Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: May 5 – 12

Like every Saturday we are browsing the mobile ecosystem for top news that influence the way you manage your business. It is amazing how fast technology evolves and how rapidly trends change from one day to another. But you are here for the weekly overview so let’s start with the most significant facts of the moment.

A New Study Released By Tune Shows That Mobile Ad Fraud Is Rampant

Sadly, mobile ad fraud shows no signs of weakness any time soon. A recent report published by Tune after analyzing 24 billion clicks on 700 ad networks shows terrifying results:

  • 8 ad networks are 100% fraudulent;
  • 35 ad networks contain more than 50% fraud;
  • only 23 ad networks had 0% fraud;

The breach in the system seems to be at the level of sub – publishers and re – brokers but nothing will be solved until we all cooperate in order to minimize this disastrous phenomenon. You have to read the entire study for understanding the best ways to avoid losing money and to keep your business away from these criminals. Remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is why AppSamurai provides only high – quality services and our experts are ready to share with app owners the right solutions for getting valuable users.

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Snapchat’s Bad Start To Q1 2017 As A Growth Rate

At the beginning of this week we presented the success story behind Snapchat but the situation is not all roses for the company. It is not that critical but all the problems come from the slow growth shown at the beginning of this year reaching 166 million daily active users, with just 5% higher than Q4 of 2016, when they had 158 million users. This is not what everybody expected from a brand that proved a fantastic expansion, like almost 24% in 2014. The reason for this small percentage seems to be the fact that Snapchat’s owners concentrated their forces on engagement and on their new Spectacles. In an article published by TechCrunch are listed all the details about the report but the future plans of Spiegel and his team to improve this situation remain a secret. On the other hand, while other big companies invest a big amount of their resources to copy Snapchat, the ephemeral messaging app keeps launching new and innovative features like Scissors, Magic Eraser and World Lenses.

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Instagram Has Given Its Mobile Website A Massive Upgrade

Instagram keeps adding improvements for offering users a great experience overall. With the new enhancements added to Instagram mobile site customers are able to post or to check the Explorer Tab, but they still can’t use Direct Messaging, Stories, filters or to upload videos. Nevertheless, the new options displayed on when it is launched from mobile devices allow users to enjoy the Instagram moments without occupying precious space on their phones by downloading the app. This comes along with the efforts shown by Instagram team to expand their products for the users outside US which resulted in a growth of 100 million monthly users in just 4 months, as we announced you in our marketing overview 2 weeks ago. You can read the declaration of Instagram’s spokesman for TechCrunch to understand the purpose of this huge upgrade.

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Microsoft Has A Single Shared Codebase That Makes It Easy To Create Apps For All Three Platforms: iOS, Android And Windows

Great news for .Net developers because they will be able to create apps that run on iOS, Android and Windows with minimum effort. With .Net Standard 2.0 they will use the same codebase for all three platforms and with XAML Standard 1.0 programmers can design the user interface. Moreover, iOS developers can create apps on Windows PC with the new Xamarin Live Player using editing tools from Visual Studio and deploying them on real iOS device. For more information about the most innovative features presented by Microsoft you can watch the sessions from Build 2017.

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Now There Is An App – Controlled Debit Card For Kids

TechCrunch presented Current, the new app that will win parents’ hearts because it will help them to manage the money they offer to their children and in the same time kids will have a certain level of liberty in making purchases. It works with a Visa debit card for the allowance that adults transfer into their children’s account and it provides a lot of facilities like scheduling chores, setting limits or forbidding the spending for some categories of products like alcohol or illegal games. Furthermore, juniors are encouraged to save money or to donate a part of their funds to charity. It remains to be seen how many of them will do that. Also the app seems to be appreciated by teens because Current uses services like Facebook Messenger, Kik, iMessage and they can track their transactions in order to learn the responsibility of handling their financial activity. If you like the app then you should prepare your budget to pay $5 per month with a discount of $2 or $3 monthly if you agree with a one year or two – year subscription.

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Bonus Read: Designing Mobile User Onboarding Flow: Do’s And Don’ts

We all know that first impression always counts and for mobiles the initial interaction of users with an app is a defining moment for the entire experience. To make sure that your customers enjoy the app from the first second we created Designing Mobile User Onboarding Flow: Do’s And Don’ts. We invite you to read it in order to avoid the most common mistakes and to enhance the benefits of a pleasant journey inside your app for all customers. You will discover:

  • Why is it so important to design a smart onboarding flow?
  • What makes users to uninstall an app after the first use?
  • What to do for attracting users?

Final Thoughts

And now it is time for a quick recap of what happened these days:

  • Tune highlights the growing situation of mobile ad fraud.
  • Snapchat didn’t start the year with a high growth rate.
  • Instagram changed its mobile website for a better experience for their users.
  • You can check the single shared codebase from Microsoft for developing apps that run on iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Kids and parents will manage allowances with Current, an app that controls Visa debit cards.

Have a great week – end!

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