Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: May 19 – 26

Welcome back, friends! How many GDPR emails did you receive this week? And how many did you send for your business? Well, we will discuss more about that. For the moment, we should look at the most influential companies in the tech world.

Instagram Finally Releases “Mute” Feature For Both Posts And Stories To Save Many Friendships

What can you do when you want to remove certain accounts from your Instagram feed without giving them “Unfollow”? You “Mute” them and they won’t even know you did that. This is the new feature offered by Instagram and allows you to remove some posts and stories from your feed. This doesn’t mean you won’t receive notifications about those “muted” accounts. So, the “Mute” button placed on the menu helps you keep your feed fresh. And don’t worry, you can “unmute” them whenever you want! Read all about it in the article published on Business Of Apps.

Starbucks Outpaces Apple Pay And Other Competitors In Mobile Payments

There’s no secret that Starbucks has an efficient mobile app marketing strategy, but you probably don’t know that the company is also the leader when it comes to mobile payments. According to eMarketer, 23.4 million users ages 14 and older will use this payment system, in 2018. This is more than 22 million people who will use Apple Pay, or 11.1 million of Google Pay users and 9.9 million customers who will choose Samsung Pay. And its success will remain the same through 2022. The report reveals that 2018 is the first year when more than 25% of smartphone users in the United States ages 14 and older will make at least a proximity mobile payment in six months. We recommend you to read the entire article for a better understanding of this trend.

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Everyone Was Wrong: Facebook Usage Increased After The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Hands up who thought that Facebook will receive a negative reaction from its users after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. You’ll be shocked but things are completely different. In fact, Facebook usage is higher after all these events. According to Goldman Sachs, the number of US unique users reached 188.9 million in April, with 7% year – over – year growth. Moreover, the time spent on the network is higher. So, forget about #deleteFacebook. But, this is not all! Deleting 583 million fake accounts (we told you last week about this move) had no effect on the target audience of Deutsche Bank. All these announcements represent an advantage for Mark Zuckerberg who will have to talk about fake news and privacy in front of EU lawmakers. We will discuss more his topic in our next summary of the most important news. Meanwhile, read this interesting article published by Business Insider.

We Will See An Apple And Volkswagen Collaboration For Driverless Vehicles

Apple just signed with Volkswagen for transforming its T6 Transporter van into a driverless vehicle. But you won’t be able to ride in that car unless you are one of Apple’s employees, because the whole purpose of the agreement is to build self – driving cars for the people who work for the giant company. Apparently, there were previous attempts to sign with other carmakers but for one reason or another, these plans failed. At first, Apple team tried to build the car in-house but the process is harder than it seems. So, Apple will have Volkswagen vans transformed into electric driverless shuttles. Read the entire story along with all the details about Apple’s attempts to build its own self – driving car in the article published by New York Times.

Dropbox Mobile App Gets New User – Friendly Features

Dropbox improves its app by adding new features and allowing users to collaborate in an easier way. They will be able to add comments alongside content and to access the wanted information about a file. While they browse through their files, large thumbnails will make the search more efficient. Users will reach anything with just one tap from the new Home screen. All these changes are made for increasing customers’ engagement. One of the first companies who agreed to test the new features is Les Lunes, the fashion retailer. The article published on Mobile Marketing Magazine shows how simple it is to reply to comments while you are on the go. At this moment, the update is available only for the iOS app. Android users will have to wait a little more for taking advantage of these modifications.

Airbnb Tests Its Own Version Of Stories

Stories became the must-have tool for mobile apps to attract users and it seems suitable for all categories. Airbnb is testing this feature for its mobile app with a limited number of users. So, Travel Stories looks like the best way to describe your experience in a short clip. You can read more in the article published on TechCrunch. It is still unclear if this facility will be launched for the wide audience but this is a good occasion to read a short story on Airbnb’s success.

Bonus Read: GDPR Has Been Activated On 25th Of May. Learn What GDPR Means For Mobile Apps Here!

As you all know, General Data Protection Regulation has taken effect. That is to say, if your company provides services within the EU, you must change the way you handle user personal data. For app owners, this is the most important reason to update your app! We have an article specially created for you with some essential recommendations to transform your product. Read them carefully and make sure that your creation complies with GDPR!

Final Thoughts

Now, keep in mind the following ideas:

  • Instagram allows users to “mute” their friends from the feed.
  • Starbucks app is the leader when it comes to proximity mobile payment.
  • Facebook usage and the time spent on the social network are actually higher after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
  • Apple will transform Volkswagen T6 Transporter van into an electric self – driving car for its employees.
  • Dropbox users will enjoy the new features added to the mobile app.
  • Airbnb is testing its own Stories feature.
  • General Data Protection Regulation has taken effect!

Have a pleasant weekend!

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