Mobile Marketing News of The Week: December 3-9


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Burger King’s App Hit 1M Downloads After Trolling McDonald’s

We love to see brands competing with each other in a bald and creative way. Burger King’s campaign called “Whopper Detour” totally turned into success considering its download statistics. More than 1 million downloads are maybe even more than the expectation of the campaign’s heroes.  The app also hit the peak in App Store after the launch of this cleverly designed campaign, according to Adweek.

The campaign offered 1-cent Whoppers to the people who went within 600 feet of McDonald’s locations and ordered their Whopper from the upgraded Burger King app. Then the app navigated these people towards the nearest Burger King to pick up their Whopper.


Facebook Changes Policy Regarding Apps That Copy Its Features

Facebook is not the first but is one of the most succeeded social media platform and obviously want to share its talent. From now on, developers are allowed to copy Facebook’s features according to the latest update of the policy omitting Platform Policy section 4.1 which says “Add something unique to community. Don’t replicate core functionality that Facebook already provides.” The new policy will affect the works of more than 100,000 developers across 54 countries.

A Facebook spokesperson provided this statement to TechCrunch: “We built our developer platform years ago to pave the way for innovation in social apps and services. At that time, we made the decision to restrict apps built on top of our platform that replicated our core functionality. These kind of restrictions are common across the tech industry with different platforms having their own variant including YouTube, Twitter, Snap and Apple.”

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is the time when people become so generous that they volunteer to spend a lot on mobile apps. The statistics show that consumer spent $196 million on apps, in-app purchases and subscriptions on Christmas Day 2017 across the App Store and Google Play. The amount was around $174 million in 2016. People seem to be more open to spend on mobile devices and Christmas is a part of the increase.

To be more specific, the amount spent on non-game apps increased by 66% and $38 million spent in these apps. Mobile app market has never slowed down for years, and it is expected that these numbers are going to increase in 2018 and the following years. While Christmas Day 2018 is coming closer, the marketers and the advertisers are starting their campaigns to get a bigger slice from the cake. You can find 8 Quick App Marketing Tips for Christmas to set a more practical route for your brand.

Campaign of the Year: Michael Kors’ AR Ads on Facebook

Augmented reality is a popular tech in mobile app world and Michael Kors became the first brand to test out AR ads in Facebook’s Newsfeed. The brand enabled Facebook users to try on their sunglasses. Many users clicked the ads’ “tap to try it on” button to see the sunglasses on their face and made a purchase directly in the app. Cosmetic giants such as Sephora, NYX Professional Makeup, Bobbi Brown followed the path of Michael Kors.


Google Training Exercise Leads To Costly Error, and It was All Yellow

Technology can make or break your company’s prestige – no doubt, some companies are a bit stronger than others. Google, as a search giant, got some scratches during a training exercise with new employees. The error led to a blank yellow rectangle being displayed on many webpages and ads for 45 minutes.

The error seems to cost a lot to Google although the company has not made the total cost of it clear. However, the analysts say that it is as much as $10m. A Google spokesperson said “We will honour payments to publishers for any ads purchased and are working hard to put safeguards in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

Facebook Live Tests Video Shopping Feature For Merchants

Facebook is working hard to be a good partner of companies. Facebook Live, which is the video sharing service of the platform, is testing a feature that enable merchants to demonstrate and describe products for viewers to buy in Thailand.

What is new is the easy purchase transaction in this feature. Users take a screenshot of the product they are interested in and send the image to the merchant through Messenger. Finally they make the payment in Messenger easily.


Final words;

Mobile marketing world has just left a very active week behind. We collected a selection of the most exciting news covering giant companies such as Burger King, Facebook and Google. Also we have mentioned the previous statistics of Christmas Day, which reveal the potential for this year.

Here is a recap of all we brought you this week:

  • Burger King’s App Hit 1M Downloads After Trolling McDonald’s
  • Facebook Changes Policy Regarding Apps That Copy Its Features
  • Christmas is Coming
  • Campaign of the Year: Michael Kors’ AR Ads on Facebook
  • Google Training Exercise Leads to Costly Error, and It Was All Yellow
  • Facebook Live Tests Video Shopping Feature for Merchants


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