Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: May 19 – 26

We all know that you are here to discover what happened in the last few days in mobile marketing arena.  You only have a couple of minutes before your next activity scheduled for today so, let’s cut the introduction because we should start our weekly round – up.

How App Samurai Makes Things Better In User Acquisition For Mobile App Startups

We will begin with great news from App Samurai especially for its clients. Through our self – service advertising tool we manage to combine the advantages provided by the Cost Per Install (CPI) optimization with the results offered by post install events for acquiring only high quality users. Due to the fact that App Samurai works with the main tracking providers, such as TUNE, Kochava, Adjust, Appsflyer, Apsalar, S2S tracking, we can find the right balance between saving your budget and targeting valuable users. We are also focused on specific criteria like app category, country and your customers’ characteristics. But, this is not all. We take care of fraud prevention, click spam and virtual device detection and VPN protection. We offer three solutions for app marketing campaigns: Acquisition Campaign, Video Campaign and Boost Campaign. You just need to sign up for free and we assure you that you will pay only for installs after you create your ad campaign. For further information, we invite you to read the exclusive article published by VentureBeat or to check our Features and Benefits page.

2017 Trends To Consider In – App Advertising Space

As the number of free apps continues to show a huge growth on the app stores, so is the need of app owners to increase their revenue through in – app marketing solutions. We proved you several times that Freemium is one of the most successful pricing models available at the moment for monetizing your app. According to Localytics there are some important directions to follow when it comes to build a successful strategy focused on in – app advertising.

  • In 2017 will be a real battle between programmatic advertising and header bidding.
  • It is mandatory to mention video as a permanent trend for everything related to mobile ads.
  • We keep reminding you that chatbots are in great demand this year.

These aren’t the only elements that will influence the success of marketing strategies in 2017 but it is a sure fact that they are the most important ones.

App Samurai is an AI-powered, secure mobile growth platform. Register, add your app and start driving high-quality users.

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Apple App Store’s Monetization Leadership Continues

Store Intelligence shows us another proof that Apple App Store provides more money for publishers than any other mobile market. The number of those who made their first $1 million in annual revenue for iOS apps is almost double than the ones that reached the same level in Google Play Store. The results show the situation for 2016 and they highlight the difference between 66 publishers for Apple and 39 publishers for Google. An interesting but somehow obvious aspect of the study shows that the main category which generated such success for both markets is Games. If you want more details about the numbers revealed by the report you can check the article published on Sensor Tower.

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Pinterest New Feature: “Shazam For Food”

Don’t panic, we didn’t forget to mention at least one popular social media app for this overview. So, let’s talk about Pinterest and its new feature. After the launch of Lens in March for US market, the team behind Pinterest thought to a particular case of its utility by adapting the artificial intelligence to food recognition. This way, users can snap a photo of their favorite ingredient and a machine learning algorithm will generate a list of results with dishes related to that picture. Now, the question “What am I cooking today?” will receive its answers easier based on the items in the fridge. More about the main idea behind this feature you can read on The Verge.

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What Is Mobile Gigabit?

A new term is gaining recognition with the speed of light. We are talking about mobile gigabit and it started with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8. It refers to the speed of transfer for 1 gigabit per second. Another big player on the market that will include mobile gigabit for its handset is Sony for Xperia XZ Premium. According to Qualcomm by the end of this year 8 brands will launch this type of high – end phones. Even if you afford to acquire one of these devices you won’t be able to benefit of this technology if your internet provider doesn’t support it. But don’t lose your hope because some big companies have important plans to adopt this strategy before the beginning of the next year. So, keep your eyes on T – Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T and prepare your budget for your next smartphone that will amaze all your friends. To understand better the terminology behind mobile gigabit check the article published by Engadget.

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Bonus Read: Mobile Banner Ad Design Tips For Better Conversion Rate

For this week, our reading recommendation is about banner ads. If you thought they aren’t efficient, then think again. There are a few conditions required for a smart campaign, but if you follow the link for Mobile Banner Ad Design Tips For Better Conversion Rate you will discover:

  • The reason why banner ads worth your attention;
  • A lot of tips and best practices for designing interesting banner ads;
  • A description of the most popular rich banner types;

Enjoy the article!

Final Thoughts

Let’s see what we had for today:

  • AppSamurai comes with a great strategy for acquiring valuable users for mobile app startups.
  • If you asked yourself why you should consider in – app advertising solution you received your answer in this article.
  • Apple keeps winning the battle between app stores when it comes to monetization.
  • You are going to get really hungry if you check the new feature from Pinterest: “Shazam For Food”
  • What is mobile gigabit and when you will take advantage of this technology?

That’s all for this week, but remember that we are here whenever you want to check the latest mobile marketing innovations for your business.
Have a great week – end!

App Samurai is an AI-powered, secure mobile growth platform. Register, add your app and start driving high-quality users.