Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: October 8 – 14

Today we will talk about Google, Facebook, Windows and about many statistics which will change the way we see the mobile world. But enough clues for now. Let’s start our weekly roundup!

Facebook Wants To Go Mass Market With Oculus Go

Great news for VR fans with the release of Oculus Go, an accessible headset which will be launched by Facebook next year. The price will be around $199 for this standalone device. Next month it will be sent to developers but let’s not forget that it is a budget VR product. It appears that Mark Zuckerberg plans to get one billion people into VR. The main focus is to make VR headsets more mobile because now people use them only at home or in the car where they feel safe. All the details about these plans were published by BBC.

Image Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-41590202

Windows Mobile Is Literally Dead

The Verge highlights the disappointment of Windows Phone users when Microsoft’s officials tweeted that they won’t release new features for Windows 10, just bug fixes and security updates. They explained that the company’s goal is to focus on other technologies based on cloud services. That happened mainly because of developers who weren’t interested in creating apps for this platform. Microsoft will offer support for all Windows 10 customers who want to switch to Android and iOS on their smartphones.

Image Source: https://www.theverge.com/2017/10/9/16446280/microsoft-finally-admits-windows-phone-is-dead

Cortana, Windows’ AI Assistant, Is Now Available On Skype

Let’s move on to happier news from Microsoft because we saw in Venture Beat that Cortana, the AI assistant, is already available on Skype for iOS and Android users in the United States. This feature allows customers to contact it like they do with a friend when they need something. Besides directions and restaurant reservations, Cortana is there whenever they want suggestions for their discussions or to create reminders. All these facilities are offered only for written messages and it remains to be seen when they will expand to audio and video calls.

Image Source: https://venturebeat.com/2017/10/09/microsoft-brings-cortana-to-skype/

Google Facilitates Video Calling For Android Users

Android users will be able to start video calls in an easier way from the Phone, Contacts and Android Messages Apps. This is possible through Video over LTE service or through Duo app if it is installed on both devices engaged in the conversation. The feature was added only on Pixel, Pixel 2, Android One and Nexus devices. It depends on the careers to see it on other smartphones in the future. Moreover, it is expected that Google will enhance this function by letting customers go directly from voice call to video, as The Verge relates.

Image Source: https://www.theverge.com/2017/10/12/16463616/google-video-calling-android

Spotify Launched An App For Artist Society

Spotify for Artists is the app recently launched with the purpose to help musicians and their managers when they want to add information to their profiles or to check data from their fans. For the moment, only iOS users can enjoy the app, while a release for Android devices is planned to happen in the next period. We invite you to read all the details about the first standalone app created by Spotify in the article published on Venture Beat.

Image Source: https://venturebeat.com/2017/10/12/spotify-launches-standalone-mobile-app-that-targets-artists-with-detailed-data-and-controls-for-their-online-profile/

61% Of App Developers Say Freemium Model Is The Best

Nasdaq reveals that freemium business model is the recommendation of more than half of the developers interviewed during a survey conducted by Clutch. These results express users’ interest to test an app before paying for it. In the same time the report says that developers need to focus on a key feature when they build their apps and to actively market it, with 40% of respondents pointing to social media channels for this purpose. This is the reason why some development companies now offer also options for helping app owners to promote their products.

Image Source: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2017/10/11/1144290/0/en/61-of-App-Developers-Say-Freemium-Model-is-Best-Option-to-Monetize-a-Mobile-App.html

Relay Media Is Acquired By Google

Relay Media, a company that transforms web pages into amp pages for a lower uploading time, was acquired by Google. TechCrunch wrote that the CEO, David Gehring will continue his projects outside Google while Relay Media will be shut down. Google plans to adapt the service to its own platform. For now, the team supports current customers promising that they will be notified 90 days before a big change will happen. For the next period, Google will implement the new technology in order to fit its Amp strategy.

Image Source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/09/google-acquires-relay-media-for-its-amp-converting-tech-to-ramp-up-its-mobile-effort/

App Annie Says U.S. Users Spend 10 Hours In Shopping Apps Per Year

It seems that there isn’t a week without us mentioning the mobile shopping expansion. This time we tell you about a report from App Annie, which shows different charts with the situation of top shopping apps in terms of growth. It appears that users prefer to use the apps from brick and mortar retail companies on the – go, which in fact is the core of mobile ecosystem. While U.S. users spend around 50 minutes in shopping apps every month the numbers are expected to reach higher levels during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday season. Read all the details in the article published by TechCrunch.

Image Source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/11/u-s-consumers-are-spending-10-hours-per-year-in-shopping-apps/

Bonus Read: How To Make Your App A New Habit For Your Users

There are times when we have to go beyond the basic systems and to discuss smart solutions for focusing not only on user acquisition but also on how to make sure that our app becomes part of customers’ lives. This was the case when we wrote How To Make Your App A New Habit For Your Users, a complete guide which describes in what way you should build and market your app in order to create a valuable tool for your customers and to convince them to use it daily.

Image Source: http://jamesclear.com/three-steps-habit-change

Final Thoughts

Now it is time for you to take notes:

  • Facebook will release next year Oculus Go, an accessible headset.
  • We will see the end of Windows Mobile.
  • Cortana can be used on Skype mobile app.
  • It is easier now to start video calls on Google’s mobile devices.
  • Spotify for Artists is the new app specially created for helping music industry.
  • 61% of app developers recommend freemium model as the best monetization strategy.
  • Google bought Relay Media for enhancing its Amp service.
  • S users spend 10 hours per year in shopping apps.

Have a happy weekend!

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