Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: May 5 – 12

Today we have news about Facebook, Apple, Google, Whatsapp, Instagram and more! If you we made you curious then follow us for the next few minutes for discovering the latest novelties from these giant brands!

Because Of The Low View Concern, Adidas Stopped Its Video Ads On Facebook

Adidas marketers plan to cut the spending on Facebook due to the fact that the sports company receives limited data about the viewability of the ads. Apparently, around 30% of the amount paid by Adidas is wasted. Despite these frustrations, Instagram seems to be a better solution for Adidas which also promotes its products with AR lens on Snapchat. In case you want to find out more about this story you can read all the details in the article published on Digiday.

Apple Is Removing Apps That Share Your Location Data With Third Parties Without Permission

Good news for users, bad news for developers who don’t respect App Store Review Guidelines and share data with third parties. Apple started to remove those apps after sending emails to developers for informing them about these actions. In fact, the issue refers to the sections 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 of the mentioned document which says that the app shouldn’t “transmit user location data” without “explicit consent from the user and for unapproved purposes”. Apple won’t accept these apps again on the App Store if developers don’t remove all the code that causes these problems. If you want to learn more about this program you can read the article published this week by 9To5Mac.

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Google Makes Instant App Feature Available For All Developers

While Google Play Instant Apps for games was in beta only a few developers were able to test this option which allows users to try games before deciding if they want to install them. Now, this solution is available for all game developers and knowing that games occupy a lot more than apps, Google increased the limit from 2 MB to 10 MB. Additionally to this change, Google plans to make Instant Apps compatible with AdWords. TechCrunch offers more information about this tool for developers.

Google Products Will Be Integrated Into Volvo Cars

Volvo plans to integrate Android Auto into the cars so the driver can take advantage of all the facilities provided by Google without connecting a mobile device. The Verge just tested this type of car and highlighted the utility of Google Assistant which is able to make appointments for the driver. The system runs on Android P and Google Play will allow you to install certain apps like Pocketcasts, Telegram or Deezer. But wait, you can’t buy a car like that right now, because this technology will be available for 2020 Volvo models!

Facebook And Instagram Video Can Now Be Played On Whatsapp

With the new update, Whatsapp allows users to watch Facebook and Instagram videos without switching between apps. And that makes sense since Facebook owns Instagram and Whatsapp and it is obvious that the strategy is to help users to access the content across all these apps in an easier way. For the moment, this feature is available only for the iOS app. It remains to be seen when Whatsapp will have an updated version for Android devices. You will find more information in the article published by Engadget.

Mobile Ad Fraud Rates Nearly Doubled In 2018 Compared To A Year Earlier

Very bad news coming from Adjust which released a report demonstrating that mobile ad fraud rates doubled in 2018 compared to 2017. It seems that the categories preferred by attackers are E-commerce and Games. Moreover, 7.3 % of all paid installs were detected as fake. After analyzing 3.43 billion app installs and over 350 billion events in the Q1 of 2018, the results are awful. SDK spoofing represents around 37% of the fraud; 27% was generated by click injection; 20% fake installs and 16% of ad fraud comes from click spam. We strongly recommend you to study the entire article published by VentureBeat which gives all the details about these disastrous consequences.

Instagram Has Released Mobile Payment Option

PaymentWeek highlights the fact that Instagram became the go-to platform for advertisers who want to promote their products. This isn’t a novelty but the mobile payment feature tested by Instagram is something new and demonstrates the effects of marketing growth. According to the article, Instagram Payments is similar to Facebook Payments integrated into Facebook Messenger. For now, this service is available for a limited number of companies.


Bonus Read: Everything You Need To Know About Apple Search Ads Basic Is Here!

You’ve probably heard that App Store Search Ads are very efficient when it comes to increasing the visibility of a mobile app. If you want to take advantage of the facilities provided by Apple Search Ads you will be glad to discover that we updated our article which describes this method. In fact, the old version of this marketing technique became Apple Search Ads Advanced and Apple introduced an additional service called Apple Search Ads Basic which is easier to manage but with a few limitations. We invite you to check these both options and to decide which one is suitable for your business!

Final Thoughts

Let’s make a short summary of everything that happened this week:

  • Adidas reconsiders the strategy for promoting its products on Facebook because of the small amount of data received.
  • Apple removes apps that share user location data with third parties.
  • Instant Apps is available now for all game developers.
  • Volvo will integrate Android Auto into 2020 models.
  • Whatsapp users will be able to watch Facebook and Instagram videos.
  • Adjust released a report revealing that mobile ad fraud rates doubled in 2018.
  • Instagram is testing mobile payment option.
  • In case you just decided to try Apple Search Ads Basic you can check our article which describes all the details about this marketing method!

Enjoy your weekend and have fun on Mother’s Day!

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