Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: February 3-10

It’s finally weekend but successful app owners never stop being busy and for this reason we put together a list with the most important events for this week. A five – minute break is all you need for getting valuable insights from this great ecosystem.

Facebook Messenger Tests “Your Emoji” Feature To Make People Share Their Emotions

In case you wanted to know what your friends are doing without asking them, the new feature offered by Messenger is all you need to get in touch with the ones that seem to have the same plans like yours. We are talking about Your Emoji which allows users to add a small image to their profiles for making their friends more curious about their current activity. For the moment, this option is in testing and it is visible only in the Active tab but if users like it then it will be available in the inbox or in other places inside the app. TechCrunch highlights the benefits provided by this feature for convincing people to hang out together not only on social networks but also in the real world.

Facebook Tests Downvote Button

Let’s discover more tools tested by Facebook and this time we are pointing at a special button called Downvote which helps people expressing their disagreement regarding certain comments. But this feature is available only for a small group of users in the United States. MacRumors compares this solution with the one offered by Reddit. In the same time, the article highlights that back in 2016 Facebook rejected the idea of a dislike button because it would generate too much negativity. We will wait and see if the results obtained after testing Downvote button will determine Facebook to launch this option for the entire audience.

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Instagram Gives Brands A New Opportunity To Launch Collection Ads

Talking about features tested by Facebook, one of those, called Ad Collection is now expanded for Instagram app. Brands can create videos for promoting their products which can be purchased directly from the app. This is a great opportunity for Instagram to grow its advertising platform and for companies to present their services in a landscape dominated by m – commerce. Birchbox and Revolve are the first brands who tested the feature and it seems that their campaigns have great results. This happens also due to the fact that the app has 200 million followers on fashion accounts. You can read all the details about this new marketing tool offered by Instagram in the article published by AdAge.

Apple Music Is About To Take The Lead From Spotify in The U.S. Subscribers

Experts from Wall Street Journal predict that very soon Apple Music will overtake Spotify in terms of U.S. subscribers. With 36 million subscribers, the growth rate for Apple Music was around 5% each month while Spotify recorded only 2%. If this evolution continues in the following period, there are big chances to see this summer that Apple Music is #1 in top music apps. It remains to see what Spotify plans to do about that, taking into account that the company wants to go public. More information about this battle you can find in the article shared by Mobile Tech Today.

Twitter’s Worth Now More Than Snap

As TechCrunch noted in the article published Friday, Snap’s stock was down 7% while Twitter’s stock was up 20%. If you follow our weekly overview, you probably know that Twitter finished 2017 with impressive results and it seems that things are going very well for the #1 news app. With a market cap of $25 billion is worth more than Snap which has only $24 billion. Since the difference isn’t that high it is interesting to follow the evolution of these two giants by the end of 2018 and how this competition will influence the way users enjoy their products.

Snap’s Fourth Quarter Earnings Report Is A Good Surprise For Investors

After reading the story presented above you would believe that Snap’s situation is disastrous, but this is not actually true. All the problems started after Snap went public but it appears that the fourth quarter earnings report was so good that impressed investors. Business Insider also compared Snapchat with Twitter and added that the results obtain at the end of 2017 were higher than the projected revenue by more than $30 million. After all, it is just a matter of time before Snap will find the right solution for attracting new customers.

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Final Thoughts

Now, if you don’t have 5 minutes, you can check the following ideas in just 5 seconds:

  • “Your Emoji” allows Messenger users to share their plans with their friends.
  • Facebook tests Downvote button in the United States.
  • Brands will be able to create Collection Ads on Instagram.
  • Apple Music will probably overtake Spotify by this summer.
  • $1 billion is the difference between Twitter and Snapchat.
  • Snapchat ended 2017 with good results.
  • Our list with great mobile app marketing tools can help you to reach success with your app!

Have an amazing weekend!

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