Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: April 28 – May 5

It’s Saturday and hopefully, you’ve had a great week but not everything that happened in the mobile world is so great. Let’s see why!

Twitter Warns All Users To Change Passwords After Discovering A Bug

Twitter announced in a blog post that all users should change their passwords. The reason is that some passwords were stored unmasked because of a bug found in the security system. Despite the fact that all the passwords should be kept far from Twitter employees through a process called hashing, with bcrypt function, something happened and they were written on an internal log before being converted in random characters. After certain investigations, it appears that this glitch didn’t cause any problems and user data is safe now but everybody is asked to change their passwords for their Twitter account and for other services where they used the same password. We recommend you to read the entire post for following the steps required to keep your account safe!

Facebook Widens The Dislike Button Tests For Downvoting Comments

In February we talked about the Downvote button tested by Facebook in the United States which allows users to express their disagreement with some comments. Now, the same feature is available for a few users in Australia and New Zeeland. This should be a tool for making relevant comments stand out and to penalize the disrespectful ones. Facebook highlights that this buttons shouldn’t be used for users who disagree in a respectful way. It is still a mystery if this feature will be expanded to the global audience in the near future or if Facebook will decide to hide the dislike button forever. What do you think? How useful this feature will be for users to express their opinions? Meanwhile, you can read more about the topic in The Guardian.

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Facebook Launched “Analytics” App On Apple App Store And Google Play Store

A new app offered by Facebook is now available on the most important app markets for business owners to track their websites, apps or bots with just a few taps. The product is called Analytics and it was launched this week. Data is coming from Pages Manager and Ad Manager and all the reports can be customized according to users’ needs. This way, companies’ owners will know what content is more appreciated and which customers are willing to spend more for their services. If you read the article published on TechCrunch you will understand the necessity of this type of this tool and Facebook’s plans for concentrating users’ attention on the features that help them grow their businesses.

Instagram Now Lets Users Share The Content Coming From Their GoPro And Spotify Activities

A new feature for Instagram Stories is available and allows users to share the content offered by Spotify and GoPro app. For example, with Spotify, they can show stickers with songs and albums or links with their favorite music. With GoPro, users can edit and upload snippets of their video on Instagram. In the same time, third-party apps will be able to use Facebook Stories for sharing content. Additionally to these integrations, Instagram will offer special filters from celebrities for users to try them on their creations. While Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories integrations are already available, the AR effects will be released in the following weeks. If you want to know more about these features you can check the article on The Verge.

Snapchat Released Snappables, New Lenses For Playing AR Games

If we discussed the novelties launched by Instagram, wouldn’t be fair to take a look at the latest features released by Snapchat? Yes, it would. Therefore, we can talk about Snappables. These fun lenses entertain users with AR games which can be controlled with their facial expressions. So, if you see people on the street making grimaces, don’t be so surprised. They are probably playing AR games with other snapchatters. The advantage (for users and for Snapchat) is that they can invite other friends to join the experience. While some of the games are multiplayer, others encourage users to obtain the highest score. For the moment, a few interesting games are available but Snapchat promises to add other adventures every week. So, go ahead and give it a try!

Bonus Read: Learn How to Make Keyword Search For App Store Optimization!

All these new features launched by big brands are great but you have your own app and you need to focus on promoting it. Whatever method you choose for increasing the visibility of your product, you should know the following rule. You won’t reach any results without app store optimization. And one of the most important stages of this process is Keyword Research. The trick is to study the market because you need to find relevant terms used by potential users for finding the app. You probably think that it is very hard to do everything by yourself, but you don’t have to. Fortunately, there are smart tools that can help you with every step you make. Remember these words, in order: Research, Analyze, Optimize, Track and Repeat. More details you will find in the guide published on our blog.

Final Thoughts

Although it seems that today we talked only about Facebook and other companies owned by the giant network (and a little about Snapchat and Twitter) these are just a few of the hottest topics of the moment:

  • Twitter asks all users to change their passwords because they were stored unmasked due to an error.
  • Facebook continues with the tests for Downvote button in Australia and New Zeeland.
  • Analytics is the new mobile app offered by Facebook for companies’ owners who want to grow their businesses.
  • Instagram users can attach the content from Spotify and GoPro app to their Instagram Stories.
  • Snappables are the new lenses offered by Snapchat which entertain users with AR games.
  • Keywords Research is one of the most important steps for App Store Optimization!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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