Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: April 7 – 14

Hello, busy app owners! You are just in time for our usual overview with the most important news taken from the mobile world! Let’s see what happened this week!

Now Users Can Take Pictures With Focus Mode On Instagram

Recently, Instagram added two new features for Stories that will improve the way users share their photos and video. One of them is Focus mode and it does what it says. It allows users to blur the background and focus the attention on their faces. This facility will be available with the Instagram 39.0 on iPhone S6 and newer versions and some Android devices. Also, for iOS, the @mention sticker is a fresh method for tagging friends. All the details about these new improvements and more information on how to use them you can find in Mobile Marketing Magazine.

Instagram Will Let Users Download Everything They’ve Ever Shared On The Platform

Talking about Instagram, we should mention the attempt of creating a solution for users to take a copy of what they’ve shared on this platform, like messages, images or video. This will make it easier for them to move from a service to another. Additionally to the fact that all users’ information will be available for them, this feature will allow Instagram to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It remains to be seen when Instagram will actually launch this option. Read all about it in the article published on Engadget.

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GIF Search Is Coming To LinkedIn Messaging

Do you remember when we mentioned that Google acquired Tenor? Now the GIF sharing company powers GIF search feature in LinkedIn Messaging. And it makes sense with over 12 billion GIF searches every month. This new facility is available for half of the users now and in the next period will be launched for everybody. Even though LinkedIn is a platform for business discussions, it is still a messaging app and it requires an easier way for users to express their thoughts. TechCrunch enumerates the benefits offered by this engine for Google, LinkedIn and also for users.

Zuckerberg Admitted They Made A Mistake About Cambridge Analytica

Mark Zuckerberg initially said that Cambridge Analytica wasn’t an advertiser on the platform in 2015, but after a meeting with his team, he realized that he was wrong and admitted that it was a mistake not to ban them at that time. Although Facebook banned Kogan for sharing user data with Cambridge Analytica and Cambridge Analytica confirmed that the data was deleted, it continued with that political campaign. You can read more about this topic in the articles published on TechCrunch.

Apple Announced Today That Its Global Facilities Are Powered With 100% Clean Energy

Apple wants to fight against climate change and for this reason, its global facilities in 43 countries are powered with clean energy. With nine more manufacturing companies agreeing to use clean energy for Apple production, the total number is 23 now. Impressive projects worldwide with 626 megawatts of generation capacity offer a healthier environment for people. Additionally to these 25 projects, Apple plans to initiate other 15 renewable energy projects. But all these didn’t happen immediately so it is very important to highlight all the efforts made by Apple teams and the amazing benefits offered for the future of this planet. You will learn more if you read the entire article on the official site.

Here Is The New Look Of Gmail That Will Be Launched In A Few Days

Google is currently testing a new design for Gmail based on Material Design. The plan is to adopt the email service for the web to match with the mobile version. Snooze which allows users to delay some emails and Smart Reply that suggests certain answers are available in the mobile app and soon, customers will use them on the web. A new sidebar with Google Calendar will be added for users to schedule their tasks in an easier way. Additionally, three layouts offer options for checking emails faster than before. More details about all these changes are offered by The Verge.

That AR App May Help Parkinson Patients

You know us! We love to promote apps! And when apps help users in an innovative way then it is mandatory to spread the word about them. During Parkinson’s Awareness Month, six students from Rice University want to show how augmented reality offers audio, visual and sensory cues for patients with the freezing symptom. If we made you curious and you want to discover how it works then you should definitely read the article on Mobile Marketing Watch.

Bonus Read: Let’s Remember The Types Of Frauds That Use Human And Non-human Traffic

Ad fraud is, without doubt, the most dangerous phenomenon for the mobile world and its harmful effects continue to influence all strategies! While many initiatives are created for minimizing ad fraud, attackers build more sophisticated methods for damaging this ecosystem. But this doesn’t mean we need to stop! We are app samurais and we need to fight against this enemy! One of the most powerful weapons is information. We have to know all the details about ad fraud in order to create a sustainable plan. This is why we recommend you to read again our article to understand more about human and non-human traffic!

Final Thoughts

And now, let’s make a little summary with the latest events from tech!

  • Focus mode improves the way users share their images and videos on Instagram Stories.
  • Instagram will create a solution for users to download everything they’ve shared with their friends.
  • Tenor powers GIF search engine for LinkedIn Messaging.
  • Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook should have banned Cambridge Analytica in 2015.
  • Apple tries to save the planet making sure that its global facilities are powered with 100% clean energy.
  • A new design for the web version of Gmail will be similar to the service offered by the mobile app.
  • Rice students built an AR app to help Parkinson patients.
  • We need to be informed if we want to minimize the effects generated by ad fraud!

Have a great weekend!

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