Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: October 29-November 3

Hey app lovers! It is another exciting week and as always, we have brought you a rundown of all the major happenings within the tech world. Sit tight and enjoy.

Disney Upgrades ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ With In-Theater AR Game

On November 2, Disney started promoting “Ralph Breaks the Internet” which was a sequel to “Wreck-It Ralph,” a 2012 animated film. They are promoting the film into an augmented reality (AR) smartphone game in theatres which can be played by filmgoers who download the Noovie ARcade app on their smartphone. According to an announcement, the game can be played during movie previews at 1,700 theatres as well as AMC, Cinemark and Regal Entertainment Group. Some challenges in the game resemble some scenes in the movie which will premiere on November 21. The game is very challenging as it requires players to feed the animated kitty and bunny characters as fast as possible. Noovie ARcade app which the game can be assessed from was developed by the In-theater advertising company National CineMedia and the app is free to download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. According to David Sieden, VP of cinema partnerships at Disney, the augmented reality (AR) smartphone game is a way to get audiences excited for the movie release. This article on MobileMarketer has the rest of the details.

Pinterest Debuts Promoted Carousel Ad Formats

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On Thursday, November 1, launched a new ad format which introduces Promoted Carousel ads that allow brands to include up to five images. This is very helpful for marketers to promote their brands and very similar to Facebook’s carousel ad s which comprises of means for advertisers to include a distinct title, information and landing page for each product image included in a Promoted Carousel ad. After the ad is posted it will be displayed like a regular pin in the user’s feed. These ads are displayed in a way that the users will be capable of swiping through the images directly in their feed or tapping on the images to view and launch the landing page. However, not every brand can be able to access the new ad unit early as Pinterest selected a number of brands which will be able to access the new ad unit and these brands comprise of Cheerios, REI, Covergirl, DSW and Everlane.  There is absolutely no doubt that this is an opportunity for brands to be promoted as this is evident in Cheerios Promoted Carousel ad campaign which according to a Millward Brown brand lift study resulted in an 11.4-point lift in ad awareness and 8.6 lift in message association. Endeavour to read this article on Adweek to discover more about this.

TikTok Surpasses YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook In-App Rank

Since Bytedance the owner of TikTok app merged the app with a lip-syncing app in August, the platform which is for global video increased its user base by about 30% to more than 130 million viewers. According to according to researcher Apptopia, TikTok’s worldwide downloads increased 20% and U.S. downloads rose 25% from the prior three-month period. In a ranking of U.S. downloads from Apple app store and google play store TikTok last month overtook YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. However, according to Apptopia, the rate at which people engage in the app is 25% less than the engagement rate for Facebook (96%), Instagram (95%), Snapchat (95%) and YouTube (95%). The Atlantic reported that since TikTok became popular most of their videos has begun to viral as users keep sharing the videos they see on TikTok on other social media especially on YouTube. The rising rank of the app is a good thing for advertisers because their video ads will definitely go viral if posted on the app.  The rest of this story can be found on MobileMarketer

Money Matters: WhatsApp To Soon Show Ads In ‘Status’ Feature

From the Economic Times report, according to Chris Daniels the vice president of WhatsApp, alongside the popular status feature which users like viewing, the messaging service will start showing ads for users to see while viewing their status. The WhatsApp VP spoke at an event in New Delhi and during his speech, he said that the ads would be the messaging service’s “primary monetization model for the company” and would offer “an opportunity for businesses to reach people.” There was no specific date given for effecting the change.
The idea of the WhatsApp status feature which was launched early last year was borrowed from Instagram and Snapchat and since then it has become a popular trend for every user to post a WhatsApp status. The feature enables the user to add a combination of text, photos, and videos to their profile, which is encrypted in the same way as their messages. Thus, the status updates are only visible to the users’ contact for 24 hours before they will disappear.
After Facebook acquired the company, at the time the company stated in adherence to the messaging service’s original principle that “you can still count on absolutely no ads interrupting your communication,” this was what the company said but however times have changed and the founders have now decided to make money from businesses by advertising their brands on through the WhatsApp status. Found out more about this on TheVerge

Twitter Tests New Button To Let You See Latest Tweets First

Twitter has just announced that through a new home-screen button it will enable some of its users to disable it’s “best tweets first” feed. The new button feature has been tested to enable users to view the latest tweets first and easily switch between both feeds. According to the company, beginning from Wednesday, it will launch the new feature which will be accessible by a “small number” of its iOS users (as well as to its employees, according to Dorsey). Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter’s product lead, tweeted “We want to make it easier to toggle between seeing the latest tweets the top tweets… So we’re experimenting with making this a top-level switch rather than buried in the settings. Feedback welcome.”
on Wednesday the company made a separate announcement about its new bot-reporting feature designed to flag spam and what it characterized as manipulation attempts on the platform. The company tweeted from its Twitter Safety account that “Activity that attempts to manipulate or disrupt Twitter’s service is not allowed. We remove this when we see it… You can now specify what type of spam you’re seeing when you report, including fake accounts.” This is really a welcome development for users. This article on Gizmodo has all the details.

Final Thoughts

Here is a recap of all we brought you this week:

  • Disney upgrades ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ with in-theatre AR game
  • Pinterest Debuts Promoted Carousel Ad Formats
  • TikTok surpasses YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook in-app rank
  • Money matters: WhatsApp to soon show ads in ‘Status’ feature
  • Twitter tests new button to let you see the latest tweets first


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