Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: October 14 -21

It was a fantastic week for us. It all started Monday when we picked the winner of our $2000 ad credit campaign. And it continued with our partnership with Tenjin for offering $41,000 award to Casual Connect Indie Prize winner. That’s not all because we plan to catch you by surprise with more gifts. Now it is time to check the entire mobile marketing world for finding the latest events.

Killer Ways To Boost Downloads With Halloween Published

But before going further, it is necessary to announce you that we just published an amazing e-book which will help you to make your app very special for Halloween. How about learning in a sweet and funny way all the stuff you need for promoting your app during the upcoming period. Well, this is your chance! Download our free guide which will show you how to prepare your app for the trick – or – treat season.

Study Says Mobile Marketers Can’t Take Advantage Of Holidays

Speaking of holidays and how mobile marketers should adopt smart strategies for attracting customers, a recent report published by YouAppi reveals the disappointing truth that the marketers can’t manage to create appealing campaigns for mobile users, just because they start to apply their plan too early and customers expect to discover special holiday offers after Thanksgiving. Who wants to see pumpkins and snowflakes in August? It appears that 68% of marketers make this mistake. On the other hand they struggle to increase conversion rate for in – app purchases. We recommend you to download the study if you want to discover interesting insights about rewarded video ads.

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Now You Can Monetize Instant Games On Facebook

Developers have more reasons to build games for Messenger with the opportunities provided by in – app purchases, interstitial and rewarded video ads. Facebook will take a fee from the revenue coming from ads, while Google will charge them 30% for in – app purchases which will be available only for Android games. Developers can sign up for beta version of this program, while Facebook continues to improve it and to add more features. Also marketers can decide if they want their ads in these games or not. Read all about it in TechCrunch.

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Pinterest Adds Search Ads To Its Ads Manager

The fact that Pinterest adds search ads to its Ads Manager allows marketers to target customers according to their searches inside the platform. There are various options which allow them to reach their goals like exact match keywords, phrases, broader match and even solutions in case they want to exclude some terms. In the same time auto – targeting tool offered by Pinterest is available for those companies who need help in creating their campaigns. TechCrunch compares this service with the ones provided by Facebook and Google.

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Google Play Announced A Way To Try Apps Without Installing

We told you why and how to build Instant Apps a few months ago. If you took our advices now you will be prepared for the new service added by Google inside Google Play Store. Since May, this year, all developers can split their apps in smaller portions for allowing customers to use their features without downloading them first. Now users are able to access the gallery which gathers a collection of Android Instant Apps through the “Try Now” button. Feel free to check it in order to understand better the reasons why Google added these facilities.

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Video Continues To Be The Fastest – Growing Ad Format

Wow, what “a surprise” that video is the ad format chosen by most of advertisers this year. IAB and PwC revealed a report which proves what we keep repeating in every article written on our blog. Video represents 35% of all display advertising spend. More than that, customers prefer to use their mobile devices when they watch video ads. Another trigger for the success of marketers is location based advertising because half of brands adopted this strategy for attracting customers. In order to discover all this valuable data from the first half of 2017 read the article published by MarketingTechNews.

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Whatsapp Allows You To Share Live Location

Whatsapp will add a new feature to its chat app that allows users to share their location if they want to do that. They can select “Share Live Location” and to choose the period, up to 8 hours for which their position will be visible on the map which appears along with the messages sent. Facebook fans will consider this option very similar to the one provided by Live Location on the biggest social network. More details about this new tool and a few ideas with its utility you can find in The Next Web.

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Bonus Read: Mobile App Success Story: How Mushroom 11 Did It

Have you ever played a game and found yourself wondering: How they did it? Well, Mushroom 11 could be that type of game and we can show you the answer through the success story presented this week. You will discover what it takes to create an award winning app, how to convince people to pay for it before downloading it and when is the National Mushroom Day. Enjoy the reading!

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Final Thoughts

Note down the following to – do list:

  • Start by downloading our free e – book with Killer Ways To Boost Downloads With Halloween.
  • Make sure that you take advantage of holiday season not like the majority of mobile marketers.
  • Build Instant Games on Facebook Messenger and start monetize them.
  • Explore the new Search Ad feature added by Pinterest to its Ad Manager.
  • Read again our article about Android Instant Apps and check the “Try Now” button added inside Google Play Store.
  • Study the report which proves that video is the fastest – growing format of this year.
  • Decide if you want to share your location with your friends when Whatsapp will make that possible.
  • Allow us to inspire you with the wonderful story behind Mushroom 11.

Well this is a long list but for now …
Enjoy your weekend!

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