Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: July 21 – 28

If it is weekend then you are probably curious what authority sites wrote these days about the biggest names from mobile world. Well, we will see that in the following minutes but a starting hint is that we will talk about growth in all its forms.

Netflix Was The Highest Grossing App In Q2 App Store Revenue

Let’s discuss success in terms of revenue and the most representative app that can help us is Netflix, which was the top grossing app in second quarter of this year, across both platforms and on App Store, all over the world, according to a report released by SensorTower. Going into details, the study reveals that the app recorded an increase in revenue with 233% year over year in Q2, from $46 million to $153 million. If you want to discover more surprising results coming from the non – game apps and the current situation of the permanent battle between Google Play Store and Apple App Store, we invite you to read the entire analyses.

Snapchat Released A Self – Service Ad Creation Tool

If you were tempted to promote your products with the help of Snapchat Ads you probably found really difficult to create the format required by the platform, because it isn’t easy to design vertical videos. This is the reason why Snapchat launched Snap Publisher, a self – service browser based tool which helps you to convert any picture or video, even the horizontal ones in the perfect promotional content suitable for Snap Ad Manager. The only condition is to have legal rights for those creatives. Moreover, the 13 templates available can be a good source of inspiration for your ad. For more information, check the article published by Marketing Land. Therefore, nothing stops you now to follow our Best Practices Of Snapchat Ads To Drive Installs.

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WhatsApp has 1 Billion Daily Active Users

Hands up who uses WhatsApp to remain connected with their friends, their family, their colleagues, their neighbors and even with their plumber or their dentist? You, too? We believe you, now with greater reason after WhatsApp team announced in a blog post that 1 billion customers take advantage of this app every day. They sent thanks for all their users and promised that they will invest even more resources for improving their services. This event comes after just half year since 1 billion was a great milestone for monthly active users, which meanwhile became 1.3 billion. Amazing, right?

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Facebook Shares Continue To Grow

This Wednesday was the day when Facebook’s stock recorded an increase of almost 4% which is already higher with 44% since the beginning of this year. If you read the article published by Fortune, you will understand that this evolution comes along with the ad services provided by the giant company, especially focused on video. During these past months many changes were made for Facebook’s advertising platforms. It is notable to say that 87% of Facebook’s revenue which is $9.2 billion comes from mobile ads. Even though some decline is expected to happen in the next period it seems that the strategy adopted by Mark Zuckerberg shows great results.

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Google Launched A Final Preview Of Android O

We already described the main features that will be added in Android O, like notification improvements, adaptive launcher icons, picture in picture mode or background execution limits. And since the launch date is almost here, Google released the final preview for the latest version of its operating system for mobile devices. There aren’t significant changes but developers are encouraged to test their apps and to make sure that their creations are prepared for the big event. So, if you didn’t install Android Studio 3.0 Canary already, then make sure you do because you want to see in what way, the new version of Android will affect your work. These changes were also highlighted on TechCrunch a few days ago.

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Apple Just Released A New Beta Of iOS 11

If we talked about Google, let’s see what Apple is doing. Speaking of new versions for mobile operating systems, Apple also recorded some actions like the new beta of iOS 11, but with more visible changes than the ones displayed by Google for Android O. The icons for some apps like Reminders, Notes and Contacts will be changed, a better management for notifications, visual improvements for the WiFi image and many more adjustments for the Settings app. If you want to check them all, then you should read the article published by MacRumors. We also highlighted the most important modifications for Apple App Store that will come with iOS 11.

Bonus Read: 7 Ways To Generate More App Revenue In 2017

If one of your main concerns is to increase your income with your app, then you are in the right place. We can recommend you one of our articles, 7 Ways To Generate More App Revenue In 2017, which focuses on the best trends of the moment. While some of the methods are really obvious like, avoiding fraudulent attacks or focusing your efforts on acquiring valuable users, others aren’t so evident like the growth generated by emerging markets or the results promised by alternative marketing channels. Anyway, you must read the entire article to understand better all 7 techniques that will bring you more app revenue this year.

Final Thoughts

For this week we gave you all the details about following events:

  • Netflix was number 1 in the chart of top grossing apps in App Store for Q2.
  • Snapchat continues with its ad strategy launching a self –service ad creation tool.
  • Whatsapp recorded 1 billion daily active users.
  • Facebook shares were higher with almost 4% in the middle of this week.
  • It is very interesting the final preview launched by Google For Android O.
  • A new Beta Of iOS 11 was released by Apple brings many changes.

Now you know it.
Have a pleasant weekend!

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