Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: 28 – 5 May

Welcome back everyone to our Saturday appointment. You are just in time to discover the latest events that occurred these days. For this week we have good news and bad news. Which ones do you want first? Oh, the bad ones? Well, here we go.

World Was Unable To Access WhatsApp For A Few Hours!

Wednesday afternoon wasn’t that pleasant for WhatsApp community due to an interruption of the app caused by internal issues. Even if the problem was solved after a few hours in this world of communications this period seems like an eternity. Because people have more than one channel to share their thoughts they spread the word on Twitter. If you are a WhatsApp user you probably felt the panic described in the following image. Luckily, the app is running again and the world is back to normal.

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Malicious Apps Multiplying At An Alarming Rate For Android

The Next Web shares in a recent article the data published by G Data where it shows that more than 750,000 malicious apps were detected in the Q1 of this year on Android devices. The targeted versions seem to be Lollipop and Marshmallow. On the other hand Google periodically notifies both developers and users on its official blog about the permanent fight against Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs). Just a month ago the security team detailed some data about Chrysaor, a family of spyware. In conclusion, keep yourself informed and stay away from dubious apps.

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Snapchat Debuted A Self – Serve Tool To Buy Ads On The Mobile App

Finally, let’s start with the good news. Snapchat adds a new facility through its new self –serve feature for buying ads directly inside the mobile app. With Snapchat Ad Manager which will be available next month advertisers will be able to buy ads and to collect a lot of meaningful data. An improvement to the old technique is the Mobile Dashboard which provides a handy way to manage your campaigns. The idea is borrowed from Facebook with the only difference that everything will happen inside the main app. If you want to try the new tool you can sign up on the official page and you will be reached by Snapchat team.

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Facebook Messenger’s Game Playing Features Are Now Available

Apparently, there isn’t a weekly report without something new from Facebook. This time we talk about Instant Games which will be available on Messenger for the entire humankind. What is more entertaining than sharing game experiences with all your friends in an easy manner? The engagement aspect will be handled by Messenger game bots and rich gameplay features. Users will concentrate their social presence around their favorite games like Words With Friends or EverWing. Now with the new Games tab what’s not to like at these enhancements from Facebook?

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Sensor Tower’s Report Says: iOS App Users Spending More

A report published at the beginning of this year by Sensor Tower shows that the average sum spent in 2016 in Apple App Store was $40 which is higher compared to $35, the amount listed for 2015. As you can observe in the chart below, the increase was visible in each of the main categories, but obviously the Games category is more powerful every year. The study referred US iPhone users and it was focused on premium apps and in – app purchases. For more details regarding the conclusions of this report you can check the blog post on Sensor Tower.

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Apple Updated Its App Analytics Service For Mobile App Developers

After disappointing iOS developers with the cut down of commissions for affiliate program last week, these days Apple made a step forward to win them back announcing new features contained in App Analytics Service. You will be glad to discover that “App Analytics has data you won’t find anywhere else”. For example, App Store Sources shows the number of users which come to your app after searching on App Store or after tapping on Search Ads. You can also check App Referrers which announces you how many users saw your app store page after they clicked a link displayed in other app. Plenty of documentation along with videos related to the best practices for App Analytics you can find on Apple’s official page for developers. There is no excuse now for not knowing every detail about the evolution of your app

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Bonus Read: Fostering Gamers To In App Purchases: Stop Chasing Whales!

It is important for game developers to make sure that players not only install their apps but they also enjoy the entire experience and why not to consider making in – apps purchases. It is a long way from creating a game until you convince gamers about its value but with our guide Fostering Gamers To In App Purchases: Stop Chasing Whales!, you will discover what to do in every stage of the process. We give you some hints now but you need to read the entire article if you want to find out more:

  • Build a healthy community around your game.
  • Connect with players before, during and after launching your game.
  • Keep an eye on users’ behavior inside and outside the app.
  • Optimize your prices.
  • Pay attention to customer support, engagement and retention.


And now a quick recap to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

  • Horrible hours for WhatsApp users during a disconnection for one of the most popular app in the world!
  • Google continues its war against malicious apps.
  • Snapchat makes easy for mobile advertisers to buy ads with its new tool.
  • Facebook Messenger brings new features for game lovers.
  • It is not a secret anymore that iOS app users spend more.
  • iOS App Developers can check the updated App Analytics Service.

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Enjoy your week – end!

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