Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: March 3 – 10

We started this week with a positive vibe and energy! So, it would be a great idea to highlight the good news published these days for tech lovers. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our weekly roundup!

Instagram May Launch The Portrait Feature For Stories

It seems like every week we talk about a new tool tested by Instagram. This time we will focus on a Portrait feature, called … Focus which allows users to take selfies with blurred background. Instagram is testing it in order to improve users’ experience when they share their stories. Even though newer smartphones have this option to create high-quality portraits, this feature is a solution for those customers who want to share photos and videos in a seamless way. You can discover other interesting icons hidden in Instagram’s APK if you read the article published on TechCrunch.

“Android P”, The Latest Version Of Android, Is On The Stage

Android developers can take a look at the first preview of Android P. Even though it is early to understand all the changes that will come with the new version you can run the preview on a Pixel device or in Android Studio. You will be able to test your app in case you want to see if it will be affected by Android P. It appears that these enhancements are meant to change the appearance and to increase the speed:

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  • Wi-Fi Round Trip Time support for indoor positioning;
  • display cutout support for camera and speaker;
  • improvements for notifications;
  • multi-camera support;
  • ImageDecoder for decoding images in an easier way;
  • AnimatedImageDrawable class for GIF and WebP images;
  • support for HDR VP9 Video;
  • more efficient JobScheduller;
  • the new version of Neural Networks API;
  • improvements for Autofill framework;
  • new security tools;
  • better accessibility.

We just made a short list with these modifications but if you want to discover all the details about this preview of Android P, you should read the official document on Android Developers page.

Google App For iOS Supports iMessage Extension

Whenever you talk on iMessage with your friends and you need to share information about a restaurant or a great place where you want to meet them you can do that without leaving the app. The condition is to have Google app for iPhone and iPad installed. With the new extension for iMessage users can take advantage of some helpful features which allow them to impress their friends with GIFs, to find the best restaurants near their location or to search for additional information about certain topics. And that’s not all because searching for more details while using Google app is available for any browser, including Safari. Search Google icon does the trick. And drag and drop option are very handy when you want to share an image or a link. In case you want to read more about these improvements access Google Blog.

Google Highlighted Women Developer’s Apps On Google Play Store For International Women’s Day

On March 8, women developers showed their work on Google Play Store and YouTube. The app market displayed great games and apps like Kami 2 or 80 Days created by women while video creators like CyberNova or Gloom showed their passion for this domain. This is not the first time when Google wants to bring women in front of the audience. A few months ago Google launched Change The Game for accentuating women’s contribution in the tech world. You can read how women were celebrated this year in the article published on VentureBeat. In the same time, you will find on our blog the story behind Design Home, a game specially created for women. Also, we invite you to download our latest ebook launched with this occasion for discovering what women developers have to say about tech.

Facebook Lets Publishers To Label “Breaking News” For Their News

Facebook continues to attract users with high-quality news and for this reason, a new feature was tested on a small group of publishers in the United States, allowing them to label breaking news. The results obtained from December 8th to January 14th proved users’ interest for breaking news and the way they appreciated the content delivered by alpha testers. The Washington Post recognized that people respond differently to this label. Now, the test will be expanded for more publishers in North America, Latin America, Europe and Australia. The indicator can be used only once a day for up to 6 hours and can be applied for Instant Articles, mobile links, web links and for Facebook Live. Publishers will have also 5 extra indicators per month. We recommend you to read the article published on Facebook Blog.

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Final Thoughts

That’s it for today! Let’s make a quick summary before going back to your plans.

  • Instagram is testing a new feature which allows users to create Portrait photos for their Stories.
  • Google published the first preview of Android P.
  • While you chat with your friends on iMessage, you can send them information from Google app.
  • Google highlighted great apps and games created by women developers for International Women’s Day.
  • More publishers will be able to label their content as “Breaking News” because Facebook expands its tests outside the United States.
  • Don’t lose this chance to promote your app and join our Spring Competition!

Enjoy your weekend!

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