Mobile Marketing News of the Week: October 29 – November 4

It is very hard to follow important news and updates on mobile marketing if you, as an indie developer or an app marketer, don’t have enough time within a week. This is why we started to bring all the important news of the week together for you.
If you missed what happened this week, here are the top stories in mobile marketing.

Google Announced Improved Detection and Filtering Systems

Google continues to trying to keep Play Store secure with enhancements. In order to prevent fake ratings, reviews, and fraudulent installs, they rolled out a system to prevent fraud and spam filters.
As Kazushi Nagayama and Andrew Ahn stated: “Our teams work every day to improve the quality of our discovery systems. These content discovery systems ensure that users can find and download apps they will love. From time to time, we observe instances of developers attempting to manipulate the placement of their apps through illegitimate means like fraudulent installs, fake reviews, and incentivized ratings. These attempts not only violate the Google Play Developer Policy, but also harm our community of developers by hindering their chances of being discovered or recommended through our systems. Ultimately, they put the end users at risk of making wrong decisions based on inaccurate, unauthentic information. Today we are rolling out improved detection and filtering systems to combat such manipulation attempts. If an install is conducted with the intention to manipulate an app’s placement on Google Play, our systems will detect and filter it. Furthermore, developers who continue to exhibit such behaviors could have their apps taken down from Google Play.”
Here is the announcement itself from Google for more detailed information.

A New Study Revealed That Apple Search Ads Are Driving Installs with High Retention Rates

As you know, Apple launched Search Ads to let apps be discovered in search results.  Early results of Search ads, according to a report conducted by Appsflyer, shows that advertisers liked Search Ads and spending has increased by 2x since the beginning of October. The analysis also showed that developers saw an increase in retention rates of acquired users. According to the report, Apple Search Ads generate 6 in-app actions per install – the fourth highest ratio among top media sources.
Another finding of the analysis is about the search terms. The report says that 72% of search queries that resulted in an install were not based on the actual name of the app.
If you want to learn more about the results of the report, you can find it here.

Instagram Is Testing Photo Tags to Learn More About the Items

Instagram has become one of the most used platforms for shopping especially among women. They are aware of this fact and within this week they started to show iOS users in the US photo tags from 20 brands like Warby Parker, Michael Kors, and Abercrombie & Fitch.
There is a tap to view icon at the bottom left of the photos that shows a tag when tapped. If the customer wants to buy the item after seeing its details in the tag, he will click the Shop New link and go to the product’s page on the website.

If you want to learn more about the photo tags, you can read the announcement from here.

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Blackstorm Launches a Game Studio

According to a news published in Techcrunch, Post-App Store developer platform Blackstorm launches a games studio in order to build high-fidelity games.
Ernestine Fu, co-founder of Blackstorm, says that “Native [apps] typically have downloads of hundreds of megabytes or more, we have to make sure we load instantly. The biggest thing to note in which why this is possible right now, this level of quality wasn’t possible until very recently. We’re really starting to see changes like iOS 9 and it got a lot better with iOS 10 as well. Really kind of pushing the limits of how we can build HTML5 to build very high quality games. In general, [HTML5 was] missing a lot of APIs which we’ve only seen recently emerged. Good offline, good networking, push, I think these are changes over the past year or two to really enable this to be the time for us to compete with native game studios.”
For more information, you can click here.


If you are in that moment where you start developing a mobile application, we are sure you already dream to the success that will come after you will upload it on app market.
Although you can handle very well the coding part of your app, this is great but, unfortunately, it is not enough. There are many variables that can influence the way users will receive your app. Whatever you do, don’t make the mistakes we covered in this blog post that will keep you far from the wanted victory.
Click here to read the full article.
Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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