Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: April 14 – 21

It’s been another exciting week, here at App Samurai, because we finally met the winners of our Spring Campaign! Now, it’s time to check the news from mobile marketing world!

Snapchat Now Allows Brands To Sell Their Products Via AR Lenses

Shoppable AR is Snapchat’s latest feature which will help companies to acquire new clients. They will have the chance to promote their products through those well – known Lenses. A button, strategically placed on a Lens will take Snapchatters to that specific website where they can purchase the wanted item. But this doesn’t mean that shopping is the only domain suitable for Snapchat Lenses. There are various opportunities provided for app owners and for entertainment companies. With Lens Studio they can get really creative. If you want to discover the first brands that tried this new advertising tool we recommend you to read the entire article on The Verge.

U.S. iPhone Users Spent An Average Of $58 Per Device For In-App Purchases In 2017, Which Is 23% More Than 2016

Good news for iOS app owners! According to Sensor Tower, the average sum spent by users in 2017 was around $58, up from $47 in 2016. Although the report includes the earnings gathered by apps like Tinder and Netflix, it doesn’t cumulate the purchases from Amazon or Uber. It seems that the most important factor which influences this growth is users’ interest for free-to-play mobile games, totalizing an average of 36% per device. On the other hand, Lifestyle apps recorded an impressive growth but users also preferred dating apps, like Tinder and Bumble. In the same time, the number of app downloads grew by 10% from 2016 to 2017, with an average of 45 apps installed on each device. Each user installed around 13 games last year. It is interesting to read the entire report for observing users’ preferences for mobile apps.

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Apple Is Working On Launching A News Subscription Service

Apple recently bought Texture, the magazine app and some of the employees will join Apple News team for creating a news subscription service which will be launched next year. It appears that the strategy is similar to the one adopted when Apple purchased Beats Music for creating Apple Music. Apple also recorded a 58% year – over – year growth, reaching a total of 240 million paid subscriptions. Here are included iCloud storage and Apple Music, as well as parts of subscriptions from other apps. There are various opinions about this idea but if you want to know more about the plans made for launching a news subscription service you can read the article published on Bloomberg.

Grasshopper, The App That Teaches Users How To Code In JavaScript, Goes Live

One of the advantages offered by the mobile world is that it also teaches you how to code in a smart way. For example, Grasshopper, the app created by Area 120, Google’s incubator can help all users who want to learn JavaScript. It provides all kinds of puzzles and challenges for making their job a lot easier and entertaining. Moreover, students can collect achievements for their efforts. It is a suitable solution for beginners. And the best part is that the app is available on Google Play Store and on Apple App Store at the same time. It remains to be seen if developers will add other programming languages in the future. In case you are interested in the features offered by Grasshopper, we recommend you to read the article on 9To5Google and of course, to download the app.

Google Changes Its Messaging Strategy Again: Goodbye Allo, Hello “Chat”

Google won’t continue with the plans for Allo. Instead, the entire team will work to create “Chat” based on “Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services”. The goal is to replace SMS and to integrate a new service inside Android Messages. Chat will be available for all users in the future but everything depends on each carrier. Chat messages will be charged according to users’ data plan, not SMS plan. If people who should receive those messages don’t have Android Messages app they will receive an SMS. It appears that Google will also add GIF search and Google Assistant. Additionally to Android Messages, Google will have to manage other messaging apps like Hangouts and Duo. A very detailed article on this matter along with a description of each app is offered by The Verge.

Bonus Read: Let’s Learn How To Get Featured On iOS App Store With Your Mobile App!

It isn’t very easy to reach success with your app and every detail counts in this battle for making your product visible to potential users. For this reason, a great idea is to discover how to increase your chances to get featured on app stores. If you own an iOS app, then our article which covers the main strategies for convincing Apple editors that your app is worth their attention will be very useful for you. You have to start by creating the perfect app store page and to make sure that you follow the best practices for designing an amazing user experience. But these are just a few hints. If you want to learn more, you will have to read the entire article.

Final Thoughts

Let’s see what you should remember from the news selected for this week:

  • If you want to use Snapchat Lenses for your own profit then you should try Shoppable AR, the new feature recently launched.
  • Sensor Tower highlighted that “U.S. iPhone owners are installing and spending more than ever”.
  • After acquiring Texture, Apple is planning to create a news subscription service following the same strategy implemented with Apple Music.
  • Grasshopper is the app created by Google’s Area 120 for teaching users JavaScript.
  • Soon, everybody who uses Android Messages will enjoy Chat, the new messaging service based on “Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services”.
  • There are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to be featured on Apple App Store.

Have a great weekend!

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