Mobile Marketing News of the Week: November 12- 18

It is very hard to follow important news and updates on mobile marketing if you, as an indie developer or an app marketer, don’t have enough time within a week. This is why we started to bring all the important news of the week together for you.
If you missed what happened this week, here are the top stories in mobile marketing.

Apple Removed 3.4X More Apps on October Than Previous Months!

As you can remember, on September 7, Apple started to review old apps. The company wrote that “We are implementing an ongoing process of evaluating apps, removing apps that no longer function as intended, don’t follow current review guidelines, or are outdated.”
According to the data from Sensor Tower, app deletes increased by 238% in October! In October, Apple deleted 47,300 apps according to Sensor Tower’s analysis.
The analysis also shows that most of the deleted apps (28% of 47,300 apps) were Games! Entertainment and Books categories follow Games category in the number of app deletes.
For more information about the analysis, you can visit this Techcrunch news.

Pinterest’s New “Explore” Section Will Feature Auto-Play Native Video Ads

You’ve most probably heard that Pinterest launched its new section called Explore. The session helps users to find relevant content that they may also like. The section is not only good for users but also for brands who want to reach their audiences. The brands will have an opportunity to be listed in the Explore’s top picks if users like it and make it popular.
Another good news is about Pinterest’s reveal on native promoted videos. Pinterest is planning to position these auto-play native ads in personalized recommendations and trending topics to increase their conversion.
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Mobile News of the Week

There has been a lot of improvement in the mobile industry within this week. Here are the most important ones to note.

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  • On November 14, Whatsapp rolled out video calling feature to let users can make video calls across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.
  • Facebook acquired FaciaoMetrics to detect emotions from faces and add fun effects people’s videos and photos.
  • On November 15, Google announced that they improved Google Translate for more accurate, fluent sentences. They put Neural Machine Translation into action with 8 language pairs to and from English and German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, and Turkish.
  • Facebook announced that businesses on the social network can now link their Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts and receive all communications from those channels in a single inbox.

#FridayRead: How to Promote Your App with User Generated Content

If you own an app you probably heard about User Generated Content (UGC) but you are not sure why it is important. Let’s see what it is, first. By looking at its name we discover the definition. User Generated Content is a form of content (text, images, video) provided (generated) by users of your product. It is a great tool to increase engagement and to make people speak about your app. It is even easier to implement this strategy for apps because users can take photos or make videos and send them in an instant with their phone devices. To understand it better, let’s cover the most popular types of content received from users.
It is in our nature to express our opinion regarding any topic. Give people something to talk about and they will be happy to share their thoughts. The good thing is that comments bring other comments. It generates a chain reaction and if you manage everything wisely you will earn a lot of engagement.
How many times did you stop in the middle of an event because you remembered to take a picture? Nowadays, we can’t be happy anymore if we don’t immortalize that feeling. Photos related to your app will increase your popularity.
People love to share snippets of their life. If you connect that fact with your app, then you have a winner.
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