Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: December 2 – 9

Another week has flown by. Let’s relax with some news from mobile marketing world! This article is about notable achievements of the big players in the industry. Are you ready?

Revolut Combines Traditional Banking With Cryptocurrency

We will start with an article from TechCrunch which reveals the new strategy of Revolut, the famous banking service. We talked about the amazing evolution of cryptocurrency last week and it seems that more and more companies take benefit from this fact. Since Thursday, Revolut allows users to make transactions with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether additionally to 25 fiat currencies. It appears that during beta test, 10,000 customers used Revolut for trading $1 million in cryptocurrency. In the same time Revolut promises advantageous rates charging only 1.5 % without any extra fees while on other platforms the process is much expensive. We will keep an eye on the growth of this startup because it looks very interesting. Meanwhile we recommend you to read the entire article to discover all the details about this new feature.

NuTonomy And Lyft’s Self Driving Car Is On The Roads

Lyft is another company that amazes its audience with revolutionary strategies. We discussed many times about the plans to offer autonomous cars for all the rides in the future. It seems that the future is closer than we imagined and Lyft’s self – driving car is ready for the passengers from Boston. The partnership with NuTonomy allows Lyft to use this new technology and to reach the expectations of its users. The Verge explains how this car works. For the moment a driver is always in the car prepared to take the wheel in case something happens. This driverless car is a step forward for Lyft but it also represents a great opportunity for NuTonomy to improve its products. It remains to be seen if the feedbacks received from customers who experience these rides in Seaport area match their goals.

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Apple Announced A New Ad Service Search Ads Basic

You most certainly know a thing or two about Apple Search Ads. What you probably don’t know is that this tool will be named Search Ads Advanced and a new service called Search Ads Basic was created for helping smaller developers to acquire new users. The difference between this product and the old one is that app owners don’t pay for taps; instead they pay only if viewers install the app. Another factor which influences companies’ selection between these two options is the upper limit of $5,000 for the budget set in a month for Search Ads Basic. Moreover, it is easier to set up a campaign with this additional method, because developers will need to enter only their app, their budget and the bid. The best part is that Apple suggests the sum based on the data gathered from other apps in the same category. The advantage of this service is that the app will reach better ranking due to the number of downloads and the algorithms behind App Store. We invite you to read more about that in TechCrunch.

TweetReality, First AR app for Twitter, Seems So Cool

Can you imagine writing interesting tweets on the walls, in your home? Or, to press on a bookshelf and to send that message to all your virtual friends? Now all these ideas are possible with TweetReality, a mobile app that brings Twitter and its features in augmented reality. None of your followers will guess the interesting experience behind those thoughts sent through the social network. Even though the app is only available on Apple App Store and it requires some improvements, it is a great approach to describe the opportunities created by these great technologies. We discovered this app in an article published on The Next Web.


Instagram Is Working On A Standalone Messaging App

What do you think about Instagram’s plans to launch a messaging app? This new creation is called Direct and its purpose is to give messaging feature a chance to grow without images. This service could expand to other types of content without the core functions of Instagram. For the moment the app is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store in certain countries like Israel, Italy, Chile, Portugal, Turkey or Uruguay. The Next Web points out that Direct removes the inbox from the mainstream messaging app. In case you are living or traveling in one of the countries mentioned above you should pay attention to this aspect. If you want to know more about soft launch we remind you of our article published for this purpose.

Facebook Messenger Now Has A Kids Version

Another week brings us another tool from Facebook. This time we are talking about a new version of Messenger app specially created for kids with ages between 6 and 12. Messenger Kids will be tested on a limited number of users on iOS devices and only in the United States. The app is designed in a thoughtful way to protect the privacy of these little users. Parents will manage their contacts from their Facebook accounts since smaller children aren’t allowed to create their own Facebook account. It respects Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act and it doesn’t contain ads or in – app purchases. The Verge gives all the details about Messenger Kids.

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Final Thoughts

Let’s recap the main ideas for a better understanding of the latest events.

  • Revolut is another company that focuses its strategy on cryptocurrency.
  • The self – driving car from Lyft and NuTonomy is on the streets of Boston.
  • Search Ads Basic joins Apple Search Ads which now became Search Ads Advanced.
  • TweetReality is the first app for Twitter in augmented reality.
  • Direct is the messaging app from Instagram.
  • Facebook Messenger Kids is suitable for kids aged between 6 and 12.
  • Some of the most relevant mobile marketing statistics will help you to achieve your goals.

Have a pleasant weekend!

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