Mobile Marketing News Of the Week: June 30 – July 7

Busy days here at AppSamurai with our Free Ad Credit Campaign, but let’s cover first some of the most important news of the week and we will get to the lucky developers who saw their apps on the winners’ list.

Google’s New App Triangle Helps You To Control Your Mobile Data Usage

If you are worried about the data used by your device then Triangle, the new app tested by Google is for you. For the moment only the users from Philippines can download the Android tool but if everything goes as planned maybe you will also have access to your data balance and you will be able to block other apps if you decide that you don’t want to allow them to use your data. You will have three options for those permissions: 10 minutes, 30 minutes or “Always”. Other features described by TechCrunch are the rewards offered by carriers like Globe and Smart and the fact that Triangle helps users to focus their attention on the existing apps advising them not to overloading their smartphones with additional data. Google team didn’t reveal any other information about other countries where the app will be launched but it is a sure fact that this is not a creation of Area 120.

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Pokemon Go Is Still Making Lots Of Money

Do you remember the massive success of Pokemon Go when it was launched last year? It appears that the company behind the game still registers some impressive results with $1.2 billion in revenue and 752 million downloads according to Apptopia. With around 60 million monthly users, 20% of them use the game at least once per day. The same study shows that more than half of players are male and 38% are millennials. Besides that, one third of users are 18 years old or even younger. This evolution is determined by the fact that Niantic, the team behind the game focused their efforts to improve the features provided by Pokemon Go. With new characters and taking advantage of special holidays like Halloween the game studio managed to attract players and to offer them some special promotions. All the reasons for this success are listed by Venture Beat.

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Lyft Is Now Providing Over 1 Million Rides Per Day

An article published Wednesday on the official blog of Lyft was aimed to announce that the company passed a new milestone represented by one million rides per day. Even if this number is definitely smaller than 5 billion cumulative rides recently announced by Uber, Lyft underlines the efforts for providing hospitality through all the services and the best experience overall. Furthermore, the company’s strategy follows the same pattern after 48 months with 100% year over year. At the beginning of this year, in just three months the service was launched in 100 different cities. The number became even bigger, reaching 360 communities at the moment of writing which represents almost 80% of the U.S. population. All these happen while Uber faces a lot of scandals. But you can read many details about the permanent competition between Lyft and Uber on The Verge.

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Facebook Has Now 2 Billion Monthly Users!

Mark Zuckerberg announced these days on his Facebook page (where else?) that the network reached 2 billion monthly active users which represent two – thirds of the population all over the world with internet access. This number is from a report of International Telecommunications Union published last year, as Business Insider highlights. And this is no wonder since the new great mission of the fifth richest person on the planet is to “Bring the world closer together”. It remains to be seen what projects will be launched for accomplishing that. But don’t worry, will be here to let you know everything about the new tools developed by the giant company.

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Here Are The Winners Of Our Free Ad Credit Campaign!

This is a happy period for the winners of AppSamurai Free Ad Credit Campaign. Our thanks go to all 992 app owners who decided to participate with their apps into the contest. For a transparent campaign we listed the steps followed for choosing the winners in a previous article. So, the ones who will take advantage of the prizes received are:
Congratulations to all of you!
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Bonus Read: Monument Valley’s Success Story

Monument Valley 2 was asked by millions of users from all over the world after the amazing success of Monument Valley. If you want to discover how everything happened for a game that challenges players to solve puzzles in a world of impossible architecture we invite you to read the story behind the growth of Monument Valley. As you will see in the article Ustwo, the mobile games studio managed to create a wonderful experience with this paid game. But we won’t reveal anything else because you need to observe how all the techniques matched to promote this wonderful creation.

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Final Thoughts

Let’s see a quick recap for a better understanding of the latest events:

  • Triangle is a promising chance in form of an Android app to manage the data used by your smartphone.
  • Pokemon Go continues to see the appreciation of its users.
  • Lyft announced that over one million clients use its services every day.
  • If you have a Facebook account, then you are probably one of the 2 billion monthly users of the giant network.
  • Congratulations for all the winners of AppSamurai Free Ad Credit Campaign!

Have a great weekend!

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