Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: March 10 – 17

If it is weekend you probably want to catch up on the news and you are in the perfect place for discovering the latest events from tech world. Today we will discuss about the solutions applied by giant companies and their consequences.

Snapchat And Instagram Disabled The GIF Feature Because Of The Racist GIFS On Giphy

Remember when we talked about the new feature launched by Instagram (January) and copied by Snapchat (February), which allowed people to get creative with animated stickers? It wasn’t a smart move taking into account what happened next. It seems that this option had also harmful effects and a racist GIF went viral on these popular apps. After discovering this offensive content, both platforms eliminated the feature (March) while Giphy apologized for the problems created and promised to analyze all the GIFs by hand. It appears that this GIF was the result of a bug in Giphy’s content moderation filters as a spokesperson told Engadget. Read the entire article for a better understanding of this issue.

Google Removed 3.2 Bn Ads – Banned 320K Publishers, 90K Websites, And 700K Mobile Apps

At the beginning of 2018, Google updated its advertiser policies for a safer environment when it comes to “speculative financial products” and “methods of gambling”. An article published on the official blog enumerates the results obtained last year in this fight against bad ads. Google took down over 3.2 billion ads which represent more than 100 bad ads per second. Moreover, it blocked more than 79 million ads for malware attempts and it removed 400,000 of unsafe sites. In the same time, 320,000 publishers were banned and 90,000 websites and 700,000 mobile apps were blacklisted. The best thing is that Google continues to invest in smart technology that will keep scammers far for a safer digital environment.

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Email Volume Was Up 18%, Email Subscription Sign Ups Declined In 2017

Who said that email marketing is old – fashioned? After analyzing more than 30 billion emails sent in 2017, Lifecycle Marketing shows that the volume was up 18% year over year, even though the number of sign-ups for email subscriptions is smaller. In the same time, the open rates per subscriber were higher by 8.4%. The best news is that mobile opens and clicks reached an impressive level, representing 53% of all email events and we are talking about the last 2 years. Orders made on mobile via email recorded a growth of 33% while the orders made on desktops dropped 18%. The most important elements that influenced these results are responsive design, subject lines and triggered campaigns. If you want to discover more about email marketing trends read the article published on Marketing Land.

The Investigation Has Ended: From Now, Whatsapp Will Not Share User Data With Facebook

For those who were afraid that Whatsapp was sharing users’ personal information with Facebook, you will be glad to hear that Whatsapp signed a commitment that the data won’t be shared among Facebook companies until the release of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will be in May, this year. It seems that the main problem was for UK users. And because Whatsapp said that no user data has been shared with Facebook the document signed is enough to end the investigation started in 2016. No other measures will be taken further. You can read the entire story in the article published by Elisabeth Denham on Information Commissioner’s Office Blog.


Facebook Has Launched An Express Wi-Fi App Which Lets Users Buy Data Packs And Find Nearby Hotspots

Every week, Facebook releases at least one new feature. Are you curious to discover the latest novelty from the giant network? It’s an Express Wi-Fi Android app recently launched on Google Play Store. TechCrunch describes all the details about this new tool which allows users to pay for accessing higher – speed bandwidth. The app is available in 5 countries including Kenya and Indonesia and represents an additional element to Facebook’s big plan to expand its popularity. And if that means more money, it is even better! It appears that the average revenue per users in the Rest of World region grew 4 times from 2012 to 2016. The app offers also support for connectivity and retailer problems that may occur.

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Final Thoughts

This is what you should remember about this week:

  • Snapchat and Instagram disabled Animated Stickers because of an offensive GIF.
  • Google removed more than 700,000 mobile apps and 3.2 billion harmful ads in 2017.
  • A report shows that email marketing recorded an impressive growth on mobile devices in 2017.
  • Whatsapp signed a document promising that users’ personal data won’t be shared with Facebook.
  • Facebook launched an Express Wi-Fi Android app which allows users to buy data packs and to find nearby hotspots.
  • We created a list of the most popular tools that can help you with your app design.

Have a great weekend!

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