Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: July 22-29

Hey everyone! It’s been a wonderful week so far and we hope it has been same for you. Here is our weekly round-up of all the events and happenings within the tech world, enjoy!

YouTube Tests ‘Explore’ Feature To Expand Users’ Viewing Habits

Plans are on the way for the giant tech company to add a new Explore tab in its iOS app. This tab, which will appear at the bottom of the screen in the navigation bar, will show different kinds of videos, channels, and topics. The feature, which is still being tested out, is aimed at bringing more viewers to videos not featured in the trending section.

Although YouTube says there are no plans to make the change permanent; the company is currently examining the data concerning this new addition to find out how it will be received by its users, before making the feature available to more people. Thus, only about 1% of YouTube users have been able to access this feature. Find out more about this on BusinessofApps.

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Peak Games Partners with Ryan Reynolds For Their Performance Marketing Ad Campaigns

The mobile gaming industry is an ever-growing sector, with about 51% market share of the overall gaming industry and the figure is expected to be on the increase annually. It is on the backdrop of this that Peak Games have decided to Partner with Ryan Reynolds to further its brand. This move is part of the company’s global marketing efforts, one which about $400m has been allocated to.

Pairing with a celebrity for the brand is a very huge move, one that is expected to pay off in the long run. The ad campaign, which took the pair two days to produce, was directed by Tom Kuntz of MJZ. The company says he was chosen because they wanted a content with “witty and dry humor” and he had a knack for comedy. AdAge has all the details concerning this collaboration.

Between April and June 2018, Twitter Removed More Than 143,000 Apps

In other to reiterate the fact that the company does not tolerate users abusing its APIs; using it to manipulate conversations, produce spam or stalk people; Twitter announced that between April and June this year; it removed about 143,000; found guilty of violating these policies.

The company; in its blog maintained that it is always seeking new ways to offer improved process and security; so as to limit how easily problematic apps access the platform. Thus, the company announced new ways for developers to gain access to Twitter’s API. This new method will enable the company to have control over how developers use their platform and primarily keep Twitter safe for everyone. Read about all this on the company’s Blog.

Android Just Dropped Beta 4 for Android P, Marking The Last Preview Milestone Before The Full Launch

Android has released Beta 4 for Android P, to act as a preview before the launch of the full version. This preview is expected to have the basic specs and systems contained in the full version and it is expected to have a close build with the full version. No date has been given for the release of the full version yet, but it is expected to happen soon. The yet to be named OS swill have a lot of positive effect across apps, features like image decoder, display cut-out, multi-camera support and so on. Find out all about this on TechCrunch.

New Gmail Design is Now Available for Enterprise G Suite Customers with New Google Voice Beta

Google has made available a new design for Gmail users, with access granted to G Suite business customers. The tech giant also included new features for Google Drive and Google Voice in this amazing addition. This revamped version allows users to snooze emails so they can be reminded of it later. There is also an enhanced security feature, pioneered by machine-learning techniques for spam emails.  In addition to this great feat, the company also intends to introduce a Beta version of its Google voice calling, via the G Suite Early Adopter program. This part is primarily concerned with getting tech administrators to assign numbers through a new enterprise-friendly version of Google voice, including voicemail transcription. GeekWire has all the details concerning this feature.

Google is Updating Event Search with Personalized Event Suggestions

Originally, Google events search only offered searchers a list of events they could filter by date and category. The data which formed the events were gotten from StubHub,, Ticketmaster and so on. The company has made moves to bring back these event results in a new format. The results will appear as cards, with little bookmark icons for users to click on; to save the details of the event for a future date.

Critiques say this is coming in the wake of Google’s efforts to effectively compete with Facebook; considering the fact that the social media company announced last fall that about 100million users make use of Facebook Events daily and a total of about 650milllion use the feature across the network; a figure which has kept growing till date. Read more on TechCrunch.

Snapchat Will Shut Down Snapcash on August 30

Snapchat has announced it will be shutting down its payment method Snapcash by August 30th. The company discovered the platform was becoming abused as some users have begun to make 18+ transactions on the platform. These users who violate the platform have begun to leave Snapchat with a lot of responsibility. A quick search on Twitter for the “Snapcash” reveals several erotic materials made available through payments made on the platform. Snapchat further reiterated this closure, by adding a “Snapcash appeal” message in the Android app’s snippet. The message displays the expression, “Snapchat no longer exists after % (date)”. Endeavor to read the article on Mashable to find out more about this.

Facebook Loses $120 Billion in Market Cap After An Awful Quarter

Until Wednesday, Facebook’s stock market was valued at $629 billion, the drop, which happened on Thursday, left the tech company with $520billion market cap. According to Thomson Reuters data, this huge decline is the biggest single-day drop in history, for a publicly held company.

Stakeholders are of the opinion that the major reason for the plummet was the fact that the social network’s daily active users for the second quarter of the year was on a decline, across Europe and flat in the United States. Discover more about this in the article published by Variety.

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Final Thoughts

Below is a recap of all the news we brought you from the tech world this week:

  • YouTube is testing an “Explore” feature to expand users’ viewing habits.
  • Peak games teams up with Ryan Reynolds for Marketing ad campaign.
  • Twitter has removed over 143, 000 Apps between April and June this year.
  • Android has dropped Beta 4 for Android P, as the last preview, before the full launch
  • Google makes new Gmail design available for Enterprise G Suite Customers
  • Google makes plans to update Event search with personalized event suggestions
  • Snapchat to shutdown Snapcash on August 30
  • Facebook loses $120billion in market cap after an awful quarter
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