Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: June 9 – 16

For this weekend we have good news and great news. That’s right! No bad news for the moment. That being said, we invite you to enjoy our summary of facts and events from mobile world.

App Samurai is Giving App Developers A Chance To Win $1000 Free Ad Credit!

Do you remember our winter campaign? Oh, what a success! 500 startups from 23 countries and almost 3 quarters from game category presented their apps in the contest. And because we are in the middle of the summer there is no reason not to repeat that event where a lucky developer will win $1000 free ad credit. Other app owner will have the chance to obtain $500 ad credit and we also offer 5 prizes with $100 ad credit for a smoother start in this marketing journey. So, what do you think? Just a few seconds to sign up without any requirements and conditions and maybe on 5 July 2017 you will see your app displayed in the winners list. You have nothing to lose, just to gain a great opportunity to promote your app. Good luck!

Slack Is Preparing To Raise Another $500 Million

Slack is about to raise $500 Million in financing because it has big plans with enterprise teams that can use this service for their business communications. Furthermore, Bloomberg wrote about the interest of Amazon for Slack valuated at $9 billion minimum. With 5 million daily active users and 1.5 million paying customers it is no wonder that the company keeps growing and enhances the features offered to the users for making their work a lot easier. We recommend you to read all the details about the improvements added to this simple but efficient tool in the article published by TechCrunch.

Google Added A New Showcase In Play Store “Android Excellence”

It seems to be a real fight between the biggest mobile app markets, Apple App Store and Google Play Store when it comes to new ways to organize the apps presented for their users. This time, Google experts announced the launch of a collection of apps and games, Android Excellence which will be showcased in the Editors’ Choice section. It is the dream of every Android developer to see his creation in this list because this represents the proof that he followed the best practices and he created a high quality app.

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Sizes Of Best iOS Apps Are Getting Larger

With better storage capacity provided by the new iOS devices the number of larger apps that occupy a lot of space on smartphones is also bigger. If you study the report published by SensorTower you will be amazed by the size of top 10 iOS apps which in just 4 years increased with 1000 percent from 164 MB in May 2013 to 1.8 GB in May 2017. This happened mainly because of the fact that Apple raised the limit for the maximum app size to 4 GB two years ago. If you read further the article presented on the official page you will discover that this growth varies from one app to another, Snapchat being the leader in that chart.

%22 Of Smartphone Users Worldwide Use Their Device in Every 5 Minutes!

A very interesting study released at the 2017 IAB Mobile Symposium in New York, called “Always On – A Global Perspective Of Consumer Mobile Experience” describes the behavior of smartphone users all around the world. It shows that 86% of mobile app users and 90% of mobile web consumers observe a promotional content from the first days the ad is displayed and half of the respondents take further actions after seeing it. Almost a quarter of the surveyed admitted that they check their smartphones every 5 minutes. If we made you curious, the IAB website is available for other amazing facts. Just for the sake of discussion, in which category are you?

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Twitter Has Released Its New Version Of iOS App

A new redesigned app is available for Twitter fans with iOS devices. As usual, these improvements are made with the scope to offer a better experience for customers eliminating the “Me” tab and opting for a slide – out menu that is shown when users swipe right. Some of the modifications are available in Android version since last year. But the most important change made to the iOS app is the service provided by Safari View Controller from Apple which allows customers to block ads and cookies when they browse the web using the app. This tools works similar to the Safari browser. By the way, in case you want to understand the best methods to combine app monetization with an amazing UX, we just wrote an article that can be very useful. Back to our topic, if you want to discover more enhancements made by Twitter team to the app’s aspect you can check the article published by MarketingLand or you could download the app and explore it yourself.

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Bonus Read: Clash Of Clans’ Mobile Success Story

What do you think about this goal, to build “games that people will play for years”? Yes, this is possible and the proof is Clash Of Clans which after 5 years is still number one in top grossing mobile gaming apps. Oh, and #2 in the same chart is Clash Royale produced by the same company, Supercell. Without further ado, we invite you to read the story if you want to discover the secret behind this amazing success.

Final Thoughts

Before ending let’s quickly summarize the latest news:

  • Great prizes offered by App Samurai for app developers!
  • If you are a customer of the services provided by Slack we let you know that the company is about to raise another $500 Million.
  • Every Android developer aspires to reach the Android Excellence page in Google Play Store.
  • Bigger iOS apps in terms of success and size.
  • Almost a quarter of smartphone users check their devices every 5 minutes.
  • It is time to discover the new version of Twitter app for iOS devices.

Enjoy your weekend!

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