Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: July 15-22

Hey app lovers! Trust you had a lovely week? It is another weekend and we have brought you a recap of the happenings within the tech world. Grab a cup of coffee and have a good read!

Revenues Of iOS App Store Doubled Google Play Store in the First Half of 2018

During the first half of the year, the iOS App store and Google Play store users spent a combined sum of $34.4 billion on mobile apps and games. The iOS platform earned about double Google play store’s revenue with a little less than half its downloads. Downloads on the app store grew at the rate of 13.1% as compared to this same period in 2017. Sensor tower store intelligence estimates that consumer spending on Apple’s app store got to about $22.6billion globally; within the first half of 2018, which is over 1.9 times more than the amount spent on Google play store during the first two quarters of this year.

Read the article on SensorTower  to find out all about this.

Instagram Builds A Non-SMS Two-Factor Authentication System Designed To Work With Security Apps

Instagram accounts have always been considered a little vulnerable as they only offer two-factor authentication, via SMS which delivers a password through a text message. This method is not quite safe, especially because hackers could gain access to your cell number, reassign it to another SIM card and reset your password in so as to steal your Instagram account.

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To curtail this issue, Instagram has began to build a non-SMS two-factor authentication system that can generate a special log in code for users, which cannot be generated on another phone, through Google authenticator; to protect your account, in the event your number is hacked into. Instagram confirmed this to TechCrunch and you can read all about this exciting news there.

Google Has Been Fined $5Billion for Abusing The Dominance Of Its Android Mobile Operating System

Google is in fresh trouble as the company has been fined the sum of $5.1 billion by Brussels- the European authorities. The tech giant was fined for abusing its power in the mobile phone market. The fine also came with remedies expected to loosen the grip of the American giant tech company over its Android software, used in over 80% of the world’s smartphone.

This decision was reached by the European Union in line with its efforts to curtail American tech companies in areas like taxes, antitrust and privacy. Google has however issued a statement saying it would appeal the decision. Despite this, the company is expected to deposit the fine in a holding account; even as the legal process unfolds. The New York Times  has all the details about this story.

With The New Update, Users Can Build Ads Easier by Using Facebook Ads Manager App

Facebook, in its bid to effectively help businesses advertise their products, has introduced a few creative tools for ads building. This tool will enable advertisers build ads from their phones through the Ads Manager app; thereby saving users time and effort. This addition will help advertisers include stickers, logos and text overlays to make an advertisement more creative. There is also a text policy checker feature that will let the user know, once the level of copy available on the ad surpasses Facebook’s advertising guidelines. This new feature closely follows the tech giant’s addition of A/B ad testing capabilities and creative reporting metrics few months earlier. Read the article on Marketing Land to find out all about this exciting news.

Snapchat Integrates Nielsen To Its Ad Buying Platform For More Detailed Targeting

To aid detailed target marketing, Snapchat has made moves integrate Nielsen to its Ad buying platform. Nielsen is expected to bring its premium audience to Snapchat’s ad buying platform. This move will provide agencies and advertisers with the opportunity to buy inventory on Snapchat through Nielsen’s Marketing Cloud platform and using segments that are designated.
This latest collaboration will help clients gain access to over 30,000 segments in addition to Nielsen Catalina Solutions and Nielsen Buyer Insights. This move by Snapchat will help it become more attractive to marketers and open the app’s advertising platform up to third-party software.

This partnership is considered timely and viable because it is coming at a time when Facebook, a rival company is about closing off third party integrations. This article on MobileMarketing has all the details!

Mobile Ad Spend In Europe Is Expected To Rise From €19 Billion To €40billion By 2022

Mobile ad spend is expected to increase by at least 15.9 per cent come 2022. The figure is expected to rise from €19.3bn to €40.3bn from 2018 to 2022. Mobile ad spend is expected to account for about 70% of mobile digital advertising spend come 2022. All these are according to Forrester’s predictions. Mobile ad spend is also expected to benefit through the connection between mobile and social media. The Forrester predicts that mobile will account for the most part of social ad spend; which will be fueled by growth in the rate of ad click and cost-per-click. Endeavor to read this article on MobileMarketing to find out more about this forecast.

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Artificial intelligence no doubt increases the performance of Android apps. As a big part of innovation, AI has started to affect areas like business, finance, fashion, science and mobile app development is not excluded. In fact, an example of what AI can do for mobile apps is the existence of Virtual assistants.


Built using Natural language processing technique and deep learning, Virtual assistants help users carry out daily tasks. With overwhelming results so far, the impact on Android application is no joke. This is just a tip of the iceberg as tech enthusiasts have started to prepare themselves for an exciting Android experience.  There is so much to expect and you can find out all about it here!


Here is a recap of all the exciting news we brought you today;

  • Revenues of iOS app store doubles that of Google Play store in the first half of 2018.
  • Instagram hints it is building a non-SMS two-factor authentication system for a more secure user experience.
  • Google fined a whooping $5Billion for abusing dominance of its Android Mobile Operating system
  • Facebook adds a new update that will make ads building through Facebook Ads Manager app, easier and faster for users.
  • Snapchat integrates Nielsen to its Ad buying platform for more detailed marketing
  • Mobile ad spend in Europe expected to rise by 15.9 per cent by 2022
  • Bonus Read: Learn How AI increases the capability of Android apps


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