Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: October 7-14

Hello everyone, it is another exciting weekend and as always, we have brought you a round-up of all the major happenings within the tech world this week. Have a splendid read.

Roblox Makes First acquisition With Purchase Of App Performance Startup PacketZoom

Roblox, a gaming platform for kids has begun moves to make its first acquisition. The company has announced that it would be acquiring a small startup company, known as PacketZoom. The acquisition would see Roblox, inheriting PacketZoom’s team and technology.
PacketZoom is a relatively small startup company, founded in 2013. The company located in San Mateo combines a great deal of content delivery network, when it comes to speeding up performance, with an application performance-based management tool. TechCrunch explained that this combination, successfully helps it tackle issues in a single package.
The company has an array of products, some which allow developers gain access to issues related to network performance and other analytics about the app. These products also cause how apps deliver to be optimized and make content downloads twice or even thrice as fast as it usually is.
The tech system is specially designed to handle the problems posed by slow networks, especially those found in emerging markets. The system also improves data transfers globally, making it faster, with decreased latency.
Although Roblox refuses to speak on the acquisition, the company acknowledged that the deal was an all-cash deal and also adds all of PacketZoom’s IP and code. It is stated that Chetan Ahuja, PacketZoom’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer,  would join Roblox, along with PacketZoom’s engineering team made up of four members. This article on TechCrunch has all the details.

Google Is Shutting Down Google+

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Google has announced it would be shutting down Google+. This announcement, which happened on the 8th of October, came on the heels of a revelation made by Wall Street Journal, through a story, which insinuated that the data of over 500,000 users of the platform was exposed.
Google came out to acknowledge the story hours after it broke, through an announcement. The tech giant explained that it found out about the breach in March but decided to hold it in till now. Trying to defend its actions, the company said Google+ would be shut down in 10months time.
According to the statement released by the vice president of the company, Ben Smith, the data was breached via an API, utilized by third-party apps.
Google did not dwell much on how the security breach would impact on users, insisting that it occurred as a result of a software bug. The company said the breach happened to only a little group of Google+ profile fields, which are marked nonpublic. The affected fields include names, occupation, gender, and age. The company, however, cannot say exactly which users were affected as it keeps users data log for just two weeks. Find out all about this exciting news on smallbiztrends.

Walmart Is Working With Eko To Create Interactive Content

Walmart inc. has begun a strategic alliance with Eko. This alliance, in form of a joint venture, would house plans to create interactive and original content which would give Walmart, an opportunity to connect with its customers in easier and more meaningful ways. The aim here would be to drive a deeper, more insightful engagement, with increased frequency.
The content would come in diverse forms, including cooking shows, interactive catalogs, and so on, contents which are deeper than the basic personalization obtainable in the industry today. Users will be allowed to actively partake in stories and affect how these stories would be told.
The joint venture expands Walmart’s entertainment ecosystem. The retailer already has a strong physical and digital video presence, through stores, websites, the digital platform VUDU, and the recently launched eBook platform, Walmart eBooks, with Rakuten Kobo. This joint venture strengthens Walmart’s continued presence in the evolving entertainment landscape.
Walmart also hopes the venture would expand their entertainment space as the retailer already have a steady physical as well as digital presence through websites, VUDU digital platform, through stores and the firms recently launched platform, Walmart eBooks, together with Rakuten Kobo. The joint venture will be known as W*E interactive venture and is expected to be led by Bloch, with industry experts dropping their inputs. This story on the Eko’s official page has all the details.

Apple Quietly Acquires Spektral, A Danish Computer Vision Firm

Apple has acquired Skeptral, as a way to spread its ever-growing ventures into augmented reality. Spektral is a Danish computer vision relatively new form which is into segmentation Technology; constantly seeking ways to effectively distinguish figures in images and videos from their backgrounds.
The tech giant has come out to confirm this acquisition, which reports say cost about $30million. Chances are, this acquisition would also be used to push Apple’s AR ambitions. This is because utilizing Skeptral’s Technology would lead to improved and more accurate images for augmented reality environment and might even offer a better application for the manipulation of photos.
Apart from this, the company’s technology, on the long run would also serve as a good addition to some of the products offered by Google. These products include PhotoBooth, Arkit and all of the forms mobile development platforms which require AR features. Even Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, is reputed to be a huge proponent of AR, this is visible from the several moves the company has continued to make in this regard.
It is not really clear when the acquisition happens exactly, neither are there any specific reports as to how many executives the tech giant will hold on to, or how many engineers they intend to retain from Spektral. This article on mobilemarketingmagazine has all the details.

MediaSmart An A Native Tie-Up With Triplelift

MediaSmart, a leading programming ad firm, has entered into an agreement with Triplelift, with the aim of offering image format and play a video which could instantly be accessed; through Triplelift native advertising provision.
Through this partnership, users and clients of MediaSmart will gain access to another source of integration for placing adverts, marketing contents, either sponsored or not, and putting up other ads which would suit what exactly is published, where ever the presentation takes place.
On top of that, MediaSmart customers will also be provided with an in-house native inventory, which would be made available across major international and domestic language publishers on a desktop, app and mobile web.
MediaSmart’s CEO, Noelia Amoedo, says the company is “pleased to have extended their offering, through this partnership with triple lift, a firm which is unarguably a leader in the native advertising space. He also insinuated that this extension would help their native format which has been growing very steadily, yearly”. Endeavor to read this article on mobilemarketingmagazine to find out more about this news.

Final Thoughts

Here is a recap of all we brought you this week:

  1. Roblox makes the first acquisition with the purchase of app performance startup PacketZoom
  2. Google is shutting down Google+
  3. Walmart Is Working With Eko To Create Interactive Content
  4. Apple Quietly Acquires Spektral, a Danish Computer Vision Firm
  5. MediaSmart in a native tie-up with Triplelift


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