Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: October 1 – 8

Welcome back, friends! Today we have an entire list of novelties and we want to share it with you, as usual. Let’s not waste any time because we need to check them in order to see how they will influence your business.

Instagram Has Improved Its Shopping Experience

A couple of weeks ago we’ve seen Amazon and Google focusing on their shopping sectors for future improvements. Now it is time for Instagram to change its approach regarding certain photos. In fact, the new opportunity for engaging users with beautiful visuals for different products was available since the end of 2016 but only for a few companies. Shopify and Instagram test Shopping on Instagram with those merchants who get approval until October 16th and if everything goes as planned, everyone will have the chance to tag Instagram posts with products for sale. The Verge wrote a detailed article about this strategy.

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Google’s Pixel Event Has Come And Gone

The second edition of Google Pixel, which announced the latest innovations in hardware built by the giant company, took place and revealed Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, the new versions of smartphones, Google Clips an Artificial Intelligence-based camera, Google Home Mini and Max improved smart home devices for creating a great atmosphere in users’ houses, Google Pixelbook the laptop equipped with Google Assistant, Google Daydream View VR headset which is compatible with Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 and with LG V30. If you are interested to discover more characteristics along with the prices for these devices we invite you to read the entire article published by The Verge.

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Android Oreo Has 0.2% Adoption Rate

Since we talked about Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL which comes with Android 8.1 it is a good moment to mention the evolution of Android Oreo with a distribution rate of 0.2%. The comparison between the results published by Google in September and October was made by VentureBeat while it continues to underline the high adoption of Marshmallow with 32% among Android users. The numbers come from Google Platform Versions displayed on the official page along with valuable information about screen sizes and densities. Developers know what we mean.

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Microsoft Acquired AltspaceVR, A VR Social Network App

AltspaceVR is a social network app created for virtual reality devices like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream. In July, an announcement that it will be closed determined the 35,000 monthly active users spend 35 minutes on average every day inside the app to chat with their friends, to play games or to watch videos. It appears that Microsoft saved the company allowing customers to continue using it in its current form. At least for now because and it remains to be seen the future plans regarding this acquisitions. The sum of which Microsoft bought AltspaceVR wasn’t revealed. You can read all about it in Mobile Marketing Magazine.

Google Assistant Is Becoming More Smarter With AI

This information about Google Assistant is a completion for the roundup about Google Pixel 2 because many devices announced during the event come with Google Assistant. It is interesting to discover in what way this tool becomes smarter with the help of artificial intelligence. VentureBeat summarizes the 2 hours presentation in 15 major key points. Among those features are music identification, a male voice, activities for kids, Find My Phone option and much more. You need to read the entire article for a better understanding of Google Assistant.

Meet Parker, Apple’s Dissectible Teddy Bear

Well, after all those news about Google, it is time to mention Apple and its partnership with Seedling, a company specialized in products for kids. The result is a teddy bear named Parker which only looks like the ones we know from our childhood because now it can interact with your iOS device due to AR technology. It has no cameras, batteries or other similar items but its medical accessories like the thermometer, stethoscope, syrup bottle and spoon, x-ray element help kids to trust doctors and to discover human body while they play multiple types of games or they solve entertaining puzzles. In case you didn’t observe toys are different from the objects we used to play with, but you can find more in The Verge.

Mobile Ad Spend Is Expected to Be 62% Of Digital Spend In India

LiveMint cites in an article, a study released by eMarketer which shows that mobile advertising in India is expanding, forecasting a massive growth since it will reach more than 60% from overall digital ad spend in this country, by 2021. Although mobile ecosystem continues to rise in India due to lower data prices and affordable gadgets, it seems that Television is still a determining factor in the advertising landscape. Nevertheless, social media platforms will reach more than 25% of all mobile phone users by the end of this year.

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Final Thoughts

Now, let’s summarize everything in a few words:

  • Shopping With Instagram will be available soon for all merchants.
  • Some impressive devices were revealed during Google Pixel 2.
  • Good evolution for Android Oreo after just a month.
  • AltspaceVR is the VR social network app acquired by Microsoft.
  • Many new features were added to Google Assistant.
  • Parker is an adorable teddy bear created by Apple and Seedling.
  • Mobile ad spend will reach more than half of overall digital ad in India by 2021.

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