Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: December 16 – 23

The last days before Christmas are so busy! In this moment nothing is better than a little break to catch up with the latest novelties from tech world. Enjoy!

The State Of Mobile Advertising: (74%) Marketers Will Increase Their Mobile Ad Budgets In 2018

Forrester Research and Mobile Marketing Association released a report which shows that almost three quarters of mobile marketers plan to increase their ad budgets in the upcoming months. According to Forrester more than 66% of mobile ad spending growth will be on social media by 2021. An interesting fact discovered is that 36% of marketers focus on branding while 28% use mobile ads for direct response marketing. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that marketers need help to make the best decisions for their mobile campaigns. If you want to discover more useful insights along with the challenges revealed by marketers we invite you to read the article published in Mobile Marketer.

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Oath Has Announced 4 New Mobile Ad Techniques Containing AR, Native, Utility And Social Ads

In order to reach customers’ expectations and to solve marketers’ issues in the same time, Oath intents to impress the audience over the next year concentrating its main solutions on mobile and video. Big brands continue to test the following ad formats:

  • Augmented Reality – these units allow users to click for a more spectacular ad;
  • Native – full screen ads that match users’ interests;
  • Utility – for providing a lot of benefits for customers;
  • Social – this format creates a stronger connection between users and brands.

For more details check the story shared by Oath.

With The New AR+ Mode, Pokémon Go Will Take Advantage Of Apple’s ARKit in iOS 11

Pokémon Go will offer a more immersive experience due to Apple’s ARKit. If you are in AR+ mode, then you are able to get closer and to see the character in a more realistic way. Be careful though, because if your presence is too obvious you will scare it. In case that happens, a tap on the landscape can convince the Pokémon to come back. On the other hand if you are that good and you catch it you will receive an Expert Handler bonus for more Stardust and XP. If you can’t wait to try the new feature then go ahead but you will need iOS 11 for that. We found this information in App Advice.

Apple Revealed That They Will Combine iOS And Mac Apps In 2018

Important changes are coming from Apple, if the experts will manage to create a system which allows developers to build the same app for iPhone, iPad and Mac. So far, Windows and Google have tried to provide similar services but without notable results. It remains to be seen how Apple will handle this situation in order to combine Mac App Store with Apple App Store. Business Insider highlights the differences between the two markets which could represent the reason for this decision.

Instagram Launched An Alpha Testing Program For Early Adopters On iOS And Android

In case you like to check new versions of apps in order to find bugs and errors, you need to know that Instagram released a program for the upcoming features of its app. The Alpha program will be available for both iOS and Android versions. The reason for this launch is to discover users’ opinions regarding the new implementations. TechCrunch shares the required steps for users who want to join the program and it highlights that a Beta testing tool was released a few years ago. If you want to discover how to become an Alpha tester for Instagram we recommend you to read the entire article.

YouTube Is Now Able To Play Full Size Vertical Videos On iOS

YouTube announced on Twitter that all the issues faced by iOS users who wanted to watch vertical videos are solved. They will be able to do that without those annoying black bars. The video player will have the dimensions of the clip. We found this information in the article published by Engadget. There is also a demo with this modification in the message shared on social network.

A New Mobile Ad Opportunity: Snapchat Enable Brands To Sponsored Animated Filters

Snapchat recently launched Sponsored Animated Filters. Dunkin’ Donuts was the first company who took advantage of this ad format for the Winter Solstice. The darkest day of the year matched the coffee promoted while the filter changed its intensity during that special day. For the success of this feature, Snap takes into account friends’ influence when users need to make certain decisions. For the moment Sponsored Animated Filters are available in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. In the next period the service will provide also targeting options. You can read more on this in the article published on AdWeek.

Bonus Read: 5 Effective Elements Of Gamification For Mobile Apps

When it comes to convince users to complete some boring tasks inside your app, you need a smart strategy. A few techniques inspired from mobile games and adapted to your app will engage customers reducing the churn rate. If you don’t know how to attract new users or to increase loyalty of the ones already acquired then you probably need to check our guide which explains how to apply 5 of the most efficient gamification elements for the success of your app.

Final Thoughts

And before going back to the Christmas rush, you should write down the following ideas.

  • 74% of marketers plan to increase their mobile ad budget in 2018.
  • Oath tests 4 new mobile ad solutions.
  • Pokémon Go engages gamers with AR+ mode.
  • Apple wants to combine iOS and Mac apps next year.
  • Instagram has an Alpha testing program for iOS and Android.
  • YouTube solved the problems with vertical videos on iOS.
  • Snapchat launched Sponsored Animated Filters.
  • In case you are thinking to build an app and you don’t know what to do to make it more special, then you should consider some gamification elements.

Now, take it easy and enjoy these festive moments!

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