Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: March 31 – April 7

You are here because you want to discover what happened lately in the mobile marketing world. We know that! So, we will cut the introduction and we will start our weekly overview.

Mobile App Fraud Hit $800 Million In Q1 Of 2018

Sadly we will start with bad news because a recent investigation made by AppsFlyer revealed an increase of mobile app fraud in the first quarter of this year by 30% compared with the results gathered in 2017. Due to this fact, AppsFlyer wants to fight back with a new program called #FoolsNoMore that teaches marketers how to deal with app fraud. It seems that bots represent the most common weapon for fraudsters’ attacks. The results show that 22% of apps have more than 10% fraudulent installs. Shopping is the most threatened category because of the high cost per install. But games are also preferred by attackers. Overall, bad guys target more Android than iOS devices for all their strategies except click flood. We strongly recommend you to read the entire article on VentureBeat because you will be surprised to see how sophisticated fraudulent techniques can become.

Honda And Acura Dealer, Paragon Automotive Developed A Voice – Enabled App For Google Instant

Paragon Automotive is the first dealer with a voice-enabled app which allows customers to connect with the company or to book a service for Honda cars. The app was created in collaboration with Google, Team Velocity, and Red Cap Technologies and shown during 2018 National Automobile Dealers Association Convention. As MobileMarketer highlights, this could be a great strategy for attracting customers, especially millennials, taking into account that voice-based apps are very popular nowadays. We invite you to read the article for discovering all the features provided by the app.

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Snapchat Introduced Group Video Calls And Friend Tagging

What feature was available now on Instagram Stories and not on Snapchat Stories? Friend Tagging. Well, not anymore, since Snapchat team already added this option for their users. Another attractive feature for Snapchaters is group chat which allows up to 16 persons to participate in a video chat or 32 friends to share their ideas in a voice chat at the same time. Of course, Snapchat lenses are included in the video chat. Both facilities will be available for Snapchat fans worldwide starting next week. The Verge offers all the details about these new tools created with the purpose to provide more interesting moments for users and their friends.

After Instagram, Snapchat Re-Enables GIPHY After Racism Scandal

Well, hopefully, this is the last episode of this GIPHY Stickers series now that Snapchat re-enabled its animated stickers feature. The team behind social app worked with GIPHY and now everything is back to normal. We won’t tell you what happened because you already know everything about this topic but if you missed something, don’t worry! TechCrunch shared a short version of this story and it seems to have a happy ending after all.

Tinder Tests Looping Video Profile Pictures Feature: Tinder Loops

What do you think about this idea of showing two – second looping videos instead of images on Tinder profiles? This is the new feature tested these days by Tinder team in Canada and Sweden on iOS devices. The app will also allow users to edit their short clips before being appreciated by potential partners. Additionally to this option, Tinder is also testing the possibility of uploading nine 9 photos or videos to users’ profile instead of 6 visuals. It remains to be seen if these features will be launched globally. Meanwhile, you can read more about this in the article published on Mashable.

Facebook Scans The Data That Users Send On Messenger

While Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook checks the messages which seem to be inappropriate and highlights that the data isn’t use for advertising, users consider that they should have more privacy when they share thoughts and links with their friends. It appears that Facebook uses automated tools for scanning the content sent by users. You will find more information about this conflict on Bloomberg.

Google Introduces The Showtimes Search Feature

If you had trouble finding the information you need about a movie you will be glad to discover the new feature launched by Google. Whenever you will search for a movie or a show you will have everything you want, including IMDB and the option to buy a ticket. For the moment, this new solution is available for users in the United States and India on mobile web and Google app for Android. In the near future, iOS users will also be able to enjoy this facility. Read all about it in the article published on Engadget.

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Final Thoughts

And now, just a few words for a quick review of this entire week:

  • Mobile app fraud evolved incredibly fast in the first quarter of this year.
  • Paragon Automotive is the first car dealer with a voice-enabled app for Google Assistant.
  • Group video chat, the new feature introduced by Snapchat team is about to impress its users.
  • Tinder tests an option for its users to upload two – second videos to their profiles.
  • Facebook scans the content shared by Messenger users.
  • Google help users finding all the information they need about movies and showtimes.
  • If you want to promote your paid app and don’t know where to start, our guide will definitely help you!

Have a perfect weekend!

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