Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: July 8 – 15

Hello app lovers! It’s another weekend and as always, we are going to present you with an overview of the latest events from the giants in the tech industry. Grab your coffee and get ready for a good read!

App Samurai Acquires Mobile Game & App Studio: Gripati

App Samurai, an app marketing technology company has acquired Gripati, as the latest addition to their organizational structure. Gripati, an Indie mobile game studio which offers mobile games that cut across people of all ages, was created in 2010 and is reputed to be one of the oldest mobile game studios in Turkey. This acquisition is in line with the company’s precise attempt to remove all advertisement barriers, to reduce the growing concerns about ad quality and fraud, and it’s latest achievements like having the opportunity to offer traffic inventories to advertisers without 3rd party interference.

The acquisition closely follows the company’s €1million investment made in February and is a step towards app samurai’s plans of developing new offices on France, Spain in addition to its offices in Germany, England, and the United States. You can find out more about this exciting news by reading a previous article published on app samurai’s blog.

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Instagram Rolls Out Question Sticker For The Stories Which Increases Engagement And Conversation Between Users

Instagram has added a question sticker to the polling feature it introduced in October. This feature is meant to help people continue sharing thoughts online even if they have run out of ideas. The feature lets your friends submit questions for you to answer in a story post that follows the poll.
To use this new sticker, which can be found in the sticker drawer; you tap it, type out a prompt then place this prompt on your post. Your followers and friends can tap the sticker to send replies once they see the post. These replies can be seen on the list of those who recently viewed your story and this list appears at the bottom left of your post.

From this list, you can tap on the question to create a new story post, the question will be placed in the new story. Although you get to see who asked the question, their photo and username would not be shown in the story post. Discover all about this feature on The Verge.

Facebook Is Testing AR Ads In The News Feed

Facebook has announced that plans are on the way to help businesses use Augmented Reality to show off their products on messenger. This is in line with the company’s commitment towards providing advertisers with ways to keep showing off their products.
The ads will be made to appear like normal in-feed ads at first, but they will also feature a “Tap to try it on” button that will give way to the things AR can do; like allowing you virtually try on items. If the user likes the way the items appear on the platform, they can order for it.

A few brands have already begun testing the unique feature; with Michael Kors taking the lead and many others like Wayfair, NYX Professional Makeup, Sephora and much more still lined up. To find out more about this amazing feature, endeavor to read the article published on TechCrunch.

Snapchat Makes Efforts To Turn Its Camera Into A Visual Search Engine, Linking Users To Amazon Listings

Although the feature is yet to be released, TechCrunch was tipped by an app researcher who spotted the feature in Snapchat’s Android app code. This feature will be programmed to identify information like songs and objects from the camera of users by sending the scanned data to Shamzam, Amazon and other companies. The app pulls up sellers of products and reviews from buyers when a photo of such an object is taken by the user.

The Amazon link of the product searched for can be copied and shared with friends. This feature is a bit similar to how Google lens work, the difference is that there is a presence of third-party integration for identification on Snapchat. Snapchat is yet to confirm this but giving its history with Shazam, chances are this development might just be Snapchat’s way of monetizing its camera. The Verge has all the details about this feature.

YouTube Launches “Copyright Match” Tool To Let Users Know When Their Video Content Is Copied

In a bid to curb copyright issues, YouTube has announced that it is launching a Copyright Match tool programmed to help content creators discover re-uploads of their content on other channels.

All contents uploaded by creators to YouTube will be scanned by the site to ensure that there are no similar contents. The first creator to upload a content will be the one who gets shown identical contents; as the time difference is how the site gets to decide who potential matches should be shown to. This new tool is expected to use sophisticated matching technologies, designed for users and creators experiencing issues with unauthorized re-uploads. Endeavor to read everything about this on Adweek.

Twitter Will Begin Removing Fake Accounts In An Effort To Clean Up The Site

In an effort to build trust among users within the community; Twitter has announced plans to begin removing fake accounts. Most of these accounts are accounts which have been previously locked due to suspicious changes in the account. This move will help Twitter maintain accurate follower counts for each user. The number of followers across several accounts may experience a slight drop, with accounts having larger follower counts taking the most hit.

Although the aim is to generally improve the quality of services and conversation on Twitter; The update is mostly concerned with followers because it is not just Twitter’s most visible feature, it is also associated with account credibility. The update is also not expected to affect Monthly and Daily active user metrics as locked accounts that have not tried resetting their passwords in over a month are excluded in MAU or DAU. The rest of this story can be found on Twitter’s official blog.

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Final Thoughts

Here is a recap of all that we brought to you this weekend:

  • App Samurai adds a feather to its cap by acquiring the mobile game and app studio- Gripati
  • Instagram adds Question Sticker to stories for enhanced conversation between users
  • Facebook Tests augmented reality ads in the NEWS feed
  • Snapchat works on turning its camera into a visual search engine that can link users to Amazon listings
  • YouTube launches copyright match to reduce unauthorized Re-uploads
  • Twitter announces plans to clean up the site by removing fake accounts
  • Bonus Read: find out how you can win $3000 ad credit for your mobile phone by simply joining Beat the Heat campaign.

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