Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: August 26 – September 2

Hey app lovers! Welcome to another edition of our weekly roundup of events within the tech world. Sit tight, grab a cup of coffee and have a good read!

Apple Will Give 200 GB of iCloud Storage for New Subscribers

Apple has come up with a new way to endear subscribers to its iCloud feature. From now on, new subscribers to iCloud will get 200GB free for two months. This giveaway is currently only available for customers in the United States. This deal, which critiques feel is an obvious ploy to garner subscribers to the platform comes with a clause. The users who get this deal will be required to pay about $2.99 at the expiration of the two month period. Visit The Verge to find out all about this news.

Apple Has Acquired Akonia Holographics

In a bid to top the number of good events the tech giant has got going for it so far, Apple has just announced the acquisition of a Colorado-based Startup lens making company; Akonia Holographics. The Company is the one which efforts are geared towards producing lenses for the creation of augmented reality glasses. This acquisition is on the heels of the constant efforts made by Apple to create a wearable AR device. Mobile Marketing Magazine has all the details.

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Instagram is Starting to Test a College Community Feature

Instagram has started testing a new feature which will allow for the grouping of users, who are students in a community so the app could become more like its parent company; Facebook. Users will be allowed to direct message or watch each other’s public story from their various community lists.

Instagram will make certain of each student’s identity through the use of information shared publicly by individuals about their school, the connection these individuals have and the accounts they follow. This article on CNBC has all the details.

Instagram Makes Account Verification Easier

Instagram has added three updates to its app so as to make account verification easier for users. The first feature is one which can enable users to verify the authenticity of accounts with a very large number of followings on the app. The second feature is in form of a global verification form, reserved for public figures and the third feature is the addition of an improved two-factor verification method to keep users’ accounts safe and secure on the platform.

The company says it is making these efforts as a way to keep users’ information secure and maintain the safety of the system as a whole. This way, users can be certain about who they follow and who they actually interact with. The rest of the details can be found on Instagram’s official news blog, Instagram Press.

Users Can Now Send Gifs with Music on Snapchat

In a bid to keep users entertained, Snapchat has added more features to its app. In addition to new bells and whistles, users can now share musical GIFs while chatting, or as a story. This is made possible as a result of the app’s integration with TuneMoji, a third-party service. The partnership was confirmed to Business Insider. Business Insider has the rest of this story.

YouTube Now Shows Users How Much Time They Spend on the Platform

YouTube, as a regard of its value for human health, has rolled out a feature on both iOS and Android Platforms, for the monitoring of the number of time users stayed on the platform. Announcing this through a post, YouTube emphasized that it is spearheading this feature as a result of its commitment towards the provision of users with an understanding of how much time they spend on the app, so they can decide just how they want the app to fit into their lives. YouTube follows other apps like Facebook and Instagram, in their bid to curb internet addition and time wastage. See the details in Mashable.

Facebook Has Deleted the Cross-Posted Tweets Shared from Facebook

A while ago, Facebook users noticed the company removed cross-posted tweets which they had published as Facebook updates on their profiles. The posts were removed as a result of an API change which took place recently, preventing Twitter users from pushing their tweets on Facebook automatically.
According to a post shared on Axios, Twitter deleted its app from Facebook after Facebook stopped allowing cross-posts, earlier this month. A source which spoke to TechCrunch said the deletion of the app by Twitter came as a surprise to Facebook, as they were not immediately told to restore the content.

Facebook says it is currently making efforts to better the situation. Read this article on TechCrunch to find out more about this.

Facebook Watch is Rolling Out Worldwide

Facebook has announced that its video streaming service; Facebook Watch, will be released worldwide; one year after its launch in the United States. Users on the platform will be able to select from a number of shows; and also view clips they have previously saved on their feeds. These shows could come from established brands or even new brands.

Content creators will be allowed to have advertising breaks if it will let them get to certain metrics. Previously, only a number of hand-picked publishers had this privilege. However, for starters, only videos shown to Ireland, UK, US, Australia and New Zealand audience will have this feature and the revenue generated will be in two, with Facebook getting 45% and the creators getting the remaining 55%. This article on BBC has the rest of the news.

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Sum Up

  • Apple Will Give 200 GB of iCloud Storage for New Subscribers for 2 Months
  • Apple Has Acquired Akonia Holographics, a Colorado-based Startup That Makes Lenses for the production of AR glasses
  • Instagram is Starting to Test a College Community Feature That Would Help Current students find through Class-Based Lists
  • Instagram Makes Account Verification Easier with The Latest Update
  • Users Can Now Send Gifs with Music on Snapchat With the Help of TuneMoji
  • YouTube will Let Users to Track How Much Time They Spend Watching Videos on the Platform
  • Facebook Has Deleted the Cross-Posted Tweets Shared from Facebook
  • Facebook Watch – The Video Streaming Service – is Rolling Out Worldwide, A Little Over One Year After Its US Launch
  • Bonus Read: Reviews and Ratings are Important Factors to Make an App Charming. See How They Affect Your ASO Strategy!

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