Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: November 18 – 25

Hello, friends! How was your week? Did you catch a lot of deals this Black Friday? As you all know some of them were offered by App Samurai in the form of $3000 ad credit for three lucky app owners. It’s been an amazing adventure for us and speaking of great events let’s check the latest news about the giants in our industry.

Samsung Plans To Open An AI Research Hub

Samsung Electronics announced the intention of creating an Artificial Intelligence research center without mentioning its future location. The AI research hub will combine mobile and consumer electronics business which together with components form the three big businesses of the giant company. It appears that this plan is a response to the “market changes”. VentureBeat shares the reasons for this objective along with other information about Samsung. Read the entire article if you want to find out more.

Facebook Is Trailing “Collections” Feature For Saved Posts

A question for Instagram users: Do you like Collections, the feature released in April? Now some Facebook users will be happy to discover the same option when they want to find certain saved posts. They are now able to organize their content in an easier way.  For the moment this tool is available for a restrictive number of users and it is unknown the moment when the entire world will take advantage of Facebook Collections. Meanwhile, you can find a detailed description of this feature in The Next Web.

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2017 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Met Their Owners

If you are searching for inspiration when you create your marketing campaign just take a look at the winners of the 2017 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards. The entire list was published by Mobile Marketing Magazine. Amazon was selected Brand Of the Year, Yapi Kredi Mobile App was chosen for Most Effective Mobile – first Service, while Cadbury Creme Egg 2016: Snapchat Lens was definitely The Most Effective In – app Advertising Campaign of this year and Teletext Holidays was Most Effective App Install Campaign. If we made you curious then you should invest a little time to discover more great ideas.

Android Devices Share Location Even When It Is Disabled

MobyAffiliates’ authors talk about Google’s practice to use Cell Id for detecting Android users’ location even though they opted out of location tracking on their smartphones. It seems that Google team acted this way for improving the services but the data was never saved or shared with third parties. It is important to mention that Google agreed to put an end to this activity in November because this behavior represents a huge concern for customers regarding their safety.

Video Creators Believe That Instagram Will Be The Next Big Video Platform

A research made by Landesanstalt für Kommunikation Baden-Württemberg (LFK) and the Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien (BLM) reveals that Instagram will become a huge video network in the next three years. Even though 90% of video creators use YouTube for sharing their work, Instagram is the platform with the most impressive growth, from 36% of video content distribution last year to 47% in 2017. Additionally 43% of the creators surveyed consider that influencer marketing continues to gain power in mobile ecosystem. You will find all the numbers in the article published on MobyAffiliates.

Mobile Commerce Is More Common In Asia Pacific Than Other Regions

Guess which customers prefer to use their mobile devices to complete their purchases? Yes, the answer is revealed above and it is true that users from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and India like more to make payments on mobile than the ones from any other countries. This is the result of a study made by Twitter. It appears that 81% of Twitter users from India take advantage of mobile commerce. The Drum also highlights the difference between the ones that know about the benefits of shopping apps and the ones who actually use them.

Giants Agreed To Participate In “The Trust” Project

Are you tired of fake news? If “Yes” then you will be glad to know that Facebook, Google, Bing and Twitter joined “The Trust Project”, a helpful organization created with the purpose to combat this bad phenomenon. Now you will be able to find “Trust Indicators” associated to the articles which appear in the Facebook News Feed. These elements will provide the necessary information about the company that published the news. In the same time Google plans to use Type of Work indicator for Google News and Best Practices and Author Info in Knowledge Panels. In The Drum you will find the brands who started to post their articles with Trust Indicators this month.

Bonus Read: Mobile App Success Story: How Mushroom 11 Did It

If you want to discover the best way to build a smart strategy for reaching success then Mushroom 11 is an amazing game which can offer you a lot of great ideas during the entire process. In case you are afraid to ask users a fixed price when they want to download your app or, you need to understand how to keep them happy, read the article because it contains valuable solutions for your concerns.

Final Thoughts

Here are a few ideas for you to keep in mind:

  • Samsung announced the plans to create an artificial intelligence research center.
  • Facebook Collections is the feature that allows users to organize their posts.
  • Big brands and amazing campaigns were rewarded during 2017 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards.
  • Google could gather information about Android users’ location even though this option was disabled.
  • Instagram has big chances to become video creators’ favorite social channel in the next three years.
  • Customers from Asia Pacific prefer mobile shopping more than any other users.
  • Facebook, Google, Bing and Twitter joined “The Trust Project” for fighting against fake news.
  • Mushroom 11 is a good example of a smart marketing strategy.

Enjoy your weekend!

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