Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: October 14-21

Hello everyone, hope you had an eventful week? It is time again for our weekly roundup of all the major events that occurred in the tech world within the week. Sit tight and have a good read!

Facebook Brings Instant Games To Groups And Lite App

Facebook’s instant games feature which was only accessible through messenger is now available on gaming groups and the Facebook lite app. This improvement in the gaming feature was done because of the rapid growth of players that are regularly active.
The company is carrying out this improvement on the Facebook lite app so that the app will not look boring to users despite the storage issues on their mobile phones and also they are working on making the instant gaming feature to be for groups of all categories. This article on MobileSyrup has all the details about this story.

Ticketmaster Buys A Blockchain Company To Guard Against Ticket Fraud

Ticketmaster has acquired Upgraded, a blockchain company in order to solve the problem of buying false tickets. Although the buying of the company did not take place at a perfect timing because of the current claims that the company recruited pro scalpers for ticket sales, the company has openly denied such claims and is planning on regaining the trust of customers. Find out all about this interesting news on  Engadget

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Dunkin’ Wants To See Your Best Halloween Costumes On Instagram

Dunkin’ in partnership with Aww Sam and DIY blogger will begin a Halloween costume challenge this week. The challenge requires customers to post their Halloween costume on Instagram with the hashtag #DunkinDressUpContest. The number one winner will get $1,000 and free coffee for an entire year. Meanwhile, the weekly winner will get $100 gift cards over the next two weeks leading up to Halloween. As part of the Halloween special, Dunkin’ prepared two Halloween doughnut for sale just to preserve the Halloween spirit. Until November you will be able to get Oreo-flavored hot chocolate from its stores and it will announce the winners of the challenge on 25th October.
Just like other years, this year the challenge will possibly go viral on social media as a lot of people would like to join the challenge and share their amazing costumes for friends to see. The company is also planning on partnering with other brands especially Oreo in order to bring up more challenges just like this one on social media. This article on MobileMarketer has all the details.

PayPal And American Express Expand Partnership

This week, PayPal declared that they are extending their affiliation with the American Express just as they did with Visa, MasterCard, Apple, Google, Samsung, and Walmart. This deal will give cardholders an opportunity to utilize their membership reward points whenever they buy from PayPal dealers. It will also enable Amex mobile app users to transfer money through PayPal or Venmo and add their American Express cards to their PayPal wallet right from the app.
These deals are quite different from other deals that PayPal has entered in the last two years. In the past, the company had been following its own old-fashioned approach in order to make sure that its payment tool is incorporated at point-of-sale. However, the company is no more concerned with those past goals but rather it is now dedicated to the expansion of its business dealings with other payment providers like Apple Pay or major credit cards as a means of changing previous competitors into business companions.
The CEO and president of PayPal, Dan Schulman made a statement about the Amex arrangement that “This partnership is the product of our companies’ strong commitment to creating innovative payment experiences that utilize both organizations’ core assets, including the ability for customers to pay with American Express Membership Rewards points and the integration of peer-to-peer payments into the Amex app… Our new partnership expands PayPal’s ubiquity, and enables us to offer consumers and merchants new and innovative product experiences.
The company also stated that it will incorporate the American Express Token Service and carry on with its global card acceptance, as part of this deal. Both companies plan on working collectively in order to add more features in 2019.  It is evident from the company’s reported earnings of this week that this deal may possibly work as it reported the addition of 9.1 million accounts during the quarter and a 25 percent increase in total payment volume. Payment volume in Venmo was also up 78% in Q3. PayPal’s total revenue grew 14% in the quarter to $3.68 billion, while earnings were up 26 percent. Read this article on TechCrunch to get all the details.

Samsung Electronics Bought Network Analysis Firm Zhilabs In 5G Push


In order to increase the capability of its 5G network, Samsung Electronics has bought the network analysis firm known as Zhilabs without disclosing the financial details of the agreement. The company was acquired as part of Samsung electronics business plan to invest 25 trillion won (£17bn) in areas of AI, 5G, automotive electronics components, and biopharmaceuticals in order to be able to bring automatic solutions and network analytics together with its 5G offerings. According to Youngky Kim, the President and Head of Networks at Samsung Electronics “5G will enable unprecedented services attributed to the generation of exponential data traffic, for which automated and intelligent network analytics tools are vital… The acquisition of Zhilabs will help Samsung meet these demands to assure each subscriber receives the best possible service.”.
Although Zhilabs has been fully acquired by Samsung Electronics, the company will still operate independently under the management of Samsung. This acquisition will enable Samsung to upgrade its 4G network to 5G. According to the CEO of Zhilabs, Joan Raventós “5G technology will disrupt the communications landscape for the better, but it will only be successful if the quality of the networks transferring the information can be measured and improved to provide a best-in-class experience… We are delighted to be joining the Samsung Electronics family and adding a contribution with our software products and technology to the existing end-to-end solutions that the company offers its customers.”.
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Final Thoughts

Here is a recap of all we brought you this week;

  • Facebook brings Instant Games to Groups and Lite App
  • Ticketmaster buys a blockchain company to guard against ticket fraud
  • Dunkin’ wants to see your best Halloween costumes on Instagram
  • PayPal and American Express expand partnership
  • Samsung Electronics buys network analysis firm Zhilabs in 5G push


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