Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: April 8 – 14

Welcome back busy app owners, marketers and developers to our weekly overview of the most important events in mobile world. Hopefully you had a successful week and you remained connected with App Samurai to discover the most innovative methods for promoting your app. Now, let’s see what happened in the past few days.

Facebook Messenger Has Reached 1.2 Billion Monthly Active Users!

That Facebook is the biggest success of all is not a novelty for anyone, but 1.2 billion users in a month which enjoy chatting on this app is huge! Moreover, according to SensorTower the number of downloads on both platform reached 153.5M in Q1 of this year. TechCrunch shares the entire story on how the team responsible of Facebook Messenger continues the strategy to engage teens with Messenger Day. In the same time it offers games and even an AI assistant M. About the advertising plans you can read in The Next Web.

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Twitter Has Introduced Its Lite Version

Twitter presented Twitter Lite, a mobile web service to remove “barriers” for its users. It offers low data usage, improves the experience on lower connections and it occupies less than 1MB. The customers used to the features provided by Twitter will be happy to find them in the new version. Moreover you will receive push notifications and you can use the offline support in case you lose the connection. All the images will be presented in preview mode, so only the ones selected will be loaded for reducing the data usage by up to 70%. The main idea of the product is presented on the official page:
“With Twitter Lite, we are making Twitter more accessible to millions of people—all you need is a smartphone or tablet with a browser.”
If you want to try it, just visit on a mobile device.

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Google Play Store Got Hit With Spammy Reviews

The Next Web reported some anomalies observed in Google Play Store. A couple of botnets generated fake reviews for many popular apps like WhatsApp, Chrome, Gmail or Messanger giving them 5 stars reviews and referring some applications for Kindle or games which have nothing to do with those Android well – established apps. The following image is from Messenger:

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The purpose of these malicious bots is to give high ratings to the most known apps for increasing credibility. Because of Google’s efforts to keep fake ratings far from Play Store, a fake review costs around $1 which is a big price. The same article details other fraudulent attempts to trick paying customers. So, you should check all the details before showing your money.

How One Accidental Kanye West Tweet Led To 150M App Installs

You know how effective can be social media influencers for the success of an app. For this reason, Kanye West managed to convince his followers to download his app Tidal. After a simple tweet “Get Life Of Pablo to #1”, his fans installed it until Tidal became the most popular app in app store, surpassing Color Switch. When West tweeted again to show his gratitude for everybody that signed up to Tidal, he took a screenshot of the app market from his phone and posted it along with his message. Because of the way Twitter displays the images, Color Switch a popular game was the first one visible in the picture. After that, West’s wife Kim Kardashin and the entire family retweeted the same thing. Due to this fact Color Switch reached 150 million installs in both app stores, even though it was also successful before that. The entire story was published on Forbes.

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Mobile Ad Blocker Usage Surge

Business Insider detailed in an article at the beginning of this year a report from PageFair where it states that ad blocker usage surged 30% in 2016.

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Ok, this is not a new thing. The ad blocker usage is a permanent concern and we need to highlight it with every occasion because the solution begins from the way we present our ads. If you read further the before mentioned article you will discover that the publishers’ strategy to offer interesting content for those who removed their ad blockers failed. The reason is that customers are too disappointed about the way the ads are served. If we keep attacking our users with boring and annoying ads, this battle won’t ever stop. Instead we can study the strategy of Facebook and to find out what customers have to say about marketing techniques. In the same time we should convince users that ads can be as helpful for them as they are for us. Learning the new trends in the industry and keeping your eye on the most innovative ways of advertising you will be able to create a bridge between your brand and your customers. For a better understanding check the numbers published by eMarketer related to this problem

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Final Thoughts

This is our final recap of the latest occurrences in mobile environment:

  • The phenomenal number of users which interact with Facebook Messenger each month is 1.2 Billion!
  • A big event for Twitter with its Lite Version recent release.
  • Problems with spammy reviews in Google Play Store.
  • An amazing marketing surprise for Color Switch with 150M app installs.
  • Let’s listen to our users and combat the ad blocker usage with innovative methods from mobile marketing ecosystem!

Have a great week – end!

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