Mobile Marketing News Of the Week: August 25 – September 1

Welcome back app owners and marketers! Did you have a great week? Us, too. Let’s see how it was for the most representative names in mobile marketing.

Leanplum Has Announced Mobile Marketing Trends Report

Recently, VentureBeat published the results of a report released by Leanplum. For those who thought that push notifications aren’t efficient anymore, the results come to combat this belief. It appears that push notifications increase purchases by 9.6X. Experts used data gathered between December 1, 2016 and June 1, 2017 from more than 56 million activities. Due to the fact that only 40% of users opt – in for push notifications they recommend to use this strategy as an additional technique to your bigger plan. Moreover, it seems that push notifications showed great results for user spend which grew with 16 percent. And it makes sense because users are more receptive when they discover special offers for their favorite products. We say it again and again: It is absolutely vital to know your users in general and for sending them messages in particular.

Image Source: https://www.leanplum.com/resources/library/in-app-purchases/

Infographic: The Brief History Of Mobile Advertising

Who doesn’t like Infographics? They represent a fun and easy way to display the information which in other formats would be hard to assimilate. So, we found an interesting Infographic on Gamasutra which shows the history of mobile advertising since 1993 with the first smartphone released until 2017, of course. You can observe the effects of emojis for convincing users to open push notifications somewhere between 2009 and 2010. These images are so small, yet so powerful. Also, it is good to notice that in 2013 native ads and video ads showed impressive results while interstitials were losing field in users’ preferences. The most interesting fact is that 2017 is marked as the year of active fight against mobile ad fraud. That is true and we highlighted many times on our blog.

Image Source: https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/YuraYashunin/20170831/304807/The_History_of_Mobile_Advertising.php

Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report For Q2 2017

Nanigans just released a new report with interesting information about Facebook advertising for the second quarter of this year. So, if you want to discover the observations made after many companies used this platform you can subscribe for receiving the study in your email inbox. Additionally to the data gathered about Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network you will also be able to understand the latest trends when it comes to mobile and dynamic ad retargeting.

Image Source: http://www.nanigans.com/resource/fb/usu/q2-2017-global-facebook-advertising-benchmark-report

73 Percent Of Mobile Gamers Are Happy With Ad – Funded Model

Mobile Games Research 2017 is a very detailed report which expresses the situation of games in the current mobile ecosystem. If you analyze the data provided you will discover that this category represents 25% of all apps in the app stores. Further, this study breaks down three myths about in – game ads. First of all it is not true that people hate ads, because 73% of players understand that they need to accept ads because they downloaded a free game. Secondly, ads detract from the user experience only if they are used improperly, but with the latest techniques in industry it would be a real mistake to serve irrelevant content for gamers. This idea also applies for the third myth which says that ads won’t work for certain games. It seems that an engaging format is suitable for all types of games. You just need to make the right decision and the same report has valuable advices for all app owners who want to discover more about the most popular category of apps.

Image Source: https://scontent-icn1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t39.2365-6/20628257_364910167260381_4975700993732771840_n.pdf?oh=4fc6bb9abf32190f23e613c3767fa27e&oe=5A5B55FC

Google Play Indie Game Festival Finalists

We described before the challenges of being an indie developer and how hard is to compete with big players in the industry. Luckily, both Google and Apple support individual developers providing all types of facilities. For example this is the second year when Google celebrates Google Play Indie Game Festival. Last year, when 300 participants had the chance to play the selected games, all winners were puzzle games. And now some of the finalists are chosen also from this category. If you are in San Francisco on September 23 you can attend the event for free and you will be able to play new and unreleased games. More than that, you will vote the one you like. But don’t forget to register first for this year’s edition! You can also check the schedule for the festival. At the end, three of the most appreciated indie games will be selected the winners of the competition. The list of all 20 finalists is published on the official website. The entire App Samurai team congratulates all of them for this success!

Image Source: https://events.withgoogle.com/indiegamesfestival2017/finalists/#content

Bonus Read: What Are The Best Ways To Promote An Android App?

Different platforms have different rules. This is the reason why we took a closer look to Android apps recently and we described the best methods to promote them. Well, it’s not rocket science, it is more a reminder of some of the techniques presented before, but focused more on the mobile operating system provided by Google. Therefore, we invite you to read What Are The Best Ways To Promote An Android App and to take advantage of the tools available for making your app visible for its target audience. Be careful, even though some of those techniques can be applied also for iOS creations, it is better to check What Are Great Ways To Promote iOS Apps? in case your app is uploaded on Apple App Store.

Image Source: https://developer.android.com/design/index.html

Final Thoughts

It is time to make a short list of what we revealed today.

  • Important trends that will probably change your opinion about push notifications are presented in Leanplum’s Mobile Marketing Report.
  • It is worth to check an interesting Infographic which displays a short history of mobile advertising.
  • If you want to discover the insights of Facebook advertising trends for the second quarter of this year now it is a good time to download the report created by Nanigans.
  • Ad – funded model seems to be a winner among mobile gamers.
  • Reserve the chance to meet the finalists of Google Play Indie Game Festival and to play some successful games.

Enjoy your weekend!

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