Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: August 11 – 18

Many domains were influenced by the latest events from mobile marketing world. What about your niche? If you are curious to discover what happened these days related to your business, then get ready to select the most relevant news from the list below.

Research Revealed That Subscription App Developers Might Be Better If Charging More

What do you think will happen if subscription app developers ask more for their apps? Apparently, it won’t be any catastrophe. Instead, their earnings will continue to grow, as you will find in a study made by Liftoff. The information received in the period between June 2016 and June 2017 allowed experts to group subscription costs into three categories:

  • low – cost monthly subscriptions with values between $0.99 and $7;
  • medium – cost monthly subscriptions from $ 7 to $20;
  • high – cost monthly subscriptions where users pay minimum $20 up to $50.

As you can observe, the results reveal that small prices don’t attract users like many would believe. The most efficient solution would be medium – cost monthly subscription. Actually, what convinces user to pay the money is the app’s core function. For example, utility apps showed a 64% install – to – subscription rate compared with other types like dating apps. Moreover, the operating system is also important because the cost for an iOS user, $5.60 is higher than $3.60 for Android users. You will find all the insights of this report in the article published by Business Insider. You can read there the trends regarding app business models, where freemium seems to be the most successful. It will be useful information added to our article about this system for increasing app owner’s revenue.

Mobile Ad Fraud 2.4X Higher In India Than Global Average

It is well – known the report published by Tune with the horrible results on ad fraud after analyzing 24 billion clicks and 700 ad networks. Recently a more specific study of India market showed the huge percentage of mobile ad fraud in this country, 32%. After subtracting the Indian ad networks and other mobile businesses from the initial report results an average global ad fraud of 13.6% which means 2.4 times less than the ad fraud in India. Moreover, mobile app install fraud in India is around 16.2%, but the costs of mobile ad fraud in this country are $350 million. You must read the entire article from Tune to understand the reasons for these results and some of the main solutions which can be applied for improving the situation in India and also in other similar countries.

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How Uber Approached Advertising After Upping Their Investment 20X

Uber is the perfect example for understanding how to obtain a ROI 20X higher. In an article published on Tune you can discover how efficient rich media storytelling can be compared with static ads shown in a presentation of Uber VP of Marketing Kellyn Kenny. She gave some great examples of how smart techniques can attract customers in innovative ways.

  • An adoption campaign for National Cat Day, when users paid $20 for 15 minutes of playtime;
  • The Tip Tip Hooray event where Uber added the same value for every tip received resulting $1M for the Uber drivers;
  • At the beginning of this week, app users had the opportunity to ask for free ice – cream from an ice – cream truck which could be seen on the street.

If you read the entire article, you can observe the link with the entire explanation on YouTube. Additionally you will receive some valuable advices that can help you apply all these takeaways for your business.

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Apple’s Maps Could Leverage AR for Turn – By – Turn Directions

This week we shared with you the benefits provided by augmented reality for mobile world and also the most useful tools that can help you to create those amazing effects. If you are interested in this fascinating domain you will be happy to discover that Apple can use this technology for creating a real city guide. We mentioned some interesting facts about ARKit when we discussed about the major changes in the Apple App Store that will come with the launch of iOS 11, but more details are presented by TechCrunch in an article focused on this new service. An exciting investigation is revealed by Felix Lapalme which offers some proofs that Apple is thinking to offer turn – by – turn directions while the phone’s camera is positioned in front of user’s face. If all these assumptions will be true then this feature will be really useful for the customers that search for directions in malls and airports. It remains to be seen the final results.

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Bonus Read: How Foursquare Did It

Let’s tell you a small secret. If you add different playful elements inside apps which have nothing to do with games, you can obtain interesting effects that will engage users more and more every time they open your app. Think about this technique for your next creation, but don’t trust our word. You should validate this idea before investing your resources in this concept. Apart from that you have to study the methods adopted by Foursquare, the location – based app aimed to help its users to find the best places in a certain city. Gamification is the starting point of the strategy built for attracting valuable customers. We recommend you to analyze it in detail if you want to adopt it for your app.

Final Thoughts

Now, for our busy readers we will summarize the latest news in a second:

  • Subscription app developers shouldn’t charge less and hoping to gain more; a medium – cost could be the smartest decision.
  • Sadly mobile ad fraud in India is 2.4 times higher than the global average;
  • Hopefully the signs shown by TechCrunch are true and Apple experts prepare a turn – by – turn feature for city guides;
  • Valuable advices from Uber to increase the return on your investment for your app.

Have an amazing weekend!

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