Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: April 15 – 21

The time flies by and another week is ending. “What happened in mobile world these days?”, you will ask. “Everything!” is the answer. But, let’s detail that.

5 Major Innovations From Facebook’s Big F8 Conference

One of the most important events of the year, Facebook Developer Conference F8 took place this week from Tuesday to Wednesday. Let’s see the most innovative ideas of the moment.

1. Telepathic Typing And Hearing Through Your Skin

Facebook announced that one of its future projects is a brain – to – computer interface by scanning the brain 100 times per minute. This technology will help you type 100 words per minute only with the power of your mind. Apart from the fact that our work will be a lot easier (if none), everybody will know what are we thinking during the scanning? It will be a world of permanent truth? Think about fighting criminality. This is not all; a wearable sleeve will allow you to hear words without using your ear. Wouldn’t be that amazing for the users that really need this type of device?

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2. AR Camera Effects Platform For Devs

It is a real fight between Snapchat and Facebook when it comes to AR camera effects, but Facebook makes a step forward with its new platform for developers. This way, AR devs will be able to create their own masks and to add AR effects on anything they want. This will be interesting and fun to observe! Additionally, with Frame Studio you can create your 2D filters and share them with your friends.

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3. Facebook Group Bots

Messenger Group Bots will be added to enhance the conversation. These bots are meant to help you providing the right information related to the current topic. Another great feature is the Discovery tab on Messenger where you can easily manage the bots. Will bots take over our world? Not with a tool to handle them.

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4. React Got Two Big Updates: React VR And React Fiber

React which is an open – source JavaScript framework powered by Facebook offers developers the chance to create Virtual Reality elements through its new React VR. Another novelty for developers will be React Fiber which seems to be a new form of the actual React framework.

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5. Facebook Spaces

Facebook Spaces creates a virtual space for you and maximum three of your friends to talk, draw, use Messenger and make selfies but you won’t see yourself. Instead you will be displayed like cartoon characters for a more interesting experience. The entire adventure is available on Oculus Rift VR headset and Oculus Touch Controllers. Should we talk about the line between “virtual” and reality?

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More information about all the above and helpful links are provided by TechCrunch. Check their articles if you want to be amazed about what is happening during our daily routine.

Snapchat Has Introduced Its New Live Filters

Snapchatters will love this new feature provided by their favorite platform which allows them to add 3D elements into the real world. As its name sounds World Lenses is a great tool for creating the world of your dreams. The Lenses are showed when you use the rear – facing camera on Camera screen. Moreover, you can also interact with the objects placed in your videos. Snapchat’s short blog post summarizes the entire concept ending with ”Happy Snapping!”.  And it is a sure fact that all users will embrace the idea.

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Microsoft Has Launched A New To – Do App

When you hear that Microsoft has launched a new to – do app how many of you thought: “Another one?”? But wait to discover its features. First of all, it has a really simple interface mirrored by its name, To – Do. So you shouldn’t consider an extra task to understand the way it works. It is available for iPhone, Android and Windows and you will need your Microsoft credentials. It syncs between all your devices and it makes recommendations with its Smart Suggestions. You can choose different colors for your notes and it integrates with Outlook. It seems that the new app will replace the more complex Wunderlist created by the same team but it remains the question “Will Wunderlist’s users be happy with the change?”.

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Google Is Now Filtering Unused Apps

After a major change of Google Play Store’s interface it is easier for users to handle their list with Installed apps. When they order them by Last Used they will know what their favorite ones are and what apps should be deleted. This way they will have their phone clean saving a lot of memory and keeping only the apps that really matter. Besides that, the Update tab makes their work a lot easier whenever they want to update few apps or all of them. Play Store is not the only place in Google’s world with new modifications. Google Play Developer Console became Play Console with a new look. So, grab your device and check the new changes offered by Google.

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Final Thoughts

Our final recap:

  • We are living the future with the innovations presented at Facebook’s Big F8 Conference;
  • Enjoy the new Live Filters from Snapchat!
  • We presented you the new To – Do app from Microsoft.
  • Google is in the middle of spring cleaning.

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Have a pleasant week – end!

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