Mobile Marketing News Of the Week: April 21 – 28

If you are back on App Samurai Blog you found us opening another overview of the latest news presented this week on the most prestigious websites in our industry. We have a carousel of events for you and a lot of things happened these days in this dynamic world of mobile apps. But allow us to cut the introduction for a better management of time and let’s start from the beginning.

Instagram Hit 700M Users This Week!

It is amazing how things move for Instagram. An amazing announcement appeared on Instagram Blog where the entire team members give thanks to the users who joined their community. In that blog post they highlight the fast growth from 600M to 700M users and the reasons for this success: the international market and the new features like stories, live video and Direct. Hitting 100M users in just 4 months is a proof of thoughtfully strategy concentrating in providing services tailored on users’ needs like a minimum sized Android app or an easier sign – up process. Nevertheless, Instagram follows the steps of its gigantic owner, Facebook with a sustainable growth for the benefits of their customers.

IAB: Mobile Is Now Dominant For Digital Ad Spend

The middle of this week was a crucial moment for Mobile Advertising when Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) published its latest IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report which reveals the evolution of mobile ad spends in 2016 which represent 51% of $72.5 billion. That is right, it is a huge number but everybody saw that coming! If you are not shocked you will be at least amazed to read further about the growth of video revenue on mobile devices to almost $4.2 billion and social media ads generated $16.3 billion. We invite you to study the report in detail to discover the future direction of mobile advertising.

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Apple Cut Down Commissions For Affiliates

The announcement made by Apple this week that the Affiliate commissions will be reduced from 7% to 2.5% all over the world is available only for apps and in – app content. For the other types like music, movies, books and TV the commission will remain the same. It means that the modification will affect only developers, which is good for other creators but really bad for programmers taking into account that they only have a few days to search for other sources to increase their income until May 1st 2017 when the program will be changed. Let’s face it, the percentage that will be cut is pretty big and the entire update represents a problem especially for those who counted on affiliate links for their revenue. It remains to be seen the alternatives that will supplement the budget of iOS developers.

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Quora App Now Valued Around $1.8 Billion

Everybody in this world with an internet connection and who speaks English knows what Quora is. It is a Question and Answer platform allowing users to share solutions related to all kinds of topics. But how many people know what a unicorn startup is? After a quick search on Quora (imagine that!) you will discover that a unicorn is a startup valued at $1 billion or more. And after a recent fundraise Quora is now valued around $1.8 Billion and it is no wonder that it became a unicorn because in just one year Quora app almost doubled its monthly active users from 100 million to 190 million. Besides the contributions of Collaborative Fund and Y Combinator’s Continuity Fund an important factor that enhanced this success is represented by Quora Ads, a relatively new service provided by Quora. In the article published by TechCrunch you can read about the future plans for Quora revealed by its co – founder Adam D’Angelo.

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Mobile Game Revenue Will Grow 66% Untill 2020 According To Newzoo

We frequently allocate an article on our blog to this special category of mobile apps which is Games and there is a reason for that. Just look at the chart below and you will understand why developers have to concentrate their efforts on creating incredible games for impressing as many users as possible from around the world. VentureBeat highlights Newzoo’s predictions of an immense growth for mobile games revenue from $38.6 billion in 2016 to $65 in 2020. If you go further into the article you will notice that the sums vary according to different regions pinpointing Asia – Pacific for the most profitable market. So, game developers go ahead and implement those bright ideas that will make this forecast a reality.

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#Bonus Read: Mobile In – App Event Tracking: Go Beyond The Last Click

We can’t leave you without making sure that you know the importance of tracking in – app events. For this reasons we added here the link to our article In – App Event Tracking: Go Beyond The Last Click in case you want to remember the fundamental ideas of this mandatory technique when it comes to the success of your app:

  • What exactly is in-app event tracking?
  • Why it is essential to track in – app events?
  • How to track in – app events?
  • What happens after you implement this strategy?

Final Thoughts

Well, it was a full week but we managed to summarize it in order to keep you informed. Now you have more time to concentrate your attention on successful strategies for the growth of your business. And maybe you will do that in partnership with App Samurai. Remember the headlines:

  • A great milestone was hit by Instagram these days.
  • IAB made it official: The most important part of ad spend is allocated to mobile zone.
  • Not so great news for developers who based their income on Affiliate Resources program of Apple with the commission reduction.
  • Quora is valuable for its discussions and for the price of its app.
  • Game developers have one more reason to go from a huge idea to an amazing app because in the next two or three years the revenue will grow 66%.

And now, it is time to…
Enjoy your week – end!

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