Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: November 25 – December 2

Hello, app owners! Welcome back to our weekly roundup of marketing news! It is amazing how things change in this mobile ecosystem! It is time to share with you all the novelties gathered from the most influential tech sites.

New Snapchat May Start An Advertising Revolution

It is a sure fact that the team behind Snapchat continues to improve the app in order to impress new users. This time a feature based on special filters that recognize different objects creates stickers and borders according to the snaps taken. The Next Web describes the opportunities provided by this new tool for mobile advertisers. It seems that the context offered has a lot of potential for promoting different products. If you are interested, we invite you to read the entire article.

YouTube’s “Reels” Helps Creators To Engage Their Audience

We already talked about Snapchat, now it is time for its Stories. Actually a new version of this feature, called Reels will be released by YouTube. The idea is to create multiple videos, shorter than 30 seconds and to engage users with filters, stickers and music. It is good to mention that Reels won’t disappear after 24 hours and that Reels beta will be available for certain creators to test it. Along with this option which will be visible in a special tab on creators’ channels the announcement made by the giant company described also a Community tab for those with more than 10,000 subscribers. TechCrunch offers all the details about these features.

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NASDAQ Plans To Launch Futures Contracts For Bitcoin

The Verge highlights the success of Bitcoin which recently reached $10,000 as the cost for a coin. For this reason NASDAQ will launch futures contracts for Bitcoin in 2018. CME Group from Chicago has similar plans for this worldwide payment system. In the same time, Cantor Fitzgerald wants to launch Bitcoin derivatives next year. If you want to discover more information about the future of this cryptocurrency you should check the article released this week.

Facebook Prevents Suspicious Activity With Selfies

If your Facebook account is blocked for some reason, you should know that Facebook will ask you to upload a photo with your face in order to check your identity. Facebook promises that the file will be deleted after this verification. Users should make sure that the photo was never used before on Facebook and to wait 72 hours until they can connect again with their friends on the social network. It seems that this procedure is available since the beginning of this year. Read all about it in The Verge.

It Seems Like Vine Is Coming Back

If you liked Vine app then you will be happy to discover that its owner, Dom Hofmann revealed on Twitter (the company that shut down Vine, as you all know) that he intends to make a follow – up to the app which engaged users with 6 – second videos. The reason for this plan is represented by all the messages received from fans. It is considered a side project while its creator continues his work at his company. For the moment he doesn’t want to reveal anything else, but as soon as we find other details we will let you know. This story comes from The Next Web.

Mobile Sales Dominated Cyber Monday

That everything revolves around mobile is not a secret anymore and Cyber Monday provides a proof for all the ones that doubted this fact. At least for Shopify merchants mobile sales surpassed desktop. The reasons for this domination are retail apps and mobile wallets. And of course, Millennials influenced these results. The Verge talks about the huge sum recorded by online sales in the United States, $6.59 billion, while mobile sales reached $2 billion. Google Chromecasts, Apple iPads and AirPods, Samsung tablets were among the preferred products for this year’s shopping event.

There Is A Great Conflict With Cheeseburger Emoji

A huge problem was discussed on Twitter this week. The dilemma started from the cheeseburger emojis created by Apple and Google. It seems that the cheese was the root of evil in this case. In the image provided by Apple, this ingredient is atop the patty while in Google’s version the cheese is underneath the burger. All cheeseburger lovers agreed that Google made a big mistake but Apple also did something wrong because the lettuce shouldn’t be underneath the meat. Since we talk about a conflict between Android users and iOS adepts, no detail is too small. You can follow this important debate on Mashable.

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Facebook’s AI Helps People With Suicidal Thoughts

We always say that artificial intelligence is a powerful technology but Facebook shows that it can also save lives. The social network has tested this solution over the past month to help the persons in need and especially the ones that express their suicidal intentions. Facebook has 80 local partners that can help them to prevent some horrible moments and in the same time its moderators are trained to deal with those sensitive cases. Unfortunately, Facebook can’t apply this service for the users from the European Union because of the privacy laws. If you want to know more about this tool we recommend you to read the entire article published by TechCrunch.

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As we said earlier, nothing remains the same with the evolution of technology. For this reason you need to take care of your app and to implement the latest mechanisms which will enhance the services provided by your creation. We made a list with all the benefits offered by Machine Learning along with some useful methods for implementing this technique. Enjoy the reading!

Final Thoughts

And now, just a few notes before you go:

  • New filters from Snapchat – impressive for both users and advertisers.
  • YouTube will test Reels for creators to engage with their followers.
  • NASDAQ plans to launch futures contracts for Bitcoin.
  • Facebook users with blocked accounts need to upload their selfies for solving their issues.
  • Dom Hofmann wants to create a follow up to the Vine app.
  • Customers preferred to use their mobile devices for Cyber Monday.
  • The real fight between cheeseburger emojis provided by Apple and Google.
  • Facebook uses artificial intelligence for preventing suicidal intents.
  • Machine Learning is a powerful tool that influences the way users interact with your app.

Have an amazing weekend!

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