Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: June 24 – July 8

Hey App Owners! It’s another Saturday and it is time for our weekly overview of the latest events from the Giants in the mobile world. Let’s get to it!

Instagram Lite – Slimmed Down Version Of Instagram Goes Live

Instagram has launched Instagram lite; a smaller version of the Instagram app, that aims to address the problem of storage space and inability to afford big data packages amongst Instagram users at about 573kilobytes in size, is just 1/55th the size of the Instagram app. In fact, the regular Instagram app, which is about 142 mb on IOS is 246 times bigger!

Although the Instagram lite app lacks the option to directly message friends and share videos at the moment, it allows users to watch stories, browse the explore page and post photos to the feed and it works really great for slow data connections. You can find out more about the Instagram lite app from Techcrunch.

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From Now On, Users Can Add Soundtracks To Their Instagram Stories

To add to their conquests, Instagram has added a new feature which allows users to add soundtracks to their stories. Users even have the option of attaching a track to their stories before or after recording a video.

To add a song, users are required to tap on the music icon that appears when they try to add a sticker or a video. You can preview tracks before they are added and there is also an option of fast forwarding or rewinding the songs so they start at the exact moment you want.
The Instagram latest addition can be  accessed  through Instagram version (51) and is only available on iOS only and in select countries too. Engadget has all the details about this new Instagram feature.

Facebook Tests “Snooze” Option For Keywords

It can get really annoying when spoilers ruin your enthusiasm to see your favorite movie by spilling everything that will happen in it. Facebook has found a way to contain this issue. According to TechCrunch, Facebook has begun testing out a new feature that will allow users to “snooze” certain keywords, hiding them from such user’s newsfeed and groups, for as long as 30days. This test follows Facebook’s rollout of snoozing people, pages and groups that happened last year.
Although critics are of the opinion that the fact that one has to find a post that includes the particular keyword they need to snooze, before being able to snooze it, defeats the purpose of the feature; a Facebook spokesperson has offered some clarification on the feature, stating that in a few weeks, Facebook will be able to put on preemptive snooze options to prompt the hiding of these posts before users get to see them. For now, you can snooze keywords in posts, by tapping on the drop-down button and clicking the “snooze keywords in this post” option. We recommend you read the article published on TechCrunch, to learn more about this feature.

Facebook Has Announced That They Acquire Artificial Intelligence Company Bloomsbury AI

In order to improve the company’s natural language processing capabilities, Facebook has acquired Bloomsbury Al. Although financial details were undisclosed, the acquisition is speculated to be worth between $25-$30million. Bloomsbury Al’s engineers based in London will join the Facebook team to grow Facebook’s artificial intelligence presence in the city and resolve the barrier between Artificial intelligence and Natural speech. As the difficulty in understanding Natural speech by Artificial intelligence machine learning systems have proven to be a barrier towards the growth of the Mobile and technological industry, globally; this Acquisition aims to resolve the issue.

Bloomsbury AI intelligence may also help Facebook monitor and regulate banned content and fake news, as a plus. To understand more about this Acquisition, read the article published on ZDNET.

Google Announced A Google Maps Update With 7 New Personalization Tips

Google has introduced new ways to experience your city using Google maps. The new feature gives you access to as many as seven personalization tips, showing the best eating and drinking spots, play areas and so on. With a redesigned explore tab, you get to have access to fast recommendations for restaurants and hangouts, keep track of how many of these spots you have actually tried out,  use trending lists from Google algorithms to find nice burger cafes, save your favorite meals so they can always pop up as recommendations and so many other exciting features.  Endeavor to read the article published on Google to learn all about the promises of this exciting addition to Google maps.

“Google Adwords Is Becoming Google Ads.” Google Says

Google, in a bid to foster advertising for small and medium scale businesses, has introduced a new campaign in Google ads, that makes Advertising a whole lot easier.

the feature uses Google ads learning technology to small businesses, to help get results quicker. This feature will no doubt help business owners connect with users looking for answers on Google search, exploring new places on Google maps or generally browsing internet contents and lots more. You will find all about this feature on Google.

Apple Is Completely Rebuilding Maps From The Beginning With Its Own Data

Apple has started making moves to completely revitalize the Apple Maps platform.   According to TechCrunch, the company plans to utilize information gathered  by Apple itself, to totally overhaul Apple maps mapping data in the United States.  Apple will roll out these data in limited batches, over the coming weeks and the first recipients will be those enrolled in the iOS 12 beta, with San Francisco and the Bay Area on top of its availability list. With time, the new maps will spread in sections over the United States and all versions of iOS.
Instead of third-party data, this time Apple intends to rely on data from two sources; iPhones and sensor-packed vans and will be getting a lot of travel data when people use the Maps app to get information on traffic and road openings. More information about Apple Maps can be found on the Verge.

Bonus Read: Read The Success Story Of Starbucks App To Learn The Most Innovative Marketing Techniques!

Starbucks App is a mobile tool that convinces users to get more coffee and stay a bit longer in Starbucks’ store. The App is considered a leading App in its category and that is because of the strategic Marketing techniques it uses. One of such techniques is the Omnichannel marketing technique, one that adopts a multi-channel approach to Marketing and customer service. This technique tried to create an integrated customer experience which is uniform, no matter the location of the customer. This gives Starbucks an edge over competitors as all their services remain coherent and efficient through time and location. Read the article here!

Final Thoughts

Here is a recap of all we brought to you from the happenings within the mobile sector this week:

  • Instagram launches Instagram lite, a smaller version of the Instagram app
  • Instagram introduces a feature that allows users to add music to their stories
  • Facebook Tests snooze option for keywords, to successfully hide them from newsfeeds and groups
  • Facebook acquires Bloomsbury, an Artificial intelligence Company
  • Google to update Google map, with 7new personalization tips.
  • Google AdWords becoming Google Ads
  • Apple to totally revamp Apple maps, using its own data
  • Starbucks’ success story is a great way for you to learn new Marketing techniques!

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