Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: January 28 – February 3

What has Google done lately? What are the latest innovations from Apple? What about other big names from mobile app industry (owned by Facebook)? You will discover everything in the next few minutes because it is time for Mobile Marketing News here at App Samurai.

Google Took Down More Than 700,000 Apps In 2017

Google continues the cleaning process on the app store and for this reason, a huge number of bad apps are no longer available on Google Play Store. In 2017 Google removed 700,000 apps, 70% more than the number of apps closed in 2016. Thanks to efficient machine learning algorithms 99% of harmful apps were detected and eliminated before being installed by potential users. Moreover, 100,000 bad app developers are no longer able to upload their abusive creations or to create new accounts for their malicious plans. On Android Developers Blog you will find more details about these attempts like impersonating apps, displaying inappropriate content or even hurting people with malware apps. Now, Google Play Store is a better place for app owners and users.

Instagram Now Allows Scheduled Post Sharing Just For Businesses

For those who don’t know, we will tell you about Instagram plans to deprecate Instagram API Platform in two years starting on July 31, 2018, and to adapt Instagram Graph API to companies’ needs. One of the latest changes to the new interface is a feature which allows Facebook Marketing Partners and Instagram Partners to schedule their posts. This modification was required by third-party services for a long time because it was very hard for them to manage their content. While these tools are available only for businesses, it seems that next year many improvements will be added to other accounts. If you want to know more about these updates we recommend you to read the news published on Facebook Developers page.

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Google Completes Signing Of HTC’s Hardware Team

Last year, in September, an official blog post announced that a team from HTC will come to Google for creating new hardware products. As part of the deal, Google will have also a “non – exclusive license for HTC intellectual property”. After launching Pixel and Pixel 2 which were built in partnership with HTC, Google welcomes engineers from Asia Pacific highlighting that their experience will be very useful for building innovative devices. Their goal is to combine “the best of Google’s AI, software, and hardware”.

Google Allows Slack Activities To Be Seen On Google Drive

In case you wanted to see when a file stored in Google Drive is shared in Slack or if somebody commented on Slack about a Google Drive file – now you can! The condition is to have access to that specific document and to that Slack channel. Due to the Google Drive integration with Slack many facilities are available for users to improve the way they collaborate with their colleagues. For example, they receive notifications in Slack which inform them about the events that happened in Google Drive and for those who use Slack in French, Spanish, German or Japanese Google Drive bot will offer them support in those languages. For more information, read the article published on G Suite Updates.

Whatsapp Becomes The First Third-Party Messaging Service On Apple CarPlay

With Whatsapp version 2.18.20 the app will be available for iPhone users while their devices are connected to CarPlay. Users will be able to see their messages, to ask Siri to read their messages or to dictate new ones. The Verge highlights the difference between the options provided by Whatsapp and the solutions offered by iMessage app – Whatsapp doesn’t allow users to scroll through a list of messages. We invite you to read the entire article if you want to discover more about the new implementation.

Whatsapp Reached 1.5 Billion Monthly Actives, With 60 Billion Messages Every Day

Another impressive result for Whatsapp! The app reached 1.5 monthly actives while 60 billion messages are sent every day. Many of them are meant to connect businesses with customers. Mark Zuckerberg posted a message on his Facebook account revealing great achievements obtained in 2017. He starts by saying that the main goal is to make his empire, not only fun but also useful for users. For this reason, he and his team reduced the time spent on Facebook by 50 million hours every day. He continues with other insights about the companies owned by Facebook. If you are interested in numbers and future plans you should read his community update.

YouTube TV Is Now Available For Apple TV

We’ve had something from Apple and some more news from Google. Now let’s see what we can say about both giants. Last year, a YouTube representative promised that YouTube TV app will be launched soon for LG, Samsung, Sony and Apple TV. The expected event for Apple TV was delayed until this week. After releasing YouTube TV for Roku, now the app is available on Apple TV App Store for all users in the United States. Read all about it in the article published by AppAdvice.

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Final Thoughts

As usual, we will summarize everything in just a few words:

  • Google removed 700,000 bad apps from Google Play Store in 2017.
  • Instagram launched a feature for businesses which allows them to schedule their posts.
  • The team from HTC joined Google for building amazing hardware products.
  • Many useful features where launched due to Google Drive Integration with Slack.
  • Whatsapp can be accessed from iPhones connected to Apple CarPlay.
  • Whatsapp reached 1.5 billion monthly actives with 60 billion messages sent every day.
  • YouTube TV app is available for Apple TV in the United States.
  • Take advantage of our directory with platforms that will help you to promote your app!

Have a great weekend!

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