Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: December 30 – January 6


It is the first week of 2018 and many great events require our attention. It is time for a new set of news here at App Samurai. Disclosure: we will talk about money and properties.

Apple Said That Buyers Spent $300 Million In App Store On New Year’s Day

You know those improvements added to Apple App Store during 2017? Yes, those had the wanted effect and brought impressive revenues for iOS developers; more specifically, $26.5 billion with an increase of 30% over 2016. For example ARKit helped Pokemon Go to go back to the top of charts. It appears that during the week between Christmas Eve and New Year customers spent over $890 million in App Store. Moreover, on New Year’s Day the value of users’ purchases was around $300 million dollars. We spotted these huge numbers on AppAdvice.

Spotify Is Planning To Go Public In 2018

New York Times published an article revealing the fact that Spotify will go public in the first quarter of 2018. The first sign of this intention is the confidential registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission at the end of last year. Authors assume that the streaming music company will list its shares without issuing new stock while investors can trade their shares on the market. In 2015, Spotify was valued at $8.5 billion but since then some sources would say that its value is around $19 billion. It remains to be seen how everything will evolve but if you want to discover more about the effects of these actions you just have to read the entire article.

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Apple Has Bought Buddybuild, Which Provides Test And Management Services To Application Developers

Do you want to hear more news about Apple? Well, here we go. Apple wants to attract more and more developers and for this reason the giant company acquired Buddybuild, a startup from Vancouver which offers tools for continuous integration and debugging for apps published on GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab. Even if the value for this transaction wasn’t revealed, TechCrunch offered many details about the future of the team that created Buddybuild. The service will be integrated into XCode without continuing with Android (obviously!) which was added almost a year ago, in February. While the Android support will end this March, the company will be available for current iOS developers without accepting new customers. We recommend you to read the entire article if you are interested in this acquisition.

Instagram Is Working To Let Users Post Their Stories Directly To Whatsapp

Facebook tests an option for users to post their Instagram Stories on Whatsapp. After making this feature available for Facebook app, last October, if everything goes as planned, Whatsapp users will be able to post those ephemeral creatives inside Whatsapp Status. Business Insider reveals the reasons why Facebook creates this facility for its users and one of them is to take advantage of emerging markets where users enjoy Whatsapp. But this move will also help Whatsapp to become a B2C channel. You will find more interesting details about Facebook’s intentions to promote certain features among all properties in the article mentioned above. It will be interesting to observe the results of those plans.

Twitter Recorded An Impressive Growth In The Second Half Of 2017

In case you wondered when we will mention Twitter among all these popular social networks, well now it is a good time, especially because we want to reveal good news taken from an article recently published by TechCrunch. Even if Twitter struggled to reach great results, in terms of stock price it seems that the end of 2017 shows a growth of more than 25%. One of the reasons for this success is represented by the changes made to its product and the way users appreciate all these tools. Hopefully, the company will go on with this strategy and we will continue to talk about its evolution during our weekly overviews.

Google Wants To Buy Chushou, A Chinese E – Sports Platform

Because we mentioned Apple a couple of times today, it is fair to talk also about Google. To be more specific we want to let you know that Google focuses its plans on Chinese market and acquires Chushou, a company known for its mobile game livestreams, for $120 million. Android Authority discusses the reasons for this investment and the fact that in China the number of mobile games fans is two times higher than in the United States can be one of those motives. We invite you to check the article if you want to discover more on that topic.

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If you still aren’t sure about the most important step before creating a strategy for promoting your app, we tell you again: you must optimize your app store page. And if you don’t know how, then you probably missed our step – by – step tutorial. So, go back a few blog posts and get ready to discover the secret to increase your app discoverability. Not to mention that a well-designed app page will convince potential users that your app is what they need.

Final Thoughts

So, here are some of the most important events from mobile world at the beginning of this year:

  • iOS users where impressed by the changes added to Apple App Store and spent $300 million dollars on New Year’s Day.
  • Spotify is planning to go public in the first quarter of this year.
  • Apple bought Buddybuild for helping iOS developers to build apps in an easier way.
  • Facebook tests a new feature that allows users to post Instagram Stories inside Whatsapp Status.
  • Twitter managed to grow its value on the market at the end of 2017.
  • Google will buy Chushou, a Chinese company focused on mobile game livestreams.
  • App Samurai created a detailed App Store Optimization guide.

Have a great weekend!

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