Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: May 12 – 19

You already know that Mobile Marketing News Of The Week is a special section created for busy app owners and marketers who want to discover the most important events. The fact is that you can’t plan your next actions without knowing what happens around you. So, let’s start with our weekly report from mobile world.

Key Takeaways From Google I / O 2017

All app owners in this world are all eyes and ears at the Google annual conference where they find out the latest actions of the giant company. Android programmers are curious about the new trends and iOS developers want to know how to be one step ahead of their competition. But let’s see the most important points underlined in I/ O 2017 keynote:

  • More than 2 billion monthly active Android devices. The number refers to any type of gadget that runs with Android OS.
  • Google Lens will be added to Google Assistant to provide you the necessary information of the world around you.
  • Google Assistant will be also on iOS devices. The app is already available for iPhone and iPad.
  • Google Home will be converted into a phone. You can use the private number provided by Google or you can use your own phone number for free calls to Canada and United States.
  • You will be able to use Home with Google Assistant along with other useful features for making your live a lot easier.
  • Google Photos now offers more than ever. It will be possible to share a picture with all the people that appear in that image, you can create family libraries or you can design your own photo book directly by using the app. But the price is $9.99.
  • Google together with its partners HTC and Lenovo will release standalone VR headsets which won’t require a phone or a computer to power them.
  • You can check the first Android O Beta.
  • Android Go, the light version on Android will run on Android O and it will require less memory, storage and data for specific zones. The best part is that it comes with its own Google Play Store with apps adapted for that type of device.
  • Tensor Processing Unit is Google’s chip for machine learning.

For more details about the latest concepts presented by Google you can enter the official website.

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Restaurant App Zomato Is Hacked!

A security problem was highlighted by a team of Zomato, the app used by 120 million people every month for looking the best place to eat. Two days ago a notice was published on the official blog of the company announcing that the information of 17 million users was stolen by a hacker. It seems that the problem is with those accounts specially created for Zomato not with the ones where customers used their Google or Facebook credentials. An important aspect is that the data about payments is still safe and secure since there where used other techniques to store it. Another update of that blog post was made yesterday announcing that the security team from Zomato made an agreement with the hacker so the data won’t be sold on the dark web marketplace. In exchange it will be introduced a bug bounty program on Hackerone. Zomato officials apologize to their customers and promise that they will enhance their app’s protection to prevent other mistakes.

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Twitter Updated Its Privacy Policy

Due to the latest improvements, Twitter had to update its Privacy Policy. We will extract the most important headlines listed on the official page but you must read the entire document in order to be informed starting with June 18, 2017:

  • Twitter launches Personalization and Data settings and updates Your Twitter Data putting an end to Do Not Track;
  • A new update with the mode of storing data; an important aspect is that Twitter doesn’t store webpage data for people in European Union or in EFTA states;
  • You will control if your data is shared under partnership agreements;
  • You will have a new way to personalize your information across your devices;

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Snapchat Downloads Fell About 16% Year – Over – Year On The App Store And Google Play

Bad news keeps coming for Snapchat. Last week we talked about the stagnation for the growth of Snap, the company behind Snapchat revealed by the report for the Q1 revenue. Now SensorTower published a new analytical study of Snap’s situation discovering that the number of downloads in April, 2017 is 16% smaller than the one registered last year in the same month, going from 25.2 million to 21.1 million. Moreover, a comparison of the first ten days of May with the same period in 2016 shows a 28% decrease, from 8.6 million to 6.2 million. If Snapchat’s owners don’t start a smart strategy anytime soon they can get blinded by Instagram’s success.

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  • What you need to consider when you create an app for the youngest users?
  • How to convince parents to allow their kids to spend their time with your app?
  • A useful strategy for the simplest onboarding flow.

Final Thoughts

This is the moment where we list all the events for a quick scan.

  • Many important announcements were made at Google I / O 2017;
  • Bad news for Zomato, the restaurant app when a hacker stole the information of 17 million users.
  • All users must read the new Privacy Policy from Twitter.
  • Snapchat should consider a new strategy for increasing the number of downloads as soon as possible.

Have a great week – end!

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