Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: June 16 – 23

If it is weekend then you know already that we are eager to announce you the most important events from mobile marketing. We warn you that this article is all about numbers. Let’s begin.

Snapchat Acquired Social Mapping Startup Zenly

Another big acquisition made by Snapchat’s owners when they bought Zenly, a social mapping company from Paris for $250 M to $350 M, according to TechCrunch. It is good to know that Zenly won’t be closed; instead it will continue to be an independent app. This deal is behind the new feature provided by Snapchat, Snap Map, which allows users to check their friends on the map and after that to send them messages according to their location. The best thing is that the Actionmoji will appear on the map only if the user decides to share the coordinates. Otherwise customers can be in Ghost Mode. Interesting approach is to help users meeting their friends in real world.

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Mobile Users Contribute 80% Of The Ad Revenue For Mobile Apps

Soomla Mobile Monetization Report – Q2 / 2017 proves that ad whales exist because 20% of top users generate more than 80% of ad revenue. Moreover, the study shows that banner adepts prefer to watch many ads and rewarded video is the most efficient format (we already knew that!). Our advice is to keep your eyes on these high paying customers but to take care of your entire audience because you don’t know when one of them becomes a whale. Besides that, we encourage you to download and to read the full report.

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The Big List Of Games In Soft Launch

Soft launch is a good choice when you want to see how your audience will receive your app. This week PocketGamer published a list with 50 amazing games which are testing the waters before the final release. We found there “Brawl Stars” created by Supercell. You know that it became a habit for this studio to kill a lot of games before launching the most successful ones. Going back to the list, all the big names are there, from Disney with “Star Wars: Rivals”, to King with “Farm Adventure” and “Candy Crush Friends Saga”. As an inspiration for game owners it is interesting to see the countries where the games where released, maybe you plan a strategy for your future creation. But keep in mind that apps are different. Some are more complex than others, needing more time in soft launch or more updates during this period. Also, If you like to discover mobile games before your friends then go ahead and browse all the novelties described in the article.

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Essential Mobile Marketing Strategies In 2017

It is necessary to know what is working and what is not in your domain for reaching success with your business. For this reason we highlight the most important trends from an article published on Forbes related to mobile marketing:

  • Mobile – optimized site because it is a must to make your website responsive;
  • Mobile – optimized email for encouraging customers to read your messages using their mobile devices;
  • Mobile – only social channels to reach users on their favorite networks;
  • Mobile – specific paid social campaigns for more targeting options;
  • Mobile – specific paid search campaigns because customers use mobile browsers different than desktop browsers;
  • Video continues to be the leader of all methods when it comes to promote your products.

To see how you can apply them we invite you to read the entire article.

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A List Of 50 Marketing Statistics That Every Marketer Should Know

Because you want to understand all the moves made in marketing this year, it is very important to discover the latest statistics curated by Business2Community. There are five categories, Email Marketing, Omnichannel Marketing, Digital Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and each one has 10 important takeaways. For example, did you know that average smartphone conversion rates are up 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rates? Or, that 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy? If not, we recommend you to take your time and to analyze the entire list.

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Let’s Meet on July 11 – 12 Mobile Beat Summit To Discover Visions Of The Future

Many exciting events are happening this year. Therefore, if you are interested in everything that happens in mobile world and in the same time you are aware of all the changes made in this ecosystem by Artificial Intelligence then it is imperative not to miss Mobile Beat 2017 which will take place in July 11 – 12 in a wonderful area in San Francisco. Many experts will share their ideas at this conference. You can find us there if you want to discuss in person with our team. Also, AppSamurai is part of the sponsors. For more details about this event you can check the Agenda published on the official site of Venture Beat. You know, “Tech News That Matters”.

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Bonus Read: How Prisma Did It

Do you know that Prisma, the photo editing app was selected by both Apple and Google the best app of 2016? What you probably don’t know are the key points that helped owners to convert it into such a huge success. This is the reason why we wrote the article on How Prisma Did It to help you understand the strategy behind this app. We only reveal that it uses a combination of AI and neural networks for recreating your image with artistic effects. Enjoy the article!

Final Thoughts

Let’s enumerate the big news of this week:

  • Zenly, the social mapping startup will be part of Snapchat’s empire.
  • 20% of mobile users have the biggest contribution to the ad revenue for mobile apps.
  • Many games are in soft launch and you can check all of them.
  • Learn some of the most important marketing strategies of this year.
  • Read interesting statistics if you want to be more informed.
  • Be prepared for the big event of July, Mobile Beat Summit.

Have a great weekend!

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