Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: July 14 – 21

Welcome back, everyone! Just a quick question: Do you find helpful our weekly overview we publish every Saturday? If “Yes”, then be prepared to take notes because we will start another list with the most important events from mobile world.

Great Prizes Offered By App Samurai This Weekend

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The Most Brand – Safe App Category Is Mobile Games

Who would have thought that mobile games are brand – safe when it comes to advertising? The most important factor that makes games a safe environment is the strict verification process before reaching the most important app markets. Another aspect is coming from the way game developers create their apps and the third is due to the lack of user generated content for this category. But players are the ones who enhance this result because they are focused on the activity inside the game and they are more willing to pay attention to ads. If you want to discover all the reasons why mobile games are so efficient for your brand then read the entire article published on Marketing Land.

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Google Smartened Up Its News Feed

Google team added a new button inside news feed cards called “Follow” for captivating stories. The algorithms are based on machine learning and they are very useful if you want to combine more than one interest categories like celebrities, movies, sports, or music. Of course, you are also allowed to reverse the process in case you don’t want to receive some specific topics. As The Next Web announces, this feature is already available for US audience and it will be ready for the entire world in the near future. This way everybody will be able to select the news according to their preferences not only based on their search results.

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The IAB Has Released New Standards Around Mobile And Web Advertisers

The new standards released by Interactive Advertising Bureau have the purpose to help publishers to increase their revenue and in the same time to combat ad blocking. One major change would be at the ads dimensions, to remove fixed sizes for ads and to allow advertisers to adjust them between minimum and maximum values. You will also observe that interstitial ads don’t represent a wanted format in advertising landscape. There are many categories for which IAB offers guidelines like VR, AR, social media and emoji ads. Moreover, these standards will be updated soon for a better understanding of the new trends. Many interesting details are offered by Tech Crunch.

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104 Useful Facts About Mobile Marketing

An interesting Infograhic that pictures the history of mobile marketing was published by Marketing Profs. You will find there all the needed information for a better overview of this domain. It starts from 2000 when the first mobile ad was shared via SMS and it brings the most important data until 2017, the year when mCommerce is expected to explode. Between these periods many revealing statistics were published and useful facts are gathered inside this set of images, like the one which says that 85% of mobile users prefer apps than websites. Another interesting section shows that 41% of marketers say that attribution transparency is the biggest challenge for mobile advertising. We strongly recommend you to study the entire Infographic and to use that information for optimizing your work.

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Merkle Has Released Digital Marketing Report For Q2 2017

Digital Marketing Report released by Merkle is one of the most reliable sources where you need to look whenever you want to be informed about the latest digital trends for the second quarter of this year. The recent study published reveals:

  • interesting insights about Facebook performance;

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  • the rate for PLA share of Google paid search clicks;

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  • the year over year growth for organic search visits chart organized by devices;

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  • a comparison between Google Shopping and Amazon Sponsored Products;
  • Google spending, year over year growth by ad format.

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We won’t say anything further. We just invite you to download the full report and to study it carefully because it worth every minute of your time. Think about your business and how all the data will influence its growth. Another useful strategy would be to compare the numbers with the ones published in the previous reports. Remember that an informed company owner is a successful company owner.

Bonus Read: AliExpress App’s Success Story

In case you want to discover how a retail empire conquered the entire world, then the success story behind AliExpress would be a good read for you. The secret for its evolution is in its mobile app, a well-designed experience for both categories of users, buyers and sellers. The results were amazing. Besides the impressive growth of the entire company, AliExpress app gathered a huge base of loyal customers which makes the efforts invested by its creators to be really rewarded. There are many useful takeaways from this article that can be applied also for your app.

Final Thoughts

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  • To sign up for the free ad credit campaign launched by App Samurai for this weekend.
  • To build a mobile game because it is the most brand – safe app category.
  • To observe Google’s improved news feed.
  • To check the new standards around mobile and web advertisers released by IAB.
  • To read all the 104 useful facts about mobile marketing.
  • To analyze the latest digital marketing report of Merkle.

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