Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: August 5 – 12

Hey there! It’s another exciting weekend. We say so with confidence because the week preceding it has been great; at least within the tech world. Trust you feel the same way? Here is our weekly round up of the happenings among major tech players. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Google Has Released the Latest Version of Android, Version 9.0, to the Public

For several months, Google’s upgrade, known as Version 9.0, has been available as a beta version, but it was not until recently, that this upgrade was made accessible to users with compatible devices.
This upgrade, which is expected to be a notch higher than Google’s previous upgrades is embedded with some unique features. The new version will come with battery extension tendencies and will also help users regulate how much time they spend on their devices; as users are allowed to set daily limits so they could get a notification when they have reached the limit for the day.

Android version 9.0 also supports screen notches, HDR video, and multiple Bluetooth connections. The upgrade also comes with a better screenshot feature and easy to use volume controls. Major companies like Nexus and Pixel have keyed into the initiative and several other industry players are expected to join soon enough. Find out all about this exciting news on BusinessofApps.

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Snapchat Has Lost 3 Million Daily Active Users

It was not such a great week for the major tech company, Snapchat as they revealed the app lost approximately 3million daily active users within the last three months. The company made this revelation during Snap’s recent earnings call. This is the first time Snapchat is having such a huge decrease in the number of its users. The good news, however; is that the app recorded about $263m in revenue; a figure that is not below expectation in the least bit.

The decrease in users did not come from a particular region, however, as the drop is reported to have taken place among users all across the globe. Europe witnessed a decrease from 62million to 61million, North America 80million daily active users were recorded as opposed to the previous 81million; across the rest of the world, 47 daily active users were recorded, which is about 1million lower than the previous figure. Generally, the app witnessed a 1.8 decrease, causing a drop in the DAU figure; from 191 million users to 188 million. This article BusinessofApps has all the details about this.

Throughout 2017, The Number of Paid Mobile App Installs Increased 11% and Reached 26% of All Installs

Over the course of 2017, the number of paid installs increased significantly. The figure grew by 80%, from the beginning of the year to the end. The ratio of paid and free installs also witnessed a huge leap by 11%, thus allowing apps to form a bigger portion of total installs, unlike before.

Although this is a good news for developers, a lot of stakeholders feel advertisers deserve more credit. They feel the increase is as a result of how good advertisers have been, how much they were able to reach to the right audience and target and so on. Others are of the opinion however, that the increase could be accredited to the development of better apps by app developers. This article on Adjust has all the details.

Facebook Messenger Globally Launches Its First Two AR Video Chat Games Which Allows Up to Six Players at a Time

Facebook Messenger, an offshoot of the Facebook app just got a lot more fun. The tech giant has launched two AR video chat games, which allows as many as six players at a go.

The first game, named “Don’t Smile” is like a staring contest. Players lose when/if they grin and they are “punished” by the game, which uses AR to give their face a Joker’s smirk. The second game, however, is a little different. The game, called “Asteroids Attack” features players trying to avoid rock while navigating a spaceship, using their faces. They are both fun games to play and can be used to bond with family, friends, pass time and so on; instead of having the usual ‘boring’ video chats. All that is required is for the intending player to begin a video chat, open the filter menu and pick a game.  
There is also an amazing screenshot feature within these games which lets players capture and share fun moments from the game on their chat threads. The games do not contain in-app purchases, ads or sponsored branding but there are talks that the company intends to add all these in the future as ways to monetize the games. Plans are also underway for the tech giant to launch two other names which they have already named “Beach Bump” and “Kitten Craze”. Endeavor to read this article on TechCrunch to find out more about this exciting feature.

Facebook Dating Will be a Feature, Not an App

Back in May, Facebook revealed plans to go into the dating industry. Nothing was heard about that until recently. The tech giant has announced that its dating feature will be just that, ‘a feature’, not an app. The feature will let users determine a host of perimeters. First off, activities within the dating section would be hidden from the news feed. Only fellow dating section members will get to see other users within the dating section.

Users will also be allowed to browse the section for potential matches and these matches will be classified as a result of the information Facebook has been able to gather about each member. To message each other, members first have to indicate interest. The feature also has a ‘hide visibility from friends and friends of friends” feature, so users can choose those who are not allowed to see them.
Although this feature has been launched, it is only limited to users within the United States and is expected to be available to users in other countries soon. The feature equally has an age restriction, making it only accessible to adults within each country. Visit Digit to find out more about this feature.

Instagram’s Sponsored Posts Increased by 44%

As cited by the Drum, Buzzoole, the influencer Marketing Company has reported that the big tech giant had a 44% increase in sponsored posts during the first half of the year. This is in comparison to the app’s record as of the first six months of last year. Buzzoole was able to arrive at this figure by carefully studying the number of posts with the #ad and the #sponsored ad made by social influencers to help brands widen their reach on social media. The Marketing Company also discovered that Instagram has its sponsored posts distributed thus; 33% is associated with fashion, 13% is linked to beauty while another 13% is concerned with food and beverages. This article on MobileMarketer has all the details.

Final Thoughts

Here is a brief recap of all the exciting news we brought you from this week;

  • Google has released the latest version of Android, Version 9.0, to the public.
  • Snapchat has lost 3 Million Daily Active Users
  • Throughout 2017, the number of paid app installs increased 11% and reached 26% of all installs.
  • Facebook Messenger Globally Launches Its First Two AR Video Chat Games Which Allows Up to Six Players at a Time
  • Facebook Dating will be a feature, not an app
  • Instagram’s Sponsored Posts Increased by 44%

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