Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: June 16-23

How is it going, mobile marketing followers? It’s been a busy week, right? It is time to take a little break from your works, grab your coffee and hear about the latest events & updates coming from the mobile world!

Instagram Has Introduced The New Video App: IGTV

As a result of the increasing demands, Instagram decided to be seen more in the video industry and launched IGTV – a new app for watching long form (up to one hour), vertical video for Instagram creators. With the help of a button inside of the Instagram home screen, They also let users watch the IGTV videos by Instagram app. With its all features, the app will be a platform that takes elements from YouTube, Snapchat, and other platforms and puts them all in one place. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Instagram Reached 1 Billion Monthly Active Users

Besides announcing IGTV, Instagram also announced at an event in San Francisco that it now has 1 billion users worldwide. It had 800 million users in September of 2017 – which means 200 million increase in a short time. It is assumed that most of the new users coming for the story feature of Instagram.  In recent months, they announced some new features related to stories like GIFs, surveys, and emoji sliders. In the same time period, Snapchat’s user count grew 2%, Facebook’s user count grew 3%, and Instagram’s user count grew nearly 5%.

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Google Announced Some Updates For Its Advertising Tools Related to Personal Data

People are even more skeptical about personal data issues even if the GDPR went into effect. Because of that problem, Google has made some improvements to its advertising tools in order to address those concerns. With these updates, Google aims to make users feel safe and confident when they are searching on the internet. And also they want to send a message that “we are working better for you”. For this purpose, the tools like “Ad Settings” and “Why This Ad?” are updated. For the detailed information, check the VentureBeat post.

Google Now Lets Users Manage Their Subscriptions Easier on Google Play

As the subscriptions on Google Play has been increasing heavily, Google has announced some new improvements in subscription management to make the user experience better and easier. The new feature centralizes all your Google Play subscriptions and offers other related subscription options you might like to try. The features of subscriptions center include viewing all the subscriptions with details and status, managing and updating payments, renewing & restoring & canceling subscriptions. Plus, from now on, if a subscriber cancels its subscription, Google will collect feedback by cancellation survey.

Facebook Is Preparing To Place Autoplay Video Ads Inside Of Messenger

Facebook is continuing to use every possible space to fill with ads. It is confirmed that these autoplay video ads will be the same with the ads that are shown on the news feed on Facebook and Instagram. Actually, Facebook first started to show ads inside of Messenger months ago but these are static ads, not videos. It is easy to assume that launching these ads may be annoyable for users. But Messenger ad manager says they’re aware of this, and the company will monitor user behavior to determine if these ads turn people off. Read all about it in Adweek.

Facebook Has Launched Brand Collabs Manager, A Search Engine For  Influencer Marketing

Facebook has launched Brand Collabs Manager in order to help creators be discovered by brands for content collaborations. It’s a search engine that brands can use to search different influencers based on the demographics of their audience and portfolios of their previous sponsored content. Alongside the announcement of Brand Collabs, Facebook also made some announcements covering different advertising models and features such as Ad Breaks, Patreon-Style Subscriptions, Top Fan Badges, Rights Manager, and interactive video features. See the full announcement here.

Fortnite Earned $100 Million In Its First 90 Days On iOS

Epic Games‘ flagship game Fortnite has reached a new achievement on mobile. After its launch on iOS in March, it has generated $100 million in worldwide player spending. With this huge success in a short time, Fortnite has surpassed so many multiplayer mobile action games already now and become 2nd after Clash Royale. As its a free-to-play game on gaming platforms like PC, PS, Xbox, and iOS devices; this revenue comes from in-game purchases. Read more from the market analyst Sensor Tower.

Twitter Acquires Smyte, A Tech Startup Specializes In Safety, Spam, Security

Twitter has been having problems with users carrying out abuse and harassment for a long time. To address this problem, they decided to take an action and has acquired Smyte, a San Francisco based tech company. With this move, they aim to improve the overall health of conversation flow on Twitter. On the announcement, Twitter points out preventing the abuse issue and improve the experience of users.

“The Smyte team has dealt with many unique issues facing online safety and believes in the same proactive approach that we’re taking for Twitter: stopping abusive behavior before it impacts anyone’s experience.”

Also, Smyte has announced that they’are shutting down all the business operations immediately as a part of the acquiring process.

Bonus Read: Everything You Need To Know About Advergaming Is Here!

There is no doubt that playing a mobile game without ads is a much more preferable option for smartphone gamers. Even for that reason alone, game developers sometimes release two version of their games; the first one is the free one that includes ads and the second one is the paid one that includes no ads. But what if the ads are part of the game? That is what we define advergaming as. Let’s learn some tips and tricks which can be very useful if you want to attract users’ interest in your mobile app!

Final Thoughts

Now, just wrap up all the main ideas we critiqued today!

  • Instagram introduced a new long-form (up to one hour) video app, IGTV.
  • Instagram has reached 1 billion monthly active users, up from 800 million in September 2017.
  • Google announced some updates for its advertising tools related to personal data.
  • Google declared some new improvements in subscription management to make the user experience better and easier.
  • Facebook is continuing to fill every space with autoplay video ads. The last one is Messenger.
  • Facebook launched Brand Collabs manager, a platform that enables collaborations between influencers and brands.
  • After its launch on iOS in March, Fortnite has generated $100 million in worldwide player spending.
  • Twitter acquires Smyte in order to stop abusive behavior on the platform.
  • Advergaming might be a good solution for both brands and app owners to provide the better user experience.

Enjoy your weekend!

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