Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: September 1 – 8

A new episode from our Mobile Marketing News Of The Week is about to start. It is time to reveal the most important events since last Monday.

Power Of Apps: Groceries Goes Mobile

If you were doing your groceries from physical stores, you are probably glad to hear that soon you will complete this activity inside a mobile app. In May, this year, AppAnnie announced 80 million monthly active iOS and Android users in United States for Amazon’s mobile sector. Whole Foods Market showed in the last two years a 750% growth in monthly active users. Knowing all that it seems logical for Amazon to purchase Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion with the purpose to expand its shopping empire over the groceries sector as well. You will be able to do a lot of things just by using a single app:

  • Create shopping lists;
  • Search for the wanted products;
  • Find offers;
  • Make purchases;

To discover the consequences of this transaction we invite you to read the entire article published by App Annie.

Image Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2017/06/18/get-ready-amazon-whole-foods-deal-change-how-you-buy-food-forever/102914448/

Whatsapp Launches A Customer Service App

Wouldn’t be great if you could communicate with a business rep just like with a friend? The team behind Whatsapp already imagined this scenario and plans to create a tool which makes it easier for businesses to get in touch with their customers. After observing that many companies are registered in Whatshapp, they started to verify their accounts. Due to this reason, you can observe the green badge and the yellow messages for those who can be trusted. If you think about that, it is really a great thing to be able to interact with your favorite brand just with a single tap, especially when you need help for solving a certain problem. It remains to be seen if companies will be charged for this service.

Image Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4834850/WhatsApp-verifying-businesses-platform.html

LinkedIn Launches An Audience – Network

LinkedIn creates a new Audience Network after a few attempts in the past, but this time focused on mobile and native ads. With 6000 advertisers which observed an increase of 3 to 13 percent in unique impressions and 80% in unique clicks during beta testing it appears that this new service is suitable for targeting more customers. This way, marketers can show ads inside apps and sites accessed by LinkedIn members after they logged in to their LinkedIn account. The best aspect is that they are able to decide where to display their sponsored content. Additionally, marketers will have the chance to measure their performance with the reports provided by LinkedIn Audience Network. VentureBeat offers more details about this system and, in the same time, it mentions other similar services offered by Facebook and Google.

Image Source: https://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/blog/linkedin-news/2017/brand-safety-and-context-on-the-linkedin-audience-network

Google Adwords Improved For Measure Effects Of Shopping Campaigns

Since we just discussed about the plans of Amazon to reach all corners of mobile shopping ecosystem, another huge company ads innovative elements for improving all the campaigns built for this sector. We are talking about Google and the two features added to its Adwords service. One of them allows advertisers to discover if their products are suitable to be served. This data will be obtained from the reports which can help marketers to calculate their results. The other one is actually a metric that reveals how many times a shopping ad is displayed in top of search results. It appears that the most visible one gets 3X times more engagement from customers. It refers to items displayed in shopping carousel from Google for shopping ads and inventory ads. Everything is explained by Mobile Marketing Magazine.

Image Source: http://mobilemarketingmagazine.com/google-adwords-product-status-reporting-absolute-top-impression-share

Bad News For Matchmakers: Tinder Is The Top Grossing iOS App Now

TechCrunch highlights the fact that Tinder recently reached the first place of top grossing apps on Apple App Store. Apparently, this is the result of launching Tinder Gold worldwide which offers a plethora of premium features. Not to mention that Tinder Like and Tinder Boost also showed great results. It was somehow predictable to see Tinder in top 5 because, according to App Annie, Tinder was in top 15 from the beginning of this year and in top 10 for the past two months. But being number 1 is incredible and its strategy could be followed by other dating apps for obtaining similar effects.

Image Source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/01/tinder-hits-top-grossing-app-in-the-app-store-on-heels-of-tinder-gold-launch/

Facebook’s Ads’ Reliability Is Under Microscope

Adage accentuates the differences between Facebook promises to reach 41 million users with the age between 18 and 24 who live in United States and U.S. Census estimations which show that there are only 31 million people who meet the mentioned criteria. The major fear is that fake profiles are created and bots are built for managing those accounts. Most probably this is not the case. The difference could come from visitors or non – residents. The best solution is to offer a high level of transparency. As an explanation, Facebook states that the prices are charged only for the persons who view the ad not for the number of population located in a certain region. But these rumors can affect the plans to convince TV advertisers about the power of this network.

Image Source: http://adage.com/article/digital/facebook-faulted-reaches-exist/310364/

Bonus Read: 7 Ways Of Improving In – App Advertising Revenue

Do you want to know the best methods for increasing your income generated from in – app ads? Your answer is probably “Yes” and this is a great reason for reminding you that we published an article where we explain various techniques available for you to maximize your revenue. Using customer – friendly ads and choosing the right placement for them while you constantly measure your results is a great starting point. Further advices you will find in our blog post.

Image Source: http://marketingland.com/164924-164924


Here is what happened in mobile marketing recently:
-.Amazon bought Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion.
– Whatsapp planned to create a customer service tool for businesses.
– LinkedIn launches Audience Network for serving ads outside its platform.
– Two useful features were added to Google Adwords.
– Tinder hit top grossing iOS apps for the first time.
– Facebook promised to reach more users than exist in United States.
Now, we just want to say…
Have a great weekend!

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