Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: June 2 – 9

Hello, app owners! We invite you to take a little break even if you have a busy schedule and to check the most interesting news of this week coming from the mobile world! We will talk about Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Instagram and, of course, Facebook! Let’s see!

Microsoft Acquires GitHub For $7.5 Billion

After acquiring LinkedIn a couple of years ago for $26.2 billion, Microsoft is planning to buy GitHub for $7.5 billion this year. With 85 million projects hosted and 28 million contributors, GitHub is one of the biggest code repositories in the world. And this acquisition really makes sense because Microsoft is the biggest contributor on GitHub. For the moment it is unclear what will happen with GitHub next. The article published by The Verge highlights that Microsoft closed its own repository service called Codeplex, last year in December and wants to buy GitHub in order to attract developers and to win their trust.

iOS 12 Update Is On The Way

Apple is preparing new features for its iOS 12 which came in beta for Paid Developers on June 4 and it will be in public beta probably starting June 26. In September everybody will be able to enjoy the new iOS 12 along with the new iPhones after the final release. Apparently older phones will be faster with this update. For example, iPhone 6 Plus will be 50% faster for showing the keyboard, 70% faster when users want to launch the camera and 40% faster for launching apps. We will enumerate some of the features announced so far:

  • ARKit 2 with multiplayer options;
  • New USDZ file format for AR;
  • Measure app for iOS 12;
  • Camera app modifications;
  • Better Photos app;
  • Siri Shortcuts will be very helpful;
  • Apple News, Stocks, Voice Memos and CarPlay;
  • Group Notifications;
  • Improvements for Animoji and new Memoji;
  • Group FaceTime;

You will find all the details about these novelties in the article published on TechRadar.

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Twitter Will Limit Some Of The Third – Party Services

On August 16th, Twitter will change its policy regarding third – party services. These apps won’t be able to stream tweets in real – time and push notifications will be delayed or removed. On the other hand, users already chose to refresh their feeds manually. Even though these actions don’t represent an attempt to remove third – apps they add some limitations. Apparently, these moves are made for convincing developers to pay for API. If you want to discover more about Twitter attempts to generate more revenue, read the entire article published on Search Engine Journal.

Instagram Gears Up For Longer Video Content

Instagram plans to offer a service similar to YouTube and Snapchat Discover. Most of the videos will be up to 15 minutes long in HD 4K, full screen, vertical orientation. This feature will target creators which will have an option to add a link to their website. The article published on TechCrunch offers all the details about Facebook’s intention to beat its competitors when it comes to longer video content. It remains to be seen when Instagram will launch this new tool and how it will be integrated into the app.


Facebook Confirms Data Sharing Agreements With Big Companies

Facebook admitted that it had agreements with giant businesses, including 4 Chinese companies for sharing users’ data. Huawei Technologies, Lenovo Group, OPPO and TCL Group were receiving information about Facebook users. More than half of these 60 partnerships are already closed. And Zuckerberg plans to close the agreements with the 4 Chinese companies as soon as possible. There are many concerns regarding security issues generated by these contracts but you can read more in the article published on Reuters.


Facebook Is Heading For New Bidding Support For In-App Ads

Not everything related to Facebook is about data sharing problems. TechCrunch reveals Facebook’s plans to support real-time bidding between ad networks for ad impressions. While this service was available for the web since last year, now it will be extended also for in-app ads. After teaming up with Fyber, MAX and MoPub Facebook will be able to add its Audience Network in auctions. This solution was already tested with companies, like GameInsight, Rovio, and Talefun generating a revenue growth of up to 20%. For a better understanding of the advantages provided by this option for publishers and developers, we recommend you to read the entire article.

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Final Thoughts

We just listed down all the main ideas we discussed today!

  • Microsoft is acquiring GitHub for $7.5 billion this year in an attempt to win developers’ trust.
  • Great improvements and novelties come with the new iOS 12.
  • Twitter will add some limitations to third-party services.
  • Instagram is planning to add an option for allowing content creators to upload longer videos.
  • Facebook executives confirmed data sharing agreements with 60 big companies.
  • Facebook will extend its support for real-time bidding between ad networks for in-app ads.
  • Keyword Research represents a vital step when you want to optimize your app store page!

Have a perfect weekend!

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