy a part of HTC, the smartphone manufacturer which built Pixel and Pixel XL last year. These devices where designed by Google, as you all know. After this deal, HTC will continue with its own plans, and Google will integrate the new team bought for $1.1 billion to create more advanced technology which will compete with the smartphones released by Apple and Samsung. Next month Google experts will reveal more interesting insights from future projects like Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Google Home Mini or Pixelbox, as you can read in The Verge.

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iOS11 ARKIT Apps Start Showing In App Store

This week, ComputerWorld published a list with amazing AR apps which are appearing in Apple App Store. And yes, most of them are focused on different domains than games. For example Ikea Catalog allows you to virtually decorate your room, and One Drop was created for helping diabetic patients to keep an eye on their sugar levels with 3D charts. We just want to let you know that more and more AR apps are created these days and to remind you about our series of articles focused on AR, What Augmented Reality Brings To Mobile Marketing World and What Are The Best Tools For Mobile AR App Development.

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Australian Advertisers Need To Change Their Mobile Video Ad Approach

Anne Frisbie from InMobi observed a real problem generated by the fact that in august 2017, less than 2% of mobile video ads served by Australian advertisers were created in vertical orientation, which is the most natural format for mobile users. Actually, it seems that not taking into account the differences between various environments like mobile and desktop or web and in – app ads it’s a common mistake encountered also in North America. In case you are in this situation or you just want to discover more about this study we invite you to read the article published by Mumbrella.

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Facebook Has Made Changes To Its Ad Targeting

We all know the opportunities provided by Facebook’s ad services for targeting the wanted audience for promoting a product. Actually, Facebook was recently accused by ProPublica that its ad targeting tool allows advertisers to reach people based on various types of discrimination. Due to this fact, Facebook published a document where it prohibits this kind of behavior on its platform and to make sure that these activities won’t happen again, it removed these “self – reported targeting fields”.

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Uber Sues One Of Its Mobile Ad Agencies For Ad Fraud

The Wall Street Journal offers many details regarding the lawsuit filed by Uber against Fetch Media for fraud and negligence. It appears that the mobile ad agency caused damage of more than $50 million. On one hand it is awful that these problems exist but on the other hand it is great that big companies fight against these criminal attempts to steal from them while they try to promote their product and to reach real people. This war continues even though Fetch denies everything. We recommend you to read the entire article for a better understanding of these dangerous activities.

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Mobile Video Ad Spending Has Grown 142% In Q2

Going back to the title about the efficiency of video ads for certain countries, we want to highlight again the importance of following the best practices when it comes to create mobile video ads. Now even more with the results published by Smaato after analyzing more than 1.5 trillion impressions delivered in Q2. You probably want to know that mobile video ad spending recorded a growth with 142%, especially rewarded video ads with 96%. If we talk about mobile games, the growth is amazing with over 242% for the second quarter. For more key insights you must study the entire article published on AppDeveloperMagazine.

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Bonus Read: The Ultimate Guide For Mobile User Acquisition

Every app owner will be happy to hear that our team of experts put together an impressive document which can become your go – to tutorial whenever you want to create a smart strategy for acquiring new users who really like your app. The best part is that you can download it for free in order to use it for the growth of your business. Enjoy it!

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you just need to remember the following ideas:

  • Invite all your developer friends on App Samurai and win $2000 free ad credit.
  • Google plans to acquire Pixel team of HTC for $1.1 billion.
  • ARKit apps are already available on Apple App Store.
  • Some advertisers from certain countries have to improve the way they create mobile video ads.
  • A few changes were mandatory for Facebook ad targeting tool.
  • Uber fights against fraudulent activities of Fetch Media.
  • Ad spending for mobile video has grown with 142% in Q2.

Have a great weekend!

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