Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: May 26 – June 2

Another weekend is here so, before enjoying those relaxing moments let’s cover the most exciting events announced these days by the most appreciated websites in this industry. We prepared some big news, therefore you need to make sure that you remain with us until the end of the article.
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Apptopia Study Found That Top – Downloaded Games Beat Top – Grossing Ones On Retention

According to a research made by Apptopia there is a big difference between top – downloaded games and top – grossing games and it is calculated in terms of retention.  Better saying, top – ranked games engage players more than the ones that focus their strategy on in – app purchases and the results depend on the app category. Moreover, it seems that the first week is crucial for determining the loyalty of users. Other details about the study are revealed by VentureBeat.

Playable Ads Are The Most Loved Format Among Mobile Advertisers

You know that type of ads which is more similar to a game than to a method of marketing? Yes, playable ads. And if you remember, at the beginning of this year we mentioned that their influence will continue to rise in 2017. Now you have the proof, thanks to a survey conducted by AdColony. Although this format is so appreciated, not many marketers adopted the trend so it is expected to increase in the near future. You can find many interesting stats about the ad formats forecasted to grow but also about the ones that aren’t efficient anymore in an article recently published by VentureBeat.

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The Best of Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends

If you are interested in everything that occurred or is about to happen in tech world, then Internet Trends 2017 by Mary Meeker is the report you need. Because it has 355 pages, the best way to understand the complex information published in the official document is to view the slide show created by TechCrunch and we will do a quick list of the most important facts revealed in the presentation.

  • It demonstrates a slow growth of smartphones sales;
  • Every person in US spends an average time of 3 hours per day on mobile devices;
  • Google and Facebook are the leaders when it comes to online ad growth totalizing 85% of all;
  • Phenomenal growth for streaming music offered by Spotify;
  • Millennials shows their preferences for eSports;
  • With the increase of cloud usage we will see more malicious spams in our email accounts;

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New Survey Shows That Almost 50% Of Smartphone Users Prefer To Block All Ads Completely In US

Ad blockers continue to represent a huge concern for mobile marketers. A survey published by AdBlock Plus sheds some light on the situation so we can understand better the reasons why US users take the decision to avoid ads whenever it is possible. It appears that the low quality of ads served is the main trigger to convince people to use ad – blockers. Even if the highest percentage for the use of this type of software was registered for desktop and laptop devices, this is due to the lack of awareness about the possibility of blocking ads on mobiles, especially for those above 35 years. You can read all about this study including the categories of persons who use ad – blocking tools in the article published on MarketingLand.

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Google Plans To Introduce An Ad Blocker To Chrome Next Year

We continue with the topic about ad blockers but this time from another perspective. Google is going to stop the spreading of annoying and intrusive ads over the web with the help of its ad blocker for Chrome. This new tool will be released at the beginning of 2018. The Coalition for Better Ads which gathers members from Google, Facebook, News Corp and The Washington Post will decide what ads are beneficial for customers. So, the new filter will block the rest of the content that doesn’t meet the requirements, leaving the acceptable ads to be seen by Chrome users. The ad blocker will be available for both desktop and mobile and it will complete the same functionality also for ads served by Google. This is good news for publishers that play by the rules because they will be protected against ad blocker effects and also for customers who will be able to view only high quality ads which represent useful information for them. At the end of the day, relevant ads are the winning solution for all parties involved in the process. The Verge presents all the details about the new feature provided by Google.

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Bonus Read: Building A Hype Around Your Mobile Game

One of the crucial moments for an app is the big release on the market and this is available also for games. No matter how great is your creation, it doesn’t promote itself so it needs all your support to be discovered by potential players. In order to know what to do before launching your game, we published Launch Like A Boss: Builiding A Hype Around Your Mobile Game which represents a good chance for you to create a sustainable plan for the success of your app. There are many steps involved like building your online presence, gathering marketing materials and email addresses and of course testing everything if you want to be sure that your visuals match your users’ preferences. But, we leave you to discover the rest of the article for understanding the complete strategy.
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Final Thoughts

At the end, let’s do a short recap for a clear view of all the news presented:

  • Top – downloaded games have a higher retention rate than top – grossing ones;
  • The favorite format of mobile advertisers is playable ads:
  • We shared the most important elements of Internet for 2017 from Mary Meeker’s perspective;
  • There is no chance to approach half of Americans with ads because of ad blockers;
  • An ad blocker for Chrome will be introduced next year by Google but with the purpose of filtering ads by their quality;

Now, it is time to enjoy your weekend!

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